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837 Dean’s Astonishmen

 "You know, the standard meatballs use cranberry jam. But this jam of Boss Yuan is different from others," Mouse said loudly at the same time.

Cranberry jam was the best match of the Swedish Meatballs, though blueberry jam wasn't a problem, either. Even if the jam was different from others, Yuan Zhou just used better cranberries at best. And the raw ingredients had nothing to do with his culinary skills. Therefore, Dean didn't turn his head although he had heard the dialogue between Mouse and his colleague.

"I don't see the jam." His colleague answered.

The two people were too exaggerated, especially his colleague. If he wanted to be an actor, he surely wasn't qualified.

Didn't see the jam? This sentence contrarily attracted Dean and other stars' attention, thus they turned to look at Yuan Zhou's dish seriously.

Previously, they had all been attracted by the exquisite and gorgeous styling of the Swedish Meatballs and thus didn't notice the dish. But now, they looked at the plate of the Swedish Meatballs and saw nothing else but the mashed potatoes and meatballs.

When Dean heard Mouse's colleague didn't see the jam, he unconsciously believed that Yuan Zhou must have concealed the jam within the plate presentation. For example, he might have made a painting with the jam.

But this...

"Even the best cranberry jam is red like the color of roses." Dean hadn't ever heard there was any other color for the cranberry jam.

But now, there wasn't even a rose-red color, not to mention the jam. What was this situation?

Was it a special vessel? Dean noticed the bottom of the plate of the Swedish Meatball was taller than others and was a little different. Did Yuan Zhou design a mechanism inside?

Dean hadn't yet figured it out when a male voice suddenly passed from behind, "Have a good look. Yuan Zhou has really devoted a lot of time and energy into this Swedish Meatball."

Then, Dean and other people followed the voice and looked back. They found Li Li was standing behind them, not knowing when he arrived.

"Chef Li? Why are you...?" Bai Guo had helped when they borrowed some things from Li Li, so it wasn't strange that they knew each other. Bai Guo was just curious about why he would appear at the filming scene of the program.

Before Bai Guo finished his question, Li Li continued, "Chef Yuan is kind-hearted. Overall, one could say this person is completely worthless except for his culinary skills. But speaking of his culinary skills, they are too brilliant. He has a gift for cooking and is also diligent."

"What I meant is when did you arrive here, Chef Li." Bai Guo finally finished asking his questions.

"I just came to see if you lack anything and if I could do something for you." Li Li said with a look of composure.

Hearing Li Li's answer, Bai Guo couldn't help sighing with emotion that he was really a good person. Just at that time, the two "actors", Mouse and his colleague, started to show how the mechanism worked.

"Look carefully." Mouse clamped the decorative tail part with his chopsticks. The plate presentation was of a peacock spreading its tail and showing its beauty. The meatballs formed its body while the mashed potatoes formed the tail part of the peacock.

Suddenly, a meatball dropped down just as Jiang Meisi and other people had an unrealistic thought that the cranberry jam might have been buried in the mashed potatoes.

Bai Guo got stupefied, "Did the meatball drop down?"

"It turns out the special vessel isn't just for styling purposes only." Dean suddenly understood in his heart.

In the next second, the meatball looked like it was dressed in rose-red clothes as it rolled out from the small door below.

"Well, it tastes so good. The fresh and tender taste of the meatball plus the sweetness and sourness of the cranberry jam is really just right. The mixed taste is just perfect." Mouse ate up half of a meatball at a bite and continued eating blissfully.

Others just couldn't help drooling upon smelling the flavor and hearing the sound of him eating the meatball.

His colleague had no time to act anymore. He straightforwardly clamped the tail part of the peacock with his chopsticks and then, another meatball dropped down. Then, he directly started to eat it.

Mouse gave a contemptuous look at his colleague. No wonder this guy didn't even have a girlfriend. He wasn't even earnest and concentrated when he was acting. Under these circumstances, how could they continue helping Boss Yuan to posture?

As one that had a girlfriend, Mouse decided to continue with the act alone. While eating, he muttered to himself, "I think you absolutely have no idea how ingenious Boss Yuan's design is. As long as you clamped the mashed potatoes gently, you can open the secret door on the plate. Then, the meatball will be wrapped in the cranberry jam."

The meatball was way too delicious. The more Mouse muttered, the faster his speech rate became. In the end, he couldn't even speak clearly. After he finished, he began to eat.

As expected of Boss Yuan. The meatball was so delicious that Mouse almost swallowed his tongue up.

No matter how many times he saw that, he wouldn't feel calm. Li Li thought secretly. Meanwhile, he also felt a little joyful in the heart.

He was defeated by Yuan Zhou with the dish Swedish Meatballs. It was because of the taste. The taste of the meatball itself was delicious enough.

Li Li wasn't really clear why Yuan Zhou would make other things at first. Inspired by the opinion of the customers later, however, he understood the reason. He just wanted to see Dean get astonished and his puzzled look.

Therefore, Li Li looked towards Dean. But to his surprise, there was only astonishment rather than incomprehension on Dean's face.

"We are just eating a meatball... Is it really necessary to be so exaggerated?"

"How ingenious!"

The stars were surprised with the ingenuity of the Swedish Meatballs. However, Yuan Zhou didn't improve the dish like that for their admiration.

"It's not only ingenious," answered Dean. "The reason why Chef Yuan made a secret door at the bottom of the plate to let the meatballs drop down from above was to ensure they get wrapped in cranberry jam while falling."

"If I am not wrong, Chef Yuan must have used a certain method to make the cranberry jam into a soft and thin paper-like shape. This way, the meatballs can be thoroughly wrapped in the jam."

"This method could completely get rid of the two defects of various meatballs."

The more Dean said, the more excited he became. When he said to the end, he even blurted French out. Because he spoke too fast, even Li Li who often went to France and could speak French fluently was unable to understand him.

"For various meatballs, there are always two defects that all chefs want to overcome. Firstly, the dipping sauce isn't well-distributed. No matter how good the dipping sauce is, the customers usually dip food in the sauce by themselves. A little more or less would affect the taste without exception. We made lots of attempts, but could only reduce the difference as much as possible."

"Secondly, the ordinary dipping sauce isn't that good-looking in the aspect of appearance." Dean stared straight at Yuan Zhou and continued, "I've never expected these two problems have already been perfectly solved in China."

After they heard Dean's professional explanations, Bai Guo, Li He, and Jiang Meisi understood the ingenious mechanism surprisingly contained so many theories that it perfectly solved the two major defects."

"A serving of Swedish Meatballs. Maybe this is a genuine grandmaster?" Bai Guo said in astonishment.

"It really looks like it is wrapped in a sugar coating. The cranberry jam is both beautiful and well-distributed." Jiang Meisi observed the meatball between Mouse's chopsticks carefully.

Li He narrowed his eyes and summarized, "The person has every reason to be famous and be regarded as a grandmaster.

Dean was excited, but Li Li was a little unhappy. He had originally wanted to come to explain the delicate mechanism, but Dean nonetheless figured that out at the first glance.

Li Li heaved a sigh. It seemed that he was still inferior to Dean at least on the aspect of insight and hence, he must continue practicing the culinary skills. Thinking of that, Li Li no longer stayed there to watch the lively scene. He left the filming scene and went back to his restaurant.

The trio of Bai Guo really wanted to eat the perfect Swedish Meatballs. After all, this dish appeared to be top-grade on aspects of both appearance and the taste. But unfortunately, they couldn't. Jiang Meisi had almost strained her eyes by gazing.