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834 Collision Of Meatballs 2

 Fortunately, the street of Taoxi Road was rather spacious and the customers were tactful enough to not park their vehicles on the sides of the street. In truth, Taoxi Road was the place that gave the traffic police the least amount of trouble as the vehicles there always followed the rules.

Originally, there were a lot of vending stalls around Yuan Zhou's restaurant. But the producers had compensated them to vacate the area for the filming crew for the day.

When Li He and company thought about how they were on the verge of completing their mission, they got excited. And thus, they kept asking Dean if he needed help in their excitement.

"Today, I am making New Italian Meatballs for everyone," Dean started introducing, "Italian Meatballs is one of the most classic Italian cuisines. I won't bother talking about the origin and history of this dish, as this is not a food documentary show. I will only be giving a short introduction on why my Italian Meatballs are known as New Italian Meatballs. I have made some changes on the dish that departs from the traditional Italian Meatballs preparation method."

What Dean did alarmed all the customers in the queue. Initially, a lot of them had no idea what was going on when they saw the filming crew setting up. Only when the setting up was completed did they notice that an improvised kitchen had been erected. And when Dean started speaking about Italian Meatballs, they lost control.

"This guy is making Italian Meatballs here. Is he trying to challenge Boss Yuan?"

"Totally. What he is doing is no different than brandishing a broadsword before Guan Yu or reading before Confucius."

"I checked online. This foreigner looks like a rather popular chef overseas."

"So what if he's popular? Can he be better than our Boss Yuan just because he's popular? Boss Yuan has defeated many popular chefs before. Forget about the chefs far away, right in our country, Chu Xiao is completely convinced of Boss Yuan's ability. He would always stop by to visit Boss Yuan whenever he gets the chance."

The customers were filled with righteous indignation, let alone people in the Queuing Committee, Wu Hai, Jiang Changxi, and Ling Hong. The three were looking at Dean with hostile gazes, thinking of something unknown in their hearts. Everyone here felt compelled to protect Boss Yuan.

"This foreigner thinks he can defeat Boss Yuan just because he can speak good Chinese?"

It was unknown how did speaking a good Chinese relate to defeating Yuan Zhou. The person who made that remark was Qu Daohao, one of the few with the highest chance to eat something at Yuan Zhou's restaurant before lunchtime ended. His nickname was Mouse, yet his body was as large as a mini elephant.

"Since this foreigner is making Italian Meatballs, I need to order the Swedish Meatball to show him what real meatballs look like!" Mouse said resolutely.

"Mouse, don't blame me for not reminding you. The price of Swedish Meatball is rather harsh," reminded his colleague. "Your girlfriend's birthday is this month. Aren't you saving up to buy her a new purse? Have you thought of that?"

"If you really ordered it, I reckon this will the most expensive dish you can afford for the month," continued the colleague.

"I'm still buying her the purse, but I'm still ordering the Swedish Meatball as well. At most I won't buy any action figures this month!" Mouse declared, his eyes bloodshot.

The colleague felt that Mouse had truly gone mad. One had to know that this fellow was a guy that would feel very uncomfortable even if he stopped buying action figures for a week. Now, he was actually thinking of stopping for a month.

"How about putting the purse on hold? You can buy purses anytime you want..."

Before the colleague could complete his sentence, Mouse interrupted him, "No, my girlfriend loves that purse. In any case, I can't drag this out since it concerns my girlfriend. Stop trying to persuade me. I have already made up my mind."

After about two minutes, some customers finished their meal and left. It was Mouse and his colleague's turn to get in. When they got in, Mouse ordered a Swedish Meatball.

When Jiang Changxi and the others found out what Dean was doing, he got the customers in queue to step aside and allow Dean a clear view of Boss Yuan cooking.

They had decided to take on this challenge by Dean with no fear. When the filming crew saw this, they were pleased. And thus, the crew split into two to film the situation on both sides. A large battle was about to erupt at any moment. But to be precise, Dean was the only one who was getting overly excited from this. Yuan Zhou continued doing his own thing and only started making Swedish Meatball when he saw someone ordering it.

And with the customers stepping aside, it looked like Yuan Zhou and Dean were cooking face to face, with Yuan Zhou's body slanted to the side while Dean directly faced the restaurant's entrance.

"Dean, everything is here," the assistant spoke.

"Um," Dean nodded. Then, he arranged his briefcase before him and opened it.

Numerous knives were neatly arranged within the briefcase. With one glance, there were over 20 knives in there, all with different shapes and sizes. Some of them even had very odd shapes.

"Quick, close up," the director immediately instructed the cameraman.

"Wow, he looks like he knows what he's doing," Jiang Meisi said in astonishment.

"That is very normal. In many high-tier restaurants, the kitchen utensils they use are Western utensils. Even for basic actions such as cutting tomato and asparagus, specialized knives would be used. From this, one can see how serious the West takes their cooking," Li He explained.

"Looks like our lunch is set," Bai Guo said happily.

At this time, Dean started getting all serious as well. He took a knife out the briefcase. It was unknown whether the knife was sharp, but it did look extremely gorgeous.

The body of the knife was forged of Damascus steel while the handle was made of ebony wood. On the surface of the blade, rose markings were etched. It looked gorgeous and pretty, and it further enhanced the handsome appearance Dean had.

With his left hand, Dean picked up a cleaned beef. The beautiful white layer of fat could be clearly seen on the beef. It was clear that this was a high-quality piece of beef.

With his knife, Dean started cutting the beef. Swish! Swish! Swish! He brandished his knife in precise motions.

"I'm getting hungry," Bai Guo said as he looked at the beef slowly turning into mincemeat.

"Same here," Jiang Meisi nodded.

"Looks like this meatball dish is worth waiting for," Li He nodded in agreement.

Italian Meatballs had always been a very heavy dish. Of course, this was normal for the West. Dean's New Italian Meatballs did not stray from this characteristic. Rather, it further enhanced this characteristic.

With exquisite heat control, the heaviness of the dish could be enhanced. And when combined with the flavor of fresh tomatoes, the natural flavor of the beef could be further intensified.

For now, Dean was dealing with the beef. First, he sliced the beef into tiny pieces with his main knife. Then, he used a chopping knife to turn the pieces into mincemeat.

Then, Dean repeated the process with the pork.

When dealing with ingredients, every motion of Dean was with his own rhythm in a completely orderly fashion. And due to his good looks and slender fingers, he looked dazzling when cooking.

This was unlike Yuan Zhou whose every motion when cooking was completely smooth yet fast, without any fancy movements. In fact, one could easily forget he existed when he was cooking, with all the attention sucked into the food he was cooking.

Both of them had completely different cooking styles.