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838 The Second Mission Of The Stars

 With the understanding about the meatballs, Dean turned around and went out of the door to look for the director earnestly.

Dean straightforwardly asked the director for the video of Yuan Zhou cooking the Swedish Meatballs. Though he still didn't see clearly how the special cranberry jam was processed, he was quite impressed with the way Yuan Zhou processed the pork and beef.

Judging from how Dean addressed Yuan Zhou just now, Dean was truly convinced by him. He even felt Yuan Zhou deserved to be Chu Xiao's lifelong rival, as his culinary skills were too brilliant.

The stars completed the first mission while the business time of Yuan Zhou's restaurant also came to an end. Apart from the Swedish Meatballs, Mouse who also decided to spend more also ordered some other dishes and thus stuffed himself. Luckily, his colleague supported him up and they left slowly.

The crowd waiting in line was also gone. Taoxi Road was still boisterous, but there were much fewer people.

The directing team began to release the second mission. Meanwhile, Dean went up to Yuan Zhou for the first time.

"Chef Yuan, I hereby apologize solemnly to you for my contempt at you." Dean apologized first.

Yuan Zhou, "???"

Regardless of whether or not Yuan Zhou understood, Dean first sought to prove his conjecture. He straightforwardly brought out how exactly the mechanism of the Swedish Meatballs being wrapped in the cranberry jam worked.

On hearing that, Yuan Zhou was also very surprised. Dean was the second person who could make out the principle behind the Swedish Meatballs.

After his conjecture was confirmed by Yuan Zhou, Dean excitedly clenched his fist tight and said, "Chef Yuan, could you tell me what inspired you to improve the Swedish Meatball like that?"

"Bingtanghulu," Yuan Zhou had never thought of keeping it as a secret. He told Dean without any hesitation.

"Bingtanghulu? What's that? A kind of Chinese food?" Dean thought for a while carefully and then asked.

"It's quite normal that you foreigners don't know about the starch film since you haven't eaten Bingtanghulu before." Yuan Zhou answered and then continued practicing his sculpting skills.

Dean nevertheless bore Yuan Zhou's words in mind and then asked his assistant to look up the information about the starch film. The starch film, which was made of starch and gelatin by squeezing in high temperature and drying, existed as early as the Song Dynasty.

Thinking of the starch film and the cranberry jam that wrapped the meatballs, Dean finally understood. It was absolutely a grand master's level to improve something that could be found everywhere in daily life and make it into something that helped solve most chefs' problems.

"The cultural deposits of Chinese food are so profound that a simple starch film can indicate the wisdom of making delicacies." Dean couldn't help sighing with emotion.

On the other side, the second mission released by the directing team was to let the stars learn a skill from Yuan Zhou with the help of the special guest.

"Did the directing team negotiate with Chef Yuan ahead of time?" On receiving the mission, Li He asked immediately.

The director shook his head naturally, "Of course not."

On hearing that, Li He blurted out, "Do you think Chef Yuan will teach us?"

The director shrugged and revealed a manner of "I have no idea.", which infuriated Li He a lot.

The program division had originally wished these stars would complete this mission with the help of the special guest, Dean. After all, the program division wasn't stupid. If Dean wasn't here, they would never expect these three stars to really learn something from Yuan Zhou in the program.

After Li He, Bai Guo, and Jiang Meisi discussed for a while, however, they figured out another method to complete the mission.

First of all, a skill didn't necessarily mean a dish. So, it was also acceptable for them to learn something simple.

What was the simplest skill? The three stars all thought of cooking plain white rice. Nothing could be simpler than it. They needed to do nothing but open the electric cooker and pour the rice and water inside with the correct ratios.

There was still a little time left before the dinnertime of Yuan Zhou's restaurant commenced. Naturally, the three people were unlikely to stay and wait there all along, but they also feared there would be too many people because of the 10% discount and thus wouldn't be able to see Yuan Zhou cook.

Therefore, Li He figured out a method of compromise.

No wonder people always say that celebrities did things more conveniently. Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi decided to make a request from the customers during dinnertime, asking them to order a bowl of white rice. That way, they would be able to learn the simple skill of cooking plain white rice.

Jiang Meisi was naturally the first that worked out the solution. The effect of a beautiful girl was undoubtedly always good, let alone a beautiful female star. Therefore, this mission was completed finished very soon.

After the fan agreed, the several people either took a break or rushed to give performances elsewhere.

The dinnertime of Yuan Zhou's restaurant started on time. In order to help the idols, the fan came to line up early, even earlier than Wu Hai.

This fan was just among the first 10 customers. He immediately called his idol to come quickly.

"Si Si, I have ordered plain white rice and Boss Yuan is about to cook it now." It was the fan whom Jiang Meisi had discussed with just now.

That's right. The trio of stars cleverly requested the fan in advance to help to order the plain white rice. In this way, they could complete the mission quickly and well.

After the fan ordered plain white rice, he hurriedly notified his idol. He was quite happy to be able to help his idol under the condition that he didn't break Boss Yuan's rule.

"Thank you." Jiang Meisi expressed her gratitude smilingly and then gifted him her own signed picture.

"Thank you, Si Si. Good luck for your mission." This fan put away the photo carefully and then encouraged them loudly.

"We'll work hard." Jiang Meisi clenched her fist and answered earnestly.

"There you go. Boss Yuan is starting," this fan pointed at Yuan Zhou in the kitchen and said.

"Okay. Be attentive. Let's see how the plain white rice is cooked." Li He took a few steps forward. In the process, he even ran into Master Cheng by accident and hence revealed an apologetic smile. Then, he continued to watch Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou's 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine always included the plain white rice. And because of the electric cooker provided by the system, Yuan Zhou basically cooked the plain white rice together.

After all, many people ordered the plain white rice.

"I've got to see how this plain white rice that costs 98RMB per serving is cooked." Bai Guo muttered.

That's right. In Bai Guo's eyes, the price of the plain white rice was way too high. According to the fans, however, it was the most economical food, because they could order the plain white rice with 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine.

But Bai Guo believed there was unlikely to be that many cooking methods for the plain white rice. It was presumably the popularity again that made the price so high. Nonetheless, Bai Guo didn't behave like that in the face of others.

After all, he was a celebrity and came here for filming rather than an anti-fraud campaign. He just needed to learn to cook it and complete the mission.

Most importantly, Bai Guo found these people behaved as if they were fighting for something when they ate Boss Yuan's dishes, which were probably really very delicious. Besides, even the famous French chef said his culinary skills and creativity were really wonderful.

Considering that, the plain white rice that cost 98RMB per serving really wasn't expensive in a Michelin Three-Star Restaurant.

These thoughts of Bai Guo weren't known to others. They were thinking about how to increase their own sense of existence in this simple mission and how to make the audience like them.

After all, that was the main work of the stars.

With regard to that, Yuan Zhou naturally paid no attention. He straightforwardly took the rice out of the cabinet and then began to wash it.

EMPTYBingtanghulu() is a popular sweet snack throughout China. It's also known to be Candied Haws On A Stick.