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855 Little Fish Eats Fish

 "Roast fish? Big fish or small one?" Chen Wei asked with concern.

"Even if there's no fresh beer, the roast fish is also not bad. What fish is it?" A customer took off his scarf and asked excitedly.

"Wow! Finally, there's the roast fish. I love it so much. Get me a serving of roast fish." A girl, who had a medium-length hair and brow-skimming bangs, shouted with excitement and straightforwardly order the dishes.

The name of the girl was just perfect for the occasion. Her name was Little Fish. She had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for kebabs quite a few times and every time she came, she checked quietly if the roast fish had been served.

According to the girl, she had grown up into a big fish though she was called Little Fish. And big fish ought to eat small fish, therefore, she liked eating fish best.

Of course, she didn't really like eating fish before, but because she had always been choked with the fishbones in her childhood, she swore she wouldn't stop eating fish until she was no longer chocked. And gradually, she took a fancy to eating fish.

So sometimes, the liking for something could be cultivated.

"Medium-sized with the net weight 0.6kg," Yuan Zhou said clearly and succinctly.

"The new dish isn't discounted, is it?" Ling Hong had always cared if a dish was discounted. After all, he couldn't eat the roast fish today if it was on discount, which would be more miserable than Chen Wei.

"One for each or without limit?" Someone cared about the matter of quantity.

"No discount. One for each; Not allowed to be ordered repeatedly," while speaking, Yuan Zhou sorted out the grill.

"Just as expected." The customers all had that kind of feeling.

After all, nothing in Yuan Zhou's restaurant could be bought without any restriction. Even the beer could be ordered for five cups only.

"The net weight is good for me. Boss Yuan, get me a serving of kebabs and a serving of roast fish, please." Chen Wei considered for a while and then started to order dishes.

Chen Wei consumed a lot of physical strength every day, so he ate a lot. He seldom came to eat kebabs during normal times. After all, a single serving of kebabs could do nothing but stimulate his appetite. He could hardly eat his fill with it.

But an extra roast fish would make a difference. Therefore, Chen Wei decided to order the dishes.

"I also want a fish and a serving of kebabs." Ling Hong sat down and ordered the dishes.

"I would like a fish."

"A serving of kebabs."

There were no waitresses in Yuan Zhou's restaurant at night when he provided BBQ. Only Yuan Zhou and the customers were there. Therefore, they specially raised their voice when they ordered the dishes so that Yuan Zhou could hear them clearly.

"Okay. Wait a moment." Yuan Zhou answered everybody, who got seated and ordered the dishes, earnestly.

The ingredients of the roast fish were naturally the fish used for the All-Fish Banquet and provided by the system, namely the one in that magic water tank.

Yuan Zhou directly took up the fishing net and scooped five fish out at a time.

"Pa Pa". The active and lively fish inside moved up and down, emitting clear and melodious sounds when they ran into each other.

"The fish looks so fresh." The customers usually liked watching Yuan Zhou cook before the dishes were served. And now, they began to discuss about the fish.

"Why is the tail of the fish golden and the back red? Is it carp?" When the fish leaped in the air, it revealed its golden tail. A customer who recognized it immediately said.

"No, it's not the common carp. Judging from its appearance, it should be the Yellow River Carp." Little Fish, who liked eating fish, knew much about varieties of fish. As soon as she opened her mouth, she brought out the real name of the carp.

"If we were in any other place, I would definitely think it is a fake Yellow River Carp. But in Boss Yuan's restaurant, it's hard to say. This fish is worth it." Chen Wei stared at the fish jumping up and down excitedly.

What was the Yellow River Carp? It was formerly one of the four most famous freshwater fishes. At present, however, the Yellow River Carp was already nowhere to be found. The Yellow River Carp sold in most restaurants now were actually a kind of carp called Yellow River Gold, which wasn't considered to be the real Yellow River Carp.

Even so, the taste of the Yellow River Gold was still very good, unlike the common carp that had a strong earthy taste and coarse meat texture.

"I haven't eaten the authentic Yellow River Carp yet before. I wonder if it is grown in the wild." Little Fish watched Yuan Zhou begin to process the fish with an expectant look.

As the fish flesh was delicate, Yuan Zhou didn't use his kitchen knife to process the scales. Instead, he used a curved jade-like ceramic chip to process it.

Yuan Zhou pressed down the operculum of the fish head with his left hand and put the fish on the chopping board. Then, he took the curved ceramic chip with his right hand and then directly peeled off the fish scales in the reverse direction starting from the golden fishtail with one single cut.

Yuan Zhou always worked swiftly, no matter if he was placing the active and lively fish on the chopping board or if he was peeling off the fish scales with one single cut.

One end of the curved ceramic chip was very sharp. With this sharp end, Yuan Zhou made a clean incision on the fish belly. After that, he directly cleaned the fish guts with the curved end of the ceramic chip.

The fish guts cleaned out appeared to be intact. Even the membranous wall didn't break, not to mention the blood. Therefore, the chopping board was also quite clean.

The golden red fish scales were also arranged neatly at the side. The whole fish was clean and beautiful and it didn't have a bloody feeling to it at all.

"I guess only Boss Yuan could make slaughtering fish so enjoyable." Little Fish looked at Yuan Zhou with a look of adoration on her face.

She was right. When Yuan Zhou killed the fish, he not only acted swiftly, but also made everything clean rather than causing a bloody scene. What's more, his actions gave others an aesthetic feeling and the fish just went quiet instead of jumping up and down to frighten others.

The several fish were processed by Yuan Zhou very soon. He scattered the seasoning used to make pickled fish on the fish body and straightforwardly hung them up.

At that time, Yuan Zhou began to roast the kebabs. He acted very fast and did not have any delays.

After a serving of kebabs was ready to eat , the pickled fish at the other side was almost good, too. At that time, Little Fish watched Yuan Zhou begin to roast the fish without even blinking her eyes.

After all, it was her main dish later, so she cared about it very much.

Before roasting, Yuan Zhou first brushed a layer of grease over the fish body and then inserted a bamboo skewer through the fish from the side.

That's right. Yuan Zhou didn't insert the bamboo skewer straight into the fish, but instead, he inserted it from the side. It penetrated the fish from its mouth and came out from the open fish belly without going into the fish meat directly. In this way, the overall taste of the fish meat wouldn't be destroyed.

After the fish was killed and processed, the net weight was 0.6kg. Yuan Zhou held two fish with one hand and three with the other and then supported them above the charcoal fire to roast with the strength of his wrists.

Meanwhile, he had to move his wrists lightly along with the flame and could never let them tremble, which would result in uneven heating. Presumably, only Yuan Zhou was able to make it as his hands were steady and he had a good command of the heat.

Only after the grease was absorbed into the fish flesh and emitted the sizzling sound of "Pi Pa" did Yuan Zhou put the fish onto the grill to roast.

"The roast fish really requires a lot of strength." Yuan Zhou slightly relaxed his wrists and became a little dissatisfied with himself.

It seems that I must increase the exercise intensity of my wrist strength. Yuan Zhou relaxed his wrists secretly and thought so inwardly.

He completely didn't recall that exciting sculpting competition. He just strove for perfection constantly and habitually.

The roasting time of a 0.6kg fish wasn't very long. During the roasting time, the customers started to chat with each other respectively. But Little Fish still looked at Yuan Zhou persistently and appeared to be impatient to eat the fish.