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839 Fine, Change I

 As mentioned earlier, Yuan Zhou washed rice grains differently than others. In order to not spoil the fresh fragrance of the rice, he had always used an odorless crystal stick to stir the rice grains. With the stirring, the rice grains would collide against each other and pushed the impurities off through friction. That was how Yuan Zhou would wash his rice grains.

And thus, Jiang Meisi, Bai Guo and Li He could see Yuan Zhou using his left hand to lightly shake the porcelain pot while his right hand stirred the rice grains. As he stirred, the rice grains and the water in the pot started spinning.

The rice grains and water spun in a consistent orbit. More importantly, the motions of Yuan Zhou's two hands and his control over the rice grains and the water was a balancing act to create something that looked like a white tornado.

Yuan Zhou's movements were slow and unhurried, yet precise. Li He and company were stupefied when they saw that Yuan Zhou was different from others even in something like washing rice grains.

"Oh, this is quite an astonishing washing method," Dean raised his brow in astonishment. He then spoke, seemingly giving Jiang Meisi and the others an explanation, yet also seemingly talking to himself as if he saw through some secret, "Although I have never seen Chef Yuan make Western desserts, I believe he is definitely very good at it as well."

"When cooking Western desserts, the most important part is the precise strength control of one's hands. With how he is washing the rice grains, it is obvious his control over his hands are very good. Regardless of whether it is his left or right hand, a little bit more extra or less force would spoil the rotation he has going on. This optimal rotation is probably the result of countless experimentation," Dean sighed, "This is, in fact, a complicated rice washing method. But when I thought of the improvisations Chef Yuan had done to his Swedish Meatball, I find this understandable."

"In fact, a master is quite similar to an elite in terms of skill, with the only difference being the more minute details."

As the saying went, while the connoisseur recognized the artistry, the layman simply enjoyed the show. Without Dean's explanation, Li He, Jiang Meisi and Bai Guo would only think that Yuan Zhou's rice washing method was somewhat different and refined.

But now...

"No way, right?" Even with a clear explanation by Dean, Jiang Meisi still found it hard to believe. Was such a complicated method really needed for washing rice grains?

It might be a coincidence, but the moment Jiang Meisi thought of this, Yuan Zhou stopped and started rotating counter-clockwise instead. This time, the amount of force he applied with his hands were exactly the same as previous. At the very least, Jiang Meisi was unable to see any difference.

The strength used was indeed fixed.

"Is this how we're supposed to wash the rice grains?" Li He and company suddenly realized something and their expressions changed.

Yuan Zhou did not stop and wait for them to wallow in their emotions. He continued on.

After washing the rice grains two times with the same method, he poured the water out and placed the rice into the pressure cooker. As usual, he did this with both hands.

His right hand was holding onto a pot of boiled water while his left hand was holding onto a scoop. When he poured the water inside, the scoop on his left hand started moving gently.

Li He had sharp eyes. He could clearly see the white grains sprinkling down from the scoop. And before the aroma that had appeared after the rice grains were mixed with boiled water could spread, Yuan Zhou placed the lid on the cooker and started cooking the rice.

That was not all. Midway through, they saw Yuan Zhou took out the half-cooked rice before soaking them for about one to two minutes.

They were completely confused as to why something as simple as cooking rice was turning into something so complicated.

Why? This did not seem logical.

Apart from Dean, everyone else felt like cursing. But when they saw the cameraman near them, they kept the curses in.

"So are all the servings of rice I have eaten cooked like this as well?" Bai Guo questioned himself.

"Are all the servings of rice I have eaten before all fake?" Jiang Meisi questioned the world.

"This looks harder than any mission we have done in the past. The volume of water, the rice washing method, can we really do it?" Li He was more pragmatic and only thought of the mission.

"It was not mentioned in the mission that we have to completely imitate Boss Yuan." Bai Guo thought of a loophole, "We can choose to not wash the rice this way. We just need to be careful, and do things one step at a time. The difference won't be that big I presume."

While Jiang Meisi and Li He were considering the feasibility of this plan, Dean gave a sincere suggestion.

"I think you need to change a mission. Chef Yuan did more than washing rice grains."

The three immediately turned and gazed at Dean when they heard him speaking. When Dean saw the three pairs of eyes that were filled with a "please educate me" look, he decided to speak forthrightly.

"Let me repeat this. Chef Yuan's culinary skills are very high. When washing rice grains, his hands did not touch the rice grains. When pouring the water out, he did it cleanly. And when cooking the rice, salt was added. The volume of water he poured and the way in which he did it is something you guys won't be able to learn in a short time frame," Dean said. Perhaps because this was his first time seeing such rice washing method, but he was quite long-winded.

"We need salt when cooking rice?" Jiang Meisi asked.

"I think it's for the sake of the rice's chewiness."

"True, I feel like we need to change a mission as well. I will occasionally cook something myself at home, but after seeing how Master Yuan cooks, I feel like let alone cooking by myself, I don't even feel like order delivery food anymore," Li He said.

"Let's change it. Are there simpler missions?" Bai Guo nodded his head repeatedly in agreement.

What joke was this? The smooth sequence of motions Yuan Zhou had demonstrated earlier was something he probably wouldn't master his entire life. He might be able to leave out some methods when washing rice grains, but he couldn't leave out everything. Bai Guo was still a person who knew his limit.

After a discussion, they decided to let Jiang Meisi, the beauty, to ask the fans around them. The fan she decided to ask was a girl.

When the girl saw her idol talking to her, she grew excited as she kept shouting, "Si Si, my boyfriend loves you! He always says that you have big breasts and long legs! I love you as well! Can you give me two autographs?" Um, nothing weird about that. This was a standard perfect girlfriend of China, one that would ask for autographs on her boyfriend's behalf.

Jiang Meisi complied. After she signed the autographs, she asked for the simplest dish at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Hmm, although I don't know, I know of a person who knows the answer," she answered. Despite not knowing the answer, she was still extremely energetic as she had gotten her idol's autograph.

"Who?" asked all three of them.

"There, the guy called Master Cheng. He is here to learn cooking and has been here for about half a year. I think he can definitely answer your question. The only thing we know is to eat so it will be hard for us to answer it," the fan said as she scratched her head bashfully.

"Don't worry. Thank you. That is a great help," Jiang Meisi comforted the fan.

"Heh heh, it's good that I can be of help," the fan said repeatedly. When she stared at her autographs again, she smiled cheerfully. At times, celebrities had it easy when their fans only required simple things.

After placating the fan, they prepared to ask Master Cheng. As Master Cheng wasn't too far away, they first observed him from a distance as they eyed each other, deciding on who should go or if all of them should go.

But after they got near Master Cheng and studied him, Bai Guo suddenly noticed something.