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829 This Restaurant Is Too Aloof And Arrogan

 The stuffing of the dumplings was prepared beforehand at noon. It didn't take much time to make a serving. The meal ordered by Xiao Shu and Yuan Yuan was almost carried to them at the same time.

Leaving aside the odd taste of Dumplings With Chili Oil covered with Blueberry Jam, the color was nevertheless fairly good-looking. The white and plump dumplings were piled in disorder like a small hill. At the side was the red and glossy chili oil. There were also the beige sesames and some small pieces of hot pepper in the red chili oil.

As there was no clear soup in the bowl, one could easily see the dark-colored sauce mixed with chili oil in the bottom. Just by looking at it, they were reminded of the fragrance.

As for the Blueberry Jam at the side, it was needless to say. Big pieces of blueberries were clearly seen and the cyaneous jam looked quite fresh as if there were light emitting from the inside. Just by looking at it, they had the desire to drool.

"Xiao Shu, do you want to eat some?" While saying that, Yuan Yuan dipped a dumpling in the Blueberry Jam and then stuffed it into her mouth. She was so satisfied with the eating method that she narrowed her eyes like a cat that was eating something delicious.

Yuan Yuan picked up a dumpling that had been dipped in the blueberry jam and reached out to Xiao Shu's mouth.

"You must taste it. The sweetness and sourness of the blueberry jam plus the spiciness of the chili oil are simply enjoyment to the mouth."

Xiao Shu hurriedly shook her head and said, "Actually, I'm allergic to blueberries." On hearing that, Yuan Yuan didn't insist on her thought anymore. She just muttered inwardly, "Why didn't I know about her allergy to blueberries?"

In Xiao Shu impression, Yuan Yuan was a young girl totally different from others. Apart from her taste sense, she also had entirely different opinions and ways of doing things in many aspects.

For example, there was a Chinese good bestie pairing in a TV series, The First Half Of My Life before. Most people believed that the bestie was too perfect. She did whatever she could to help the heroine. However, Yuan Yuan said that the heroine also must have treated her bestie very well before since the bestie helped her so much now. Otherwise, no one could be so kind to others.

Yuan Yuan said that she was curious about how the heroine treated her bestie before? Why could her bestie be so kind-hearted to her and speak from the bottom of her heart?

Maybe it was because the boys all believed that girls like Yuan Yuan were easy to coax. In regards to the appearance, Yuan Yuan and Xiao Shu didn't have much difference, but more boys chased after Yuan Yuan instead of her.

One more thing. Yuan Yuan was seemingly easy to coax, but actually, she had never been cheated by others. On the contrary, Xiao Shu had once been cheated by a man. If not for Yuan Yuan saw something wrong with the man, Xiao Shu might have fallen into a trap completely.

"Is she really eating that?" A customer beside her said in surprise. Actually, he didn't notice that it was the second dumpling in Yuan Yuan's mouth already.

Yuan Yuan had already bit open the dumpling which had chili oil outside, thus it looked half white and half red. After that, she directly dipped the open part with stuffing in the blueberry jam and then stuffed it into her mouth to chew.

The Dumplings With Chili Oil had the meat stuffing inside. And the meat used was actually from the pork shoulder. The meat of this par had lean meat containing oil and was fine and tender without any meat stringiness. It was most suitable to be chopped and used as stuffing. With only some fresh ginger inside to increase the delicate flavor and remove the bad smell, the taste would be awfully fresh and delicious.

The outer layer of the dumpling had a slight fragrance of wheat; the chili oil was spicy-hot; the soy sauce had a characteristic flavor and slightly salty taste. All these fragrance and taste contributed to the incomparable fresh and delicious taste.

After Yuan Yuan added the Blueberry Jam in the dumplings, however, the surrounding customers became unspeakably uncomfortable.

After Yuan Yuan ate one up, Xiao Shu asked again, "Is it really... delicious?"

She had originally intended to ask if it was edible. Thinking that it was impolite to ask in this way, she corrected herself immediately.

"It's super delicious. The sweet and sour blueberry jam and the spicy-hot dumplings. I can even taste the fruit pulp of the blueberry," said Yuan Yuan excitedly.

"As long as you like it." Xiao Shu could tell that Yuan Yuan really liked eating in that way. For an instant, she didn't know what to say. Only after quite a while did she begin to speak.

"Hmmm, yeah. Xiao Shu, you are allergic to them and can't eat them, so I'm going to eat them all," said Yuan Yuan smilingly.

"I'll never eat things with such strange taste." Though Xiao Shu smiled on the surface, she couldn't help grumbling about the combination of Blueberry Jam and dumplings in her heart. Even thinking of that would make her feel allergic.

Yuan Yuan and Xiao Shu were cheerful and harmonious in the restaurant while the stars outside were nevertheless in a stalemate.

Li He and the other two people received sad news after a short while. The restaurant was open for only two hours at noon. In other words, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was going to be closed.

After a long while of thought, they still couldn't figure out how to get in.

"You are the only people we can rely on." Li He gave the important task to Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi.

Jiang Meisi and Bai Guo were regarded as awesome partners. Many tough missions were completed with the joint efforts of the two people by various means.

Then, Bai Guo sang a song on the spot. With this method, the effects of audio electronics weren't displayed. There were lots of people there. However, most importantly, no one responded to him at all. It was definitely the worst occasion when Bai Guo sang so far.

"Look, Bai Guo is singing." Yin Ya looked right and left in high spirits. She liked Bai Guo very much. After all, he was good-looking and good at acting in front of girls.

"I'm in favor of Boss Yuan. What's the use of being good-looking? Most importantly, he definitely can't cook as well as Boss Yuan," said Meng Meng, one of Boss Yuan's fans. She wasn't a member of the queuing committee, but she was here today to film the grand occasion of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Under such circumstances, even Andy Lau's singing is useless, let alone Bai Guo." Ling Hong curled his lips.

Jiang Changxi had finished her lunch. She sat on the bench outside the restaurant and turned a deaf ear to Bai Guo, saying, "I have no interest in watching this pretty boy. I might have an interest in watching the beautiful girl over there if she sings a song."

The beautiful girl mentioned by her was Jiang Meisi. It was undeniable that Bai Guo still enjoyed popularity among young people. Many customers in the line looked towards him and sang along with him, but none of them moved away from the line.

The queuing committee had a strict rule. In order not to make the line wider and wider as more people joined and cause unnecessary troubles, the customers in line were required not to move around.

"Little Beauty, do you have the same hobby as me?" Ling Hong felt quite strange.

Jiang Changxi gave a contemptuous look at Ling Hong and said, "Who said that girls can only look at men? Can't girls look at beautiful girls? I do like watching beautiful girls. As for those celebrities who only rely on their good looks, they aren't even as good as the little wolves."

Ling Hong had nothing to say about Jiang Changxi, who didn't even have a bottom line for her obscenities.

Jiang Meisi wasn't good at singing, so she could do nothing but cheer up Bai Guo. Basically, she was just a beautiful vase

Bai Guo sang a song. Bai Guo sang the second song. He even sang his most representative song. After that, however, he went back in low spirits. He looked at Li He and almost wept, "Boss Li, I failed."

"There are many people here and many of them are listening to your songs. They just didn't surround to watch us." Jiang Meisi had never encountered such kind of situation before, either. Normally, people would at least come over to ask for their signature upon seeing one of them when they went to other places.

Li He also noticed that at this side. He couldn't help blurting out, "The customers of this restaurant are fairly aloof and arrogant."

Jiang Meisi and Bai Guo nodded their head approvingly. The customers were not fairly aloof and arrogant. They were actually considerably aloof and arrogant. Anyhow, they were stars of the moment. Shouldn't these people show some basic respect to them?Vase() is a metaphor in Chinese when referred to somebody. It describes young girls who are for viewing purposes only and can do nothing.