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830 Lets Switch To Something Simple

 Bai Guo expressed that he needed a break.

"Si Si, I love you!"

After Jiang Meisi, Bai Guo and Li He stood there blankly for a bit, there were finally people coming over to ask for their autographs. They were the customers that had already finished lunch at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

There were two of them, both males. It was quite a surprise that Happy and Brain were actually people that idolize celebrities.

"Can I get an autograph?" Qin Xiaoyi asked. Behind him, Gao Fan nodded.

"Where do you want me to sign?"

Since the two did not have a pen on them, Jiang Meisi used the filming crew's watercolor pen and signed on their shirts as per their request.

After they got the autograph, Qin Xiaoyi was about to leave when Gao Fan suddenly said, "Si Si, if you guys are trying to attract a crowd here to complete your mission like how you guys have done, it won't work here. There is a Queuing Committee keeping things in order here."

Gao Fan's words attracted the attention of Bai Guo and Li He. What on earth was the Queuing Committee?

"With the huge crowd there, things will get messy without any organization. There might even be a stampede happening. For the safety of the customers, the Queuing Committee has a set of rules set up here. Therefore, no matter what you do, you won't be able to attract the crowd away from the queue," Gao Fan explained.

Jiang Meisi, Li He and Bai Guo felt greatly enlightened.

"Is there any way we can get lunch here? For example, swapping positions with someone by offering them some compensation or something like that?" Li He asked. He was very concerned about the state of his mission.

"Nope," Gao Fan spoke bluntly, "To eat at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, not only do you need to queue up. You also need to get a number. Moreover, the seat you get from queuing must be used by yourself. This is to prevent some customers from hiring people to queue up for them."

Getting a number before getting in line, people wishing they could hire someone to queue up for them? Was this still a restaurant? Not even a bank was so complicated. Li He kept reminding himself that he was being filmed and he needed to maintain his calm and smile.

"Will it be possible for us to wait until lunchtime is over before requesting Boss Yuan to prepare a meal for us?" Bai Guo suddenly thought of an idea.

"Huh? That's a good idea. The mission description only needs us to get lunch at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was never mentioned that we have to get the lunch within lunchtime," Li He clapped, agreeing that this was a great idea.

Jiang Meisi also praised him, "Good one, Bai Guo. Since we can't get a seat during lunchtime, we shall wait until lunchtime is over."

Bai Guo was never one to reject praises. He stood there with a smug look.

When Gao Fan saw how happy the three seemed, he felt awkward to tell them the truth. Normally, Qin Xiaoyi would be the one giving harsh truths.

He said, "Based on what I know, on non-business hours, Boss Yuan has never cooked anything for any customers."

Qin Xiaoyi could see that Li He was about to say something so he added, "No exceptions have ever been made regardless of the offers Boss Yuan has received."

Gao Fan added with an expression of someone having a strong feeling over this, "That's right. Boss Yuan's nickname is Compass. He does everything in a stiff and rigid fashion, like an unchanging compass that will forever be pointed in one direction.

The words of Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan were like ice spikes that deeply pierced into their hearts. A moment ago, they were all cheerful and optimistic but now, the three of them sank into silence.

It was only now that Bai Guo realized that the lofty and cold people were not the customers, but it was the boss instead.

"Isn't that too excessive? For a meal, people need to take a number and get in line, and the line still needs to be neat and all," Bai Guo couldn't help but blurt this out.

"But the food here is excellent," Qin Xiaoyi said.

Jiang Meisi said, "Even if the food is nice, he can't do this, right? Does he not know that customers are always right?"

"But the food here is really really good," Qin Xiaoyi said.

Li He couldn't help himself anymore as well, "As the saying goes, rules are necessary, but at times, flexibility is required."

"But the food here is unique and unmatched," Qin Xiaoyi said.

Bai Guo, Jiang Meisi, and Li He were at a loss for words. They did not know what they could say. The boss of this Yuan Zhou's restaurant probably has an ego that was as high as the sun. Would they have to fail their mission like this?

"Yuan Yuan, have you really finished everything just like that?" Xiao Shu asked while staring at the absolutely empty bowl and the plate that was as clean as new.

"Of course. It's super, super, super delicious. Too bad you are allergic to Blueberry Jam and can't try it," Yuan Yuan nodded.

"What a waste of Blueberry Jam and dumplings. May the heavens forgive us," Xiao Shu shook his head helplessly and muttered.

That was understandable. The Dumplings With Chili Oil made by Yuan Zhou were authentic with hot and numbing taste. But after being mixed with Blueberry Jam, the taste changed.

Moreover, the dish served by Yuan Zhou had always looked good as well. It was no wonder that Xiao Shu felt that mixing it with Blueberry Jam was a waste.

On the other hand, when the other customers saw how happily Yuan Yuan was eating, they were eager to try it as well.

As for the taste, only those who had eaten it would know.

With the Queuing Committee keeping watch, there were no untoward incidents despite the huge crowd today. The customers seemed to have reached a tacit understanding to eat faster today. Even Wu Hai was eating faster than usual.

Because of that, Yuan Zhou had to work harder. Finally, when he had a chance to take a break, he checked the balance in his bank account. When he saw the figure, his heart chilled.

"System, I am only offering a 10% discount. Shouldn't you just cut the money out of the share of profit? How can you do this?" Yuan Zhou spoke with a miserable expression.

The system displayed, "As this discount is not an event released by the system, the money can't be deducted from the share."

That seemed quite reasonable, to the point Yuan Zhou almost believed it if it wasn't for the following words displayed by the system, "As the system is worried that the host will get the numbers wrong due to the host's level of math, the system has decided to directly deduct the money from the bank account."

"So you are deducing every single cent used?" Yuan Zhou was watching with his own eyes when 18.10 RMB was deducted from his account.

In truth, Yuan Zhou was of the opinion that since his balance would be reduced either way, it would be better to do it in one lump sum after the day's business ended. That way, he only needed to suffer once. But now, for each dish he sold, money would be deducted from his account once. That felt terrible.

This was the same as how tiny cuts would still hurt badly. And since Yuan Zhou had his phone notifications turned on for any bank transaction, he would be notified each time his money was deducted.

For example, for the Egg Fried Rice Set Meal, the price was 208 RMB. After the discount, the price was 187.20 RMB. Then, the system would deduct 20.80 RMB from his bank account. Yuan Zhou made a gesture of pushing his nonexistent glasses up, and swore on his grandfather's name that there was only one reason for this.

The system was definitely doing this on purpose to maximize Yuan Zhou's pain over losing money.

"In fact, we need to be magnanimous as a person. We can't be so calculative over everything. If it's one 10 or 20 cents, it won't be that much of a loss. Why are you deducting them from my account?" Yuan Zhou started educating the system in a righteous manner.

The system displayed, "The host may manually round it up."

The system was telling him that all the deductions were based on a discount of only 10% with no variations. Therefore, every cent would be taken into consideration.

"No, I have to stick to rules. Since I have already said that I am offering a 10% discount, I will stick with it," Yuan Zhou spoke righteously. He could not lose his trust.

In terms of sticking to the rules, Yuan Zhou would always be very serious.