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828 Dumplings With Chili Oil

 "Even in normal times, there are plenty of people in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Most importantly, there is a 10% discount today." The director explained that it wasn't their arrangement.

Although he had investigated the popularity of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the big crowds of people still astonished him.

The director revealed a forced smile. According to the screenwriter and his thoughts, the difficulty of the mission was only 6 out of 10. But now, the difficulty soared to 30 while the total score was still 10. How was the mission to be continued?

"Are they so excited about only a 10% discount?" Jiang Meisi indicated that she couldn't understand that. She continued, "I ate in restaurants that offered a 30% or 50% discount and it wasn't that intense."

"Yeah, you are right." Bai Guo agreed.

Li He looked around the restaurant. Though some customers were moving about to take pictures, most people stayed in their seats and didn't move at all.

When Li He shot films before, he didn't like being surrounded to watch by onlookers as it would become more difficult. But now, Li He wanted the customers to come and surround them to watch so that they could make room for him to complete the mission.

The stars outside the restaurant looked at the spectacular customers inside and thought carefully how to complete the mission so that they could get inside and eat.

"I thought the program division had been stung by conscience and thus gave us a very simple mission." Bai Guo regretted, "I shouldn't have thought in this way."

"Exactly. I'm too naive," Jiang Meisi said.

It was boisterous outside the restaurant and also inside of the restaurant. After all, today was the discount date and there were more people than usual.

Even if some of them couldn't eat, they would rather stay there to watch the lively scene. After all, it was only the second time that Yuan Zhou offered a discount.

"Leaving the discount aside, Boss Yuan even provided new dishes. Boss Yuan, did you do that on purpose?" Standing beside Master Cheng, Ling Hong said discontentedly.

"No," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

Obviously, Ling Hong didn't believe him. He looked at the customers, who were blissfully eating there, indignantly.

"I think you are doing it on purpose. If not, why did you come here for since you aren't eating?" Chen Wei ate enjoyably and said discontentedly.

The nickname of No Discount Ling wasn't only a joke. He had never eaten things on discount, so he just stood at the side.

"We have no choice. There are too many people today. Sister Jiang asked everyone of the Queuing Committee to come on duty today." Ling Hong shrugged helplessly.

"Yeah, yeah. Some stars are coming over today for a TV program and there are lots of fans outside." Wu Zhou, who hadn't been here for a long time, nodded his head continuously.

"They are affecting me eating." Chen Wei murmured and then continued eating the Dongpo Pig Knuckle.

In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, only the Dongpo Pig Knuckle could make Chen Wei eat happily. There was a lot of meat and it tasted soft. Besides that, he could eat his fill.

"There are indeed too many people. Luckily, I brought some people from somewhere else," said Ling Hong.

"Not enough people?" Chen Wei suddenly asked.

"It's alright okay." Ling Hong shrugged.

"I see. Let me summon all those brats of mine here to help," Chen Wei said readily.

"Are you so kind?" Ling Hong looked at Chen Wei suspiciously.

"Of course. Boss Yuan's problem is my problem," Chen Wei patted on his own chest and said seriously.

However, Ling Hong hadn't answered him when Chen Wei continued, "But you must give me two cups of beer for exchange tonight."

After saying that, Chen Wei grinned and revealed a sincere expression.

"Ho Ho. F*ck off." Ling Hong refused directly.

"All right. I withdraw my words. Young people nowadays don't usually exercise. And if you drink too much beer, you will get a beer belly." Chen Wei murmured.

"Who told you that I have a beer belly." Ling Hong gnashed his teeth.

"No one told me. I can see with my eyes," Chen Wei said neatly.

"I don't want to talk to you. I'm going to see if I can help outside," Ling Hong instantly became speechless. Only after a long while did he say that.

While they were talking, two more customers arrived. They were two girls, both wore knitwear and pants. One looked slender while the other looked dainty and cute.

The dainty and cute girl, who was wearing a grey sweater, was Yuan Yuan. She was very famous in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, the way she ate her food was always quite strange. Just the Beef and Blueberry Jam Sandwiches left a great impression on many people.

And the slender girl was Xiao Shu, who often accompanied Yuan Yuan here. She always ate the same dishes as she wasn't a person that liked trying new things.

"Yuan Yuan, what do you want to eat?" Xiao Shu got seated and then asked.

"Well, let me have a look. You order yours first." After saying that, Yuan Yuan leafed through the menu seriously.

"Get me a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup," Xiao Shu said.

"Okay. One moment, please." It was Shen Min who came to take orders.

Xiao Shu, Boss Yuan has served a new snack." Yuan Yuan pointed at the snacks of Chengdu school and said.

"What is it?" Xiao Shu craned her neck and checked the menu together with Yuan Yuan.

"Do you want to eat the new snack?" Xiao Shu read for a while and asked.

"Hmmm." Yuan Yuan knitted her brows and nodded her head.

"What's wrong?" Xiao Shu felt a little strange when she saw Yuan Yuan's appearance.

"Let me how much money I brought." Yuan Yuan started to go through the wallet.

"Can't we pay by phone?" Xiao Shu reminded.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." Yuan Yuan smiled in embarrassment.

"Order your dishes now. Don't you want to eat the newly served snack?" Xiao Shu had already been used to Yuan Yuan's temperament and thus, she just reminded her again.

"Okay. Please take my order." Yuan Yuan nodded her head and then said to Shen Min at the side.

"One serving of Dumplings With Chili Oil and one serving of Blueberry Jam," said Yuan Yuan.

"Okay. Wait a moment." Shen Min lowered her head and calculated the money required.

"Yuan Yuan, why did you order blueberry jam for since you have ordered the dumplings?" Xiao Shu suddenly had a bad prediction.

"Of course to eat along with the dumplings," Yuan Yuan said deservedly.

"Dumplings With Chili Oil are spicy while the Blueberry Jam is sweet. How do you eat them together?" Xiao Shu was a little speechless.

"But I want to eat both Dumplings With Chili Oil and Blueberry Jam, so I ordered both to eat together," said Yuan Yuan.

"That is quite logical, but the taste must be weird." Even if Xiao Shu knew Yuan Yuan's taste preference was different from theirs, she still felt it unacceptable.

Leaving the sweetness aside, the Blueberry Jam was a kind of fruit pulp. Was it the same thing as just sweetness? Obviously not!

Even Shen Min, who was calculating the money at the side, couldn't help saying, "The dumplings have broth to go with."

"No need. I like eating dumplings with chili oil." Yuan Yuan refused politely.

"Okay. Do you want to pay by cash or bank transfer? There's a 10% discount today." Shen Min paused for a little while and then began to collect the payment.

Yuan Yuan paid by bank transfer with readiness and then waited excitedly to eat.

Nevertheless, Xiao Shu moved a little further away and revealed a manner of "I don't know this weird person."

Another customer also couldn't help saying at the side, "This little girl's sense of taste is really different from that of others. Is it really possible to eat Dumplings With Chili Oil and Blueberry Jam together?"

"Probably. After all, this little girl has always been eating her dishes a bit differently," Wu Zhou nodded his head and said at the side.

"Xiao Shu, do you want to have a try by then?" Yuan Yuan turned a deaf ear to others' discussions, but sincerely invited her good friend beside her.

"No, thanks." Xiao Shu refused immediately.

"All right." Yuan Yuan didn't impose her thoughts on her friend. She just nodded her head obediently and then silently watched Yuan Zhou cook dishes.

When Yuan Zhou first saw the order, he also felt strange. After all, it was the very first time that somebody ordered Dumplings With Chili Oil and Blueberry Jam together at the same time. However, he immediately understood when he raised his head and saw Yuan Yuan's eager gaze.

After all, Yuan Zhou knew that Yuan Yuan's taste preference was very difficult to understand. She had also been here many times and was a regular customer.