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854 BBQ Fish

 As the two bickered, Ling Hong finally couldn't hold himself back anymore.

"Both of you are the similar level of shamelessness," Ling Hong concluded, going straight to the point.

The two stopped talking and stared at Ling Hong with their eyes opened wide.

Tonight, it rained in Chengdu. It wasn't heavy rain, but if one stood under it for a prolonged time, one could still easily got sick. And thus, everyone waited under the tents erected by the Queuing Committee for the BBQ.

The spring nights of Chengdu were still cold, especially when it was raining and the wind was blowing. But the people in the queue did not feel anything as it was extremely lively there.

Yes. It was extremely lively. Stalls were everywhere, and the crowd was three times larger than when it wasn't a rainy day.

This was because everyone knew that Yuan Zhou would be selling BBQ during rainy days. There would be no limit on the quantity he sold, the only limit being a time frame.

And when the crowd increased, the number of stalls increased. The entire Taoxi Road was filled with the voices of people hawking their wares.

"BBQ, Yibin-styled BBQ, Shancheng Beer!"

"Tsingtao Beer, free two bottles with every set purchased! Tsingtao Beer, free gifts when buying!"

"Protective screen! Protective screen for mobile phones!"

"Raincoat! Raincoat here! This is a one time offer of 10 RMB per raincoat! You can block the rain, the wind, and even dust with it! Raincoat!"

"Fuggles and Warlock Beer, buy three free one! Buy three free one!"

"Snowbeer! Snowbeer! Five left! Five left!"

The street was filled with the voices of people hawking, and among them, the majority were selling beers. All sorts of beers could be found here.

One could say that all existing popular beers were being sold here.

That's right. A lot of people were selling beers here. After all, it felt weird eating BBQ without beers.

In the beginning, when Yuan Zhou sold BBQ, there were some that tried selling BBQ as well. Unfortunately, they failed to sell anything. On the other hand, the beer sellers managed to empty their stock.

With that, everyone understood that when eating Boss Yuan's BBQ, nobody would remember the existence of those BBQ stalls. But by focusing on beers, they could earn a lot.

And this, a magical scene appeared, one that could only be seen on Taoxi Road. This was a scene where the BBQ stalls were all selling beers instead.

Would those willing to spend money eating Yuan Zhou's BBQ mind if the beers were slightly more expensive?

Of course they would!

Therefore, the beers here were all sold at the market price. Everyone was trying their best, coming up with all sorts of plans and beers just so they could increase the popularity of their own stalls. It reached the point where at night, Taoxi Road was the place with the most complete collection of beers around this part of the city.

In fact, these sellers were quite talented as they were able to find even beers that the local supermarket did not have the stock for.

And thus, the crowd continued increasing. Some were here just for the beers due to the wide variety.

And with that, a snowball effect was achieved with the number of people selling beers increasing as a result.

Many many years later, many people couldn't understand why the world-renowned beer street would be Taoxi Road as it had zero relationships with any beer manufacturers.

"By the way, since Boss Yuan has his own beer as well, will he be selling them with the BBQ?" asked a curious and expecting customer.

"Perhaps? The weather is quite cold. It will surely feel good to have some of Boss Yuan's liquor to warm the body," said a different customer as he tightened the scarf around his neck.

"Eating Boss Yuan's BBQ and drinking Boss Yuan's beer. How beautiful would life be," some started fantasizing.

"Is that what you think as well, Chen Wei?" Ling Hong asked mockingly.

"Of course," Chen Wei nodded.

Both Chen Wei and Ling Hong had also arrived. Ling Hong was naturally here for BBQ. It was rare for Chen Wei to come during BBQ nights as he preferred liquor.

Today, he was here to see if Yuan Zhou would be selling any beer. Even though Yuan Zhou had already announced earlier that there would be no beer, Chen Wei still intended to try his luck.

"You are being wishful. Who is that? That's Compass. Is it possible for him to make an exception?" Ling Hong said confidently.

"You never know. Boss Yuan is a person with a cold appearance and a warm heart. I even saw him bought a pile of cat food to feed cats the other day," said the customer with a scarf.

"Those are all stray cats," the customer added.

"Yeah, true. I have even seen Boss Yuan treating someone to a meal. That someone is even someone he doesn't know, a granny," said a girl in glasses.

"Therefore, Boss Yuan is a person with a cold appearance and warm heart. He might even sell both beer and BBQ tonight," Chen Wei concluded with a smile.

"You have the wrong logic," Ling Hong said with disdain.

"Is there any relationship between Boss Yuan being kind and being strict? If he's not strict, he won't be called Compass," Ling Hong said again, interrupting Chen Wei from saying what he was about to say.

The customers around Ling Hong were all stunned when they heard him.

"That seems to be true," everyone shared the same thought.

The atmosphere seemed to have been frozen. After a while, Chen Wei spoke, "It's going to start soon. We will know after asking."

"Yeah, yeah, we will know after asking."

"Yeah, just to be safe."

"Um, we will know after asking."

As the customers comforted themselves, the BBQ time arrived.

The moment the time arrived, the crowd around the entrance grew in size. When Ling Hong looked around, he found that even the hawkers at the stalls nearby had joined the crowd as well. All of them were beer sellers.

It was obvious that they were also worried that Yuan Zhou would be selling beer.

Of course, the hawkers were hoping that Boss Yuan would not be selling beer. With that, their business would be even better. Their hope was completely opposite of the customers there.

Only Yuan Zhou alone from his restaurant was managing the BBQ tonight. And thus, there was nobody keeping order. Even so, the customers were still obediently lining up.

Chen Wei was the eighth to enter. The moment he entered, he asked, "Boss Yuan, are you selling beer tonight?"

Everyone listened attentively when they heard this question.

"No," Yuan Zhou glanced at Chen Wei and said.



Two different exclamations weaved together, one was from the disappointed customers while the other was from the excited hawkers.

"Boss Yuan, BBQ and beer are a perfect match. How can you not sell beer?" Chen Wei was unwilling to give up.

"Yes, that's why I sell both," Yuan Zhou nodded in agreement.

Chen Wei was stunned, not knowing what to say.

"Haha, yes, that's right. He sells both, just not at the same time," Ling Hong said as he roared in laughter while pointing at Chen Wei.

"Too bad," Chen Wei couldn't even be bothered with Ling Hong.

"However, I have a new dish today. BBQ Fish," Yuan Zhou announced, as if he hadn't heard what Chen Wei said.