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849 The Leading Party Doesnt Exist.

 As the saying goes, one would never go to a temple for no reason. Yuan Zhou's restaurant was no exception. Therefore, when Old Gu and Old Yan went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant secretly, they had some purpose.

"Old Yan, is it good for us to not tell Shuxin and come here secretly? I don't think that is the correct way to treat our friend." Old Gu, who had white hair and a ruddy complexion, appeared to be in good spirits.

"Shut up, shut up. What are you talking about?" Old Yan corrected Old Gu's words, saying, "I have repeated many times. We are not keeping it a secret from Shuxin by coming here. We are here just to investigate the situation ahead of him."

"We are both much older than Shuxin and naturally have more experience in society than him. Shouldn't we help him with our abundant experience? We must go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant and have a good look," said Old Yan. "I believe Shuxin definitely can understand the well-meaning intention."

Old Yan said that justly and righteously. But if he didn't drool when he mentioned Yuan Zhou's restaurant, his words would be more convincing.

Old Gu nodded his head. It was the truth. He was totally persuaded by Old Yan. After that, the look of shame on his face completely disappeared and was gradually replaced by an expectant look.

"Old Yan, how soon will you arrive?" said Old Gu, "I simply can't wait to help Shuxin evaluate."

"My granddaughter called a DiDi for me. She said it only takes about 40 minutes to drive from the train station to the destination," Old Yan looked at his watch and then said, "I can get there in about 15 minutes."

The saliva almost flowed out of the mouth of the two old men. That was right. They actually came over here ahead of time for the delicious food in the name of investigation. The fame of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was known to them, too.

They hadn't gotten an opportunity all along before, but now, the invitation from Yang Shuxin happened to give them the chance. Of course, they also had another little purpose apart from eating.

Speaking of which, both DiDi and taxi drivers were quite familiar with Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The system's favourable comment of "a most well-known restaurant throughout the province" was no exaggeration.

There were about forty taxi companies in Chengdu. Don't think that just because they look identical, they belong to one company. Actually, there was quite a large difference.

DiDi was different from taxis, though they both drove people from this place to that place. DiDi didn't like taxis while the taxis were even more unlikely to like DiDi.

Previously, a taxi company even thought of a business idea using Yuan Zhou.

They proposed to have exclusive cooperation with Yuan Zhou, whose job was to recommend taxis from their company only. They would pay him regularly for his recommendation and publicity. They really thought too much.

Let's come back to our story. Ten minutes later, the car arrived at the street corner.

"If you want to go to Boss Yuan's restaurant, go along this street for a few minutes until you see a restaurant with the most people crowding around the door. That's what you two are looking for." The DiDi driver showed them the way and then explained, "This street is very crowded, so I cannot drive you there directly."

Old Gu and Old Yan nodded their head and got off the car. Before the DiDi driver finally left, he specially instructed, "Just go straight and don't turn. Please do give me a five-star favorable comment."

The car left hurriedly in the end as the DiDi driver had just accepted another order.

"Well, the DiDi drivers are so enthusiastic in Chengdu. I'm going to give him a five-star favorable comment," said Old Gu.

"He's indeed enthusiastic, but just a little talkative. He asked about this and that all the way. I couldn't even conserve strength and store up energy," said Old Yan.

Without saying anything more, the two people followed the DiDi driver's instructions and walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Coincidentally, there were only a few people including Wu Hai waiting right there.

They happened to be able to eat lunch. Old Gu and Old Yan indicated that they were very happy. They waited in line attentively for about 40 minutes and then, lunchtime started. They were among the first ten customers.

They knew the rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and thus didn't order too many dishes. Though they wanted to taste all dishes, they knew they had to act according to their ability.

"Old Yan, do you think Shuxin and this Little Boss Yuan can make it?" Old Gu took a look at Yuan Zhou, who was cooking in the kitchen seriously.

"Absolutely no problem. You don't know how famous the Little Boss Yuan is now," said Old Yan, "There was once a provincial level cooking contest in my hometown. And the organizer prepared to invite Little Boss Yuan to be a judge but was nevertheless refused. As you know, the chefs that could be invited as judges of such a contest are mostly no younger than 40 or 50. Boss Yuan is the youngest chef qualified for the judge."

On hearing that, Old Gu nodded his head and thought of the information he had previously received from people in this circle. This expressionless young man could never be underestimated. He enjoyed great popularity in the cooking circle at such a young age.

It was quite difficult for one to become a great master in his life. Theoretically, it was more difficult to become a great master in two fields. But as a matter of fact, a master in this field tended to become a master in another field more easily.

Probably, the state of mind was really very important if one wanted to become a great master.

"With Shuxin's experiences and skills in ice sculpting, he's able to sculpt seven or eight dragons. He's just one step away from completing the Nine Dragon Sculpture." Old Yan made the judgment, "So I just want to know who will be the leading party in the process of completing the Nine Dragon Sculpture."

There was always a leading party in the process of cooperation, let alone artistic objects. One person's style could completely cover the other one.

They chatted occasionally in the restaurant. Most of the time, they ate and ate. Old Gu and Old Yan really stuffed themselves, either because Yuan Zhou's dishes were way too delicious or because they were way too hungry. In the end, their bellies were round and bulging. If not for them supporting each other, they would have found it very hard to stand up.

At 3:00 p.m.,

The restaurant had been surrounded by crowds of people, just like being wrapped in a dumpling. Though Yuan Zhou didn't publicize this matter, people who knew informed one another immediately and thus, this was the result. When Yang Shuxin and his ice block arrived at the scene, he was also astonished by the number of people over there.

"Master Yuan, I'm counting on you today," said Yang Shuxin solemnly.

"Don't worry, Master Yang. I will do my best." Yuan Zhou also answered solemnly.

Yang Shuxin nodded his head and then began to sort and count his carving knives. In the meantime, Yuan Zhou let Ling Hong and the queuing committee help to command the big crowds of people to make a way. And the truck, which was originally parked at the end of the street, also transported the ice block to the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant with the help of the workers.

This move puzzled Yang Shuxin and his assistant as well as Old Gu and Old Yan, who pretended to be onlookers at the side.

Two ice blocks? Was this one prepared in advance for fear of sculpting the first ice block wrongly?

The following words of Yuan Zhou answered the doubts of Yang Shuxin and other people.

"Nine Dragon Sculpture. I sincerely hope we can both make it."

They can both make it? Yang Shuxin wasn't stupid, so he figured out the reason very soon. It didn't matter anymore if he hadn't made himself understood or Yuan Zhou had misunderstood him. What mattered now was that the arrow was fitted to the string and there could be no turning back. Therefore, Yang Shuxin didn't say anything. He just took a deep breath and nodded his head as an answer.

"Give me the structure diagrams."

Yang Shuxin said that to his assistant. Then, Little Feng took out a pile of diagrams hurriedly and handed them to him. This pile of diagrams was originally a duplicate, one for each of them. After all, they had to discuss about the structure diagram before they started.

Since they were going to do the work separately now, it was useless. Yang Shuxin took the diagrams in his hand and prepared to familiarize himself with it again.

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