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831 The Savior Is Here

 After finishing another order, Yuan Zhou stood aside to take a short break. At that time, Master Cheng came up and looked at Yuan Zhou up and down before speaking.

"Master Yuan, how is your cold?" Master Cheng asked.

In truth, Master Cheng had already asked the same question earlier in the morning. However, he couldn't resist asking again.

"I'm fine now," Yuan Zhou answered.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Master Cheng asked sincerely.

"No, just observe seriously," Yuan Zhou shook his head and said.

"Have you not gotten enough rest, Master Yuan?" Master Cheng asked anxiously when he saw that Yuan Zhou's eyes were red.

As Yuan Zhou had a surgical mask on, only his pair of eyes were shown. As such, the reddened eyes were very conspicuous, resulting in this question from Master Cheng.

"I'm fine," Yuan Zhou answered with a flat tone. But when he spoke the word "fine", it sounded like he was gnashing his teeth.

Seeing that Yuan Zhou was claiming to be fine, Master Cheng did not keep asking. But while focusing on observing Yuan Zhou's cooking skills, he started observing Yuan Zhou's condition as well.

It was understandable for Yuan Zhou to have that reaction when questioned by Master Cheng. To understand why, one had to know what happened the day before.

Last night, Yuan Zhou treated two people to a meal of Wontons. After that, he finished his arrangements for the discount today before he returned to the second floor. He planned to read a book while resting.

But half an hour later, Yuan Zhou's phone started ringing. Wu Hai was the caller.

"Compass, time to take your medicine. It has been four hours," Wu Hai's penetrating voice sounded.

"I know. Sleep earlier," Yuan Zhou answered with a helpless look before he hung the call.

He thought that would be the last call, but surprisingly, at 10.00 pm when he was about to sleep, his phone rang again. As usual, it was Wu Hai.

The only content of their conversation was Wu Hai reminding him to take medicine.

"I'm already fine. This will be the final dose of medicine," Yuan Zhou told Wu Hai frankly.

"A compass that refuses to take medicine is a bad chef. When sick, you should not try skipping the medicine. Quickly go to bed," Wu Hai spoke like he was trying to coddle a child, completely ignoring what Yuan Zhou said.

Yuan Zhou felt extremely helpless. But before Yuan Zhou could say anything, Wu Hai already hung up, leaving Yuan Zhou staring at his phone cursing in his heart.

Meanwhile, Wu Hai was doing research. From the Internet, he gathered that when a person caught a cold, that person would usually need two or three days to fully recover. Therefore, he set his alarm to ring every four hours. He had even gotten Zheng Jiawei to wake him up so he could wake Yuan Zhou up every four hours.

"Little Hai, actually, the patient does not need to take medicine every four hours at night," Zheng Jiawei explained seriously when he heard Wu Hai's request.

"Says who? After I spent an entire day forcing Compass to take medicine every four hours, he was already able to cook Wontons that very night. If I continue doing this for one night, he will probably be able to open his restaurant tomorrow," Wu Hai reasoned with absolute certainty.

"But it's more important to get a decent night's sleep. Only with sufficient rest will he recover faster," Zheng Jiawei said tactfully.

"Four hours is enough sleep. Remember to wake me up. I'm going to bed now," Wu Hai said after thinking about it for a bit.

"Will that disturb Boss Yuan's sleep? If you disturb his sleep, you might not have anything to eat tomorrow, Little Hai," Zheng Jiawei said with a sigh.

"Don't worry. He will definitely open his restaurant as long as he has recovered," Wu Hai said confidently. "You don't understand Compass. If there are no special circumstances affecting him, he will never close his restaurant."

"Fine, I'll wake you up," Zheng Jiawei agreed as he had nothing else to say.

And thus, at 2.00 am, Yuan Zhou was awakened by Wu Hai. At 6.00 am, he received a call from Wu Hai again. Of course, both calls were reminding him to take medicine.

This caused Yuan Zhou to be breaking down mentally. Fortunately, he was still able to maintain reason. That was why Wu Hai was still safe and sound, able to enjoy his meal at the restaurant.

Otherwise, Yuan Zhou would have long slapped Wu Hai's face with his size 24 shoe. He might even rub the shoe in Wu Hai's face while he was at it. After all, Wu Hai's conduct of calling him every four hours was no different than a midnight prank call telling someone to wake up and pee.

Of course, Wu Hai was genuinely and sincerely doing this with good intentions. Yuan Zhou was aware of that. That was why he had been putting up with Wu Hai's show of concern that was similar to a prank.

Why did Yuan Zhou keep his phone on? Simple. As a chef, a popular chef at that, there were a lot of things he had to deal with.

Therefore, outside business hours, his phone was always on so that he wouldn't miss any important calls.

Outside the restaurant, Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi had already left after getting their autographs. After all, they still needed to return to work. In truth, today was not the day of the week where they would usually come out for a feast. They had only come due to the 10% discount. It was too enticing and they couldn't help but to come here during lunch break.

And due to the special occasion today, they had even called for a temporary truce with Wu Hai.

"The guest has arrived."

While Bai Guo, Li He and, Jiang Meisi were being vexed over their mission completion, the director told them that the guest had arrived.

They looked over and saw a blond-haired and blue-eyed handsome man. This man did not look like a chef. Instead, he looked more like a celebrity.

As usual, the director started introducing the guest.

"Dean Bradbury is the youngest three-star Michelin chef in France. A lot of people have been making reservations for half a year in advance just to eat some of his food. France's Minister of Foreign Affairs is one of them."

To further demonstrate how great the guest was, variety shows would usually list out the past accomplishments of the guest.

"More importantly, Dean is the second youngest three-star Michelin chef to have existed in the world."

Regardless of the industry, a person regarded as a national treasure was definitely a great individual, even if that person was a janitor. If a janitor was a national treasure, that would probably be a janitor capable of utilizing over 80 different types of detergent to clean various different kinds of environments while being skilled at utilizing over 50 cleaning tools.

The Michelin rating system was probably one of the most authoritative reviewers of good food in Europe and America. To be the second youngest ever, it was clear how great Dean was.

Li He and company could not speak French. They were about to greet Dean in English when Dean suddenly spoke Chinese.

As mentioned previously, Dean was planning to come to visit Yuan Zhou's restaurant first. But he ended up losing his direction, resulting in him arriving late.

Although he was late, before his arrival, he had already found out what the first mission was. He was also aware of their current situation. And thus, he came up with a solution.

He went straight to the point, "I have a solution. To have lunch at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, you don't necessarily need Yuan Zhou to personally cook for you. I can borrow his kitchen and cook some lunch for you guys."

That was a great idea. All three of them gazed at Dean like they were looking at their savior. They felt like Dean had a halo hanging above his head at this moment.

Dean entered the restaurant. There were still 30 minutes before lunchtime ended. As such, the restaurant was extremely busy currently. This was also Dean's first meeting with Yuan Zhou. Although he couldn't get a clear look at Yuan Zhou's face due to the mask, he still reached a conclusion that Yuan Zhou looked normal.

"What makes him worthy of being Chu Xiao's rival of a lifetime?" This was Dean's first thought.