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847 Selling Sweet And Spicy Noodles

 To avoid having Wu Hai leaving on him, Yuan Zhou called out to Wu Hai first.

"Wu Hai, wait a moment," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok," Wu Hai nodded while rubbing his mustache.

Yuan Zhou went back to his restaurant, put his tools in place, and cleaned his hands before going out again.

"How did you know I was sculpting clouds?" Yuan Zhou asked after he came out.

"It's very obvious," said Wu Hai smugly while rubbing his mustache. "Not many things can escape my sharp eyes."

Yuan Zhou merely stared at Wu Hai silently and said nothing. He did not believe a word of what Wu Hai just said about the sharp eyes. Just look at that droopy eyes he had.

"Got it!" Wu Hai suddenly said while pointing at Yuan Zhou.

"What?" Yuan Zhou was rendered speechless by this abrupt change.

"You definitely have something you need to ask me about. If so, you have to treat me to a meal. Otherwise, I won't answer, no matter the question," Wu Hai said with a 'your scheme has been seen through' expression on his face.

"So your focus is still eating," Yuan Zhou was stunned for a bit by Wu Hai's logic before he managed to muster a reply.

"Of course. Nothing is more important in life than eating," Wu Hai nodded.

"Sure. I will treat you to a meal. In exchange, you will tell me about clouds," Yuan Zhou looked around and agreed.

"Ok, I want to eat..." Wu Hai rubbed his mustache in excitement as he prepared to make his order.

"Make it the Sweet And Spicy Noodles sell by that stall then. They look nice," Yuan Zhou pointed at the stall beside the pub.

The stall was made up of a simple trolley and two thermos buckets made of stainless steel on the trolley. Between the buckets, numerous bottles of condiments could be seen.

And hanging on the trolley was a red nylon cloth with Sweet And Spicy Noodles written on it.

"Boss Yuan, you have good taste. My Sweet And Spicy Noodles are known to be delicious. You want two bowls, right?" replied the hawker before Wu Hai could reply.

"Yes, two bowls," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Compass!" Wu Hai got so nervous and angry he stopped rubbing his mustache.

"I'm treating you to some noodles. They smell quite nice," Yuan Zhou said as he turned to give Wu Hai a glance.

He seemed completely fearless despite the fact that Wu Hai looked like he was about to start biting.

After all, Yuan Zhou was the man who was raising Broth. He was naturally unafraid of Wu Hai that was definitely not Broth's match in terms of biting.

"Fine, fine. Forget it. I will take what I get. I will just pretend I'm eating snacks with Compass's money," Wu Hai comforted himself as when he noticed that there were two more hours before lunch.

"I'm not bragging, but my Sweet And Spicy Noodles definitely have a flavor you guys have never tried before. They are very delicious. Nobody has ever claimed otherwise after trying them," said the boss while adding condiments to the noodles. He spoke with a surgical mask on, but not even the mask could block his clear voice.

"I used to sell at the bay and have recently moved here. Most of the people that followed me here are my regular customers. Nobody has ever said that my noodles are bad after trying them. Do you want spicy or sweet?" asked the boss.

"Medium sweet and spicy."

"Extra sweet and spicy."

Yuan Zhou was the one wanting it medium while Wu Hai was the one wanting it extra.

"Sure, no problem. But I don't have any chairs and tables. You have to take the food away," the boss worked quickly and already had one bowl completed.

"Sure. You don't have to give us any chopsticks," Yuan Zhou said.

"Yes. Same here," Wu Hai said.

"Ok. I can save up the cost then. This is a small business, after all. Thank you, both," said the boss cheerfully as he handed Wu Hai the noodles.

"You're welcome," Yuan Zhou said.

"By the way, why are you still here at this time?" Wu Hai asked. He was still feeling dissatisfied with the fact that he had only managed to scam a bowl of noodles from Yuan Zhou.

"Well, I'm the only one working on the stall so I can't work too fast. I will usually come two times per day, ten in the morning and five in the evening," said the boss with a smile.

"The crowd would be gone at this time," Wu Hai berated.

That was true. The other stalls here all followed the time slots of the three meals at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. They would only arrive earlier and none would come right in between two time slots like this boss here.

"Well, I got you guys as customers, right? That's not bad," said the boss with a smile.

This rendered Wu Hai speechless. He stood there holding his noodles, not knowing what to say.

"It smells good," Yuan Zhou said as he took a whiff off the noodles.

"Of course. All the condiments were personally prepared by me," said the boss proudly.

"Um. Even the noodles and chilies are prepared by you personally as well," Yuan Zhou nodded and said.

"That's right. Worthy of being Boss Yuan indeed, to see through that with a single glance," said the boss, his smile never leaving his face. It would seem like the boss was very happy that Yuan Zhou was buying his noodles. After all, among the hawkers here, Yuan Zhou had a rather high status.

With this, he could consider his noodles to have received Yuan Zhou's acknowledgment.

Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say anything.

Perhaps it was Yuan Zhou's celebrity effect, but slowly, a crowd started forming at this stall. Since only a single person was working on the stall, he started becoming very busy.

"Can I pay with Wechat Pay?", "What flavors do you have, boss?", "Since even Boss Yuan is buying from here, the taste must be good", "It's rare to see Boss Yuan eating outside food" ...

Before long, Yuan Zhou's noodles were completed as well. After receiving his noodles, Yuan Zhou asked the price.

"Eighteen yuan in total. Thank you," said the boss. It was clear that the boss was still inexperienced. The moment the crowd grew, he started becoming flustered. He quickly took out a signboard with two barcodes for online payment options.

"Ok," Yuan Zhou took out a 20 yuan bill and passed it over.

"A change of two yuan. Thanks," said the boss as he promptly returned the change.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and kept the money away as he prepared to bring Wu Hai back to the restaurant.

"By the way, the next time you feel like eating noodles, you can bring your own bowl, Boss Yuan. With a proper bowl, the noodles will taste even better as the condiments can be mixed better," the boss suddenly said.

"Sure. I'll bring my own bowl next time," Yuan Zhou said.

"See you," said the boss. Then, he continued serving his customers. Only after serving an entire batch of customers did he noticed that the guy who asked for Wechat Pay earlier hadn't paid anything. He was too busy to notice that.

The boss wondered if it was because of some technical issues. He found it hard to believe that someone would be scamming eight yuan from him. Then, he resumed his work.

"You won't be treating me to noodles next time as well, right?" Wu Hai asked. He could clearly hear the conversation about bringing own bowl the next time. Things were getting dangerous, causing Wu Hai to stare at Yuan Zhou in vigilance.

"This guy is too stingy," Wu Hai muttered inwardly.

"I'm not sure," Yuan Zhou gave an honest reply.

"I reject. I reject noodles," Wu Hai said in exasperation.

"Let's just eat what we have first," Yuan Zhou said as he passed Wu Hai a pair of chopsticks.

Naturally, these were not the chopsticks provided by the system. Rather, they were spare chopsticks Yuan Zhou prepared for himself. After all, it was not the business hours currently.

Wu Hai was getting furious.