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832 The Exquisite Backup Plan

 Although Dean was unaware that Yuan Zhou had a rule of not speaking when cooking, as a chef, a three-star Michelin chef at that, he still knew how to behave himself.

He stood to the side and after several minutes of waiting, Yuan Zhou finally came out from the kitchen with a finished dish. He spoke, "Chef Yuan, can I borrow your kitchen so I can cook something?"

Dean was asking politely, but it was unfortunate for him as Yuan Zhou's answer was:

"Sorry but no."

Seeing how firm Yuan Zhou's tone of voice was, Dean did not keep asking. From this, one could see that Dean was quite similar to Yuan Zhou. They believed that for a chef, his cooking utensils and kitchen were his personal possession that could not be borrowed to others.

Dean walked out and was met with three pairs of hopeful eyes.

"Chef Yuan is not borrowing his kitchen," Dean said, breathed deeply and continued, "But I still have a backup plan."

Their hearts chilled when they heard the first half of Dean's sentence. But when they heard the latter half, flames of hope were reignited in their hearts.

"What is the backup plan?" Bai Guo asked.

"We can first buy some ingredients. Since there is a restaurant next door, we can get the filming crew to go borrow some cooking utensils there. I will cook something right here." Dean added, "Normally, restaurants won't prohibit outside food."

This was truly a splendid plan. Most restaurants would only prohibit outside liquor. Very rarely would outside food be prohibited. However, they couldn't be sure seeing that Yuan Zhou's restaurant had so many rules. Therefore, they decided to first do their research.

Jiang Meisi took charge and asked a random person that was standing there looking at them while they were filming.

"Is outside food prohibited in this restaurant?"

The person blanked out slightly when he noticed that a celebrity was asking him a question. After thinking about it, he found out that he had no idea.

"I don't think so? I have never seen anyone bringing outside food into Yuan Zhou's restaurant."

"I think you can. I once saw Yuan Yuan brought some Shengjian during breakfast to eat with the Blueberry Jam of the restaurant."

"True, yeah. Now I remembered. I have seen someone bringing outside food into the restaurant before."

"Yeah. The reason people rarely bring their own food in is because Boss Yuan's food is too good."

From this conversation, Jiang Meisi obtained an accurate answer. Outside food was not prohibited in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Since the Yuan Zhou's food was too good, people would rarely bring outside food. Happily, Jiang Meisi ran back and told the others what she found out.

With this, Dean's backup plan was good to go. When the three looked at Dean, they felt like apart from the halo hovering above him, his entire body was shining with the radiance of a saint.

With a plan, they started acting on it. Li He told the filming crew their plan and the crew started helping them with borrowing cooking utensils and so on.

Alas, the gathered ingredients and cooking utensils were all not up to Dean's standards. While cooking, he had extremely high requirements as well.

Dean decided to make a call to Chu Xiao. After all, China was Chu Xiao's turf. He should know where one could buy good ingredients in Chengdu.

Thus the phone call was made.

"Du... Du... Du... The number you have dialed is currently busy. Please try again later."

The call was cut off before it was answered. After thinking for a bit, Dean concluded that Chu Xiao might be in the midst of researching a new dish and would return the call later.

And thus, Dean stood there staring at his phone. After three minutes, there was no call. Therefore, he redialed Chu Xiao's number.

Based on Dean's temperament, he would never redial if his call was rejected by someone else. However, Chu Xiao was his rival of a lifetime. He did not mind redialing Chu Xiao's number.

"The number you have dialed is not available.".

Dean: "??"

The phone had been turned off?

Staring at his phone, Dean was in a terrible mood. His surroundings sank into silence.

"Dean, I found out that there is a high-class Western restaurant nearby. Perhaps we can try that place," Dean's assistant suggested.

This assistant had brown hair and ashy-blue pupils. Her appearance was rather beautiful, with a slight resemblance to Sophie Marceau.

As the assistant spoke, she raised her head and revealed her pair of earnest eyes. At this moment, the benefits of a pretty face were fully displayed. When Dean gazed at the pretty face, his anger subsided. However, he was still somewhat unhappy.

"Do you think there will be ingredients meeting my requirement there?" Dean asked, his voice still stiff.

"I think so. You know the chef there as well. It's Mr Li," said the assistant with a sweet smile.

Before Dean could speak, the celebrities behind him started speaking.

"Wow, so Dean knows someone here?" Jiang Meisi said with astonishment.

"I guess. We will know when we arrive at the restaurant," Li He said.

"Even if they can't help, they will at least be able to cheer us on," Bai Guo said, referring to the incident when he sang earlier.

"Let's go. Quick, follow him," Jiang Meisi said as she started walking.

The cameraman was faithfully filming everything and followed them to Li Li's restaurant as well.

They stopped outside the restaurant. There were too many of them. The restaurant still needed to do its business. If they all entered, the business would definitely be affected. That was why the experienced Li He stopped.

"How about this? Mr Dean, you go and check the ingredients while we go borrow the utensils?" Li He asked Dean.

"Sure," Dean nodded.

Li He, Jiang Meisi, and Bai Guo were all currently famous celebrities. Although the customers at Yuan Zhou's restaurant had ignored them for the sake of food, they really did have a lot of fans.

Therefore, apart from the filming crew members, a huge crowd consisting of their fans were following along. With the huge crowd outside, although Li Li would not come out personally, Liu Ruoyu, the manager, still came out to welcome there.

"Hello. Are you coming to eat or film?" Liu Ruoyu asked with a polite and amiable smile.

Li He who was mature and experienced would usually deal with this. Therefore, he stepped forth, looked at Liu Ruoyu's name tag and smiled.

"Hello, we are filming Roll, Dear Beef. We have something we need your help with. I wonder if you are willing to help?" Li He asked with an amiable tone, the pride of being a famous celebrity nowhere to be seen.

"Of course. How may I help?" Liu Ruoyi answered with a smile.

"Thank you, Manager Liu. Let us talk aside. I don't want to disturb the restaurant's business," Li He offered to talk somewhere else in a considerate manner.

"Alright," Liu Ruoyu nodded and brought them to the side, emptying the entrance.

Li He, Bai Guo, and Jiang Meisi started borrowing cooking utensils while Dean brought his assistant along as he headed towards the kitchen.