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836 The Slightest Difference

 "Let's change our seats. You sit here."

Zhou Jia hadn't even placed the dishes on Mouse's table when the big-eyed customer who sat close to the standing position began to speak.

"All right." Mouse was stupefied at the beginning, but when he recognized the big-eyed customer's meaning of wanting to watch the lively scene later, he immediately realized what he should do. He agreed at once and changed their seats with readiness. Naturally, the colleague of Mouse also followed him to the other side.

Though the two people changed their seats, there were actually no vacant seats for the stars who had barely entered the restaurant. The restaurant was full of customers for now.

Li He, Bai Guo, and Jiang Meisi looked at each other. Even if they were filming a program, they couldn't take advantage of their identities of stars and steal others' seats.

Generally speaking, shouldn't their fans make room for them in such circumstances? The customers in this restaurant were really very aloof and arrogant. Actually, Li He really blamed the customers in the restaurant wrongly. They just focused on the delicacies too much that they failed in noticing other things.

Just when the three people stood there in embarrassment and didn't know what to do, two customers who were standing and eating at the side began to speak. There were two standing positions in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"You are superstars. Please come here to eat. We can make some room for you," one of them said.

"Thank you so much." Jiang Meisi revealed a beautiful smile and then thanked him.

"You are welcome. The place here is narrow. I hope you don't mind," another customer said politely.

Jiang Meisi put the plate down gently and said, "No, I won't. Thank you all the same."

The two customers smiled secretly.

After that, Bai Guo and Li He also carried their bowls and went to the standing positions to eat there. After all, Yuan Zhou's restaurant really wasn't spacious.

"Come on. Come and look at my Swedish Meatballs. I am eating it for the first time. You haven't eaten it before, have you?" Seated at the side, Mouse suddenly dragged his colleague closer to him and said loudly.

The voice of Mouse was quite loud. The four people who had barely stood still there all heard him and thus turned to look at the table.

If they hadn't seen the gorgeous styling of Yuan Zhou Swedish Meatballs, Dean's new-style Italian Meatballs were quite good-looking, just as Li He and the other two people had complimented previously. On the aspect of dot, line, and plane, it might be a little exaggerated to say they were made with the golden ratio. However, it was not a problem to say the starry sky was as beautiful as a painting.

In every respect, Dean's plate presentation could be scored 9.5 points out of 10. Compared with the Swedish Meatballs, however, Dean's Italian Meatballs appeared to be nothing special. It felt inferior by at least a grade.

Dean, who came late, also saw the Swedish Meatball on Mouse's table.

"How perfect that plate presentation is" Dean blurted that out.

Dean took a look at the dish and immediately knitted his brows. Just like he said before, his father was an artist and he had a gift for plate presentation. It could be regarded as one of his strong points. Even Chu Xiao didn't do it as well as him.

He totally didn't expect to be surpassed without question in this tiny restaurant.

The three stars also hadn't expected that. Though Yuan Zhou's restaurant enjoyed great popularity, the decoration and location weren't similar to those of exquisite and luxurious French restaurants.

Apart from that, none of them could have expected somebody could cook a delicacy more pleasing to the eyes than the new-style Italian Meatballs.

Of course, Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi managed to refrain from praising it in public as Dean was with them. And Li He, who was smooth and able to win favor on all sides, began to speak at the side.

"Si Si, hurry up to taste it now. Weren't you drooling just now?" Li He signaled Jiang Meisi to eat it quickly.

"Yeah, yes. Thanks for your lunch, Dean. We are so happy. I've never expected the program division would invite you here." Bai Guo expressed his gratitude to Dean earnestly.

"Exactly. I have long been looking forward to witnessing your craftsmanship, but it's so difficult to make a reservation in your restaurant," Li He also said to Dean smilingly.

"You are welcome. After all, it's our mission." There was full of pride in Dean's blue eyes.

"I'm not going to say any complimentary words. Actually, I have long been drooling over the meatball." Jiang Meisi rolled up her sleeves and prepared to eat it as much as she could.

"Right. Shall we eat now? I'm so hungry," Bai Guo said.

"Dean, we are going to start eating now," Li He said to Dean.

"Okay. Please have a taste," Dean said confidently.

Then, the three people began to taste it.

Dean's Italian Meatballs were simmered in water slowly with small flames. Traditionally, people used the oven to make the Italian Meatballs, but Dean believed an oven could not precisely control the cheese contained in the meatballs.

In order to make the cheese to have a better mouthfeel, Dean chose to simmer the meatballs in water with small flames to better control the temperature.

When Jiang Meisi picked up a meatball and bit it open, the cheese inside flowed out like thick soup. But when it met the cold air, it immediately turned into the thin filament-like the Mozzarella Cheese.

"Wow! How fragrant the cheese it! It's so delicious." Jiang Meisi raised the meatball in front of the camera lens and revealed an intoxicated look.

"The cheese is so fragrant. It can burst out like gravy. But when it flows out, it immediately becomes this thin filament. How interesting," Jiang Meisi explained in details.

"Besides, the meatball is super compact. When chewed, it tastes chewy and delicious. I'd like to give the Italian Meatballs a thumb-up." Jiang Meisi's explanation simply made the onlooker all hungry.

After all, she was responsible for explaining the delicacies they tasted in the several previous episodes. A pretty woman along with delicious foods could always touch the audiences' heart easily.

This time, Jiang Meisi explained more vividly because the meatball was indeed very tasty. Even the young man that raised the camera couldn't help but want to drool.

"Si Si, do you still remember what you said last time?" Just after Jiang Meisi ate up a meatball with an intoxicated manner, Bai Guo suddenly said to her at the side.

"What?" With her eyes wide open, Jiang Meisi looked at Bai Guo and revealed a puzzled look.

"Si Si, you'll understand after you see his bowl." Li He said gently at the side and directly sold Bai Guo out.

Jiang Meisi lowered his head and found that Bai Guo's plate was empty. Even the sauce designed into a beautiful starry sky was basically eaten up.

"Wow! Bai Guo, are you The Flash? How did you eat so quickly?" Jiang Meisi said in surprise.

"No. It's just too delicious. It's both delicious and good-looking. Actually, I am very mature and calm during normal times," Bai Guo said with a show of seriousness.

"I see. You want to steal my meatballs? Never." Jiang Meisi refused flatly.

"You said you wanted to lose weight last time. There's both meat and cheese. You better eat less." Bai Guo advised him seriously.

"No, no, no. This is cooked by Dean and there are only three meatballs in all. I would rather grow fat by 1.5kg." Jiang Meisi snorted and protected her own plate directly.

Jiang Meisi and Bai Guo were fighting for the meatballs while Li He was chatting with Dean secretly at the side.

"Dean, the dish you cooked is way too delicious. Even I want to eat another serving," Li He said sincerely.

"Thank you." Dean nodded his head and appeared to have been accustomed to such compliments.

"I hope I can still have a chance to eat your dishes next time," said Li He. "Delicacies can be proven to be delicious only by eating."

"Of course. There will be many chances." Dean nodded his head without any modesty.

The communication between the three stars and a special guest were fairly friendly. Li He and Bai Guo were also comforting Dean, either intentionally or unintentionally, that a beautiful plate presentation meant nothing for the delicious food. What was more important was its great taste. At that time, a jarring voice suddenly sounded. That was right, it was the deep voice of Mouse.

"I heard there's a mechanism in the Swedish Meatballs. Come on. Let me show you."

"No problem," his colleague immediately answered cooperatively.

That's right. Mouse and his colleague were obviously echoing each other and prepared to let Dean have a taste of their strengths. This action had been planned when Dean cooked right in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and tried to provoke him. Maybe Boss Yuan didn't care about this matter, but a provocation was always a provocation, which deserved a price.

They wanted to let these stars and special guest know the Swedish Meatballs were not only good-looking, but also incomparable on the aspect of ingenuity.

As the customers, they themselves could complain about Boss Yuan in various ways. But if others also wanted to do so, they would never let it happen.