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827 Astonished Group Of Three

 A lifelong rival. Such embarrassing lines.

On hearing that, Chu Xiao couldn't help getting goosebumps on his back. He said straightforwardly, "What anime have you been watching recently?"

"No, I'm serious." Dean said affirmatively, "I have always believed that my talent is good enough, but yours is roughly the same with mine. You can only prove we are not lifelong rivals by outclassing me."

Dean's Chinese was quite fluent. He could even use such a Chinese phrase of "roughly the same". It was known that he had specifically learned all these words and phrases for Chu Xiao.

"There are two points that I must make clear. Firstly, my talent isn't roughly the same as yours. Instead, mine is better."

Chu Xiao said lightly, "Secondly, if you define 'lifelong rivals' as something that can only be proved by outclassing that person, I'd say I have only one lifelong rival. His name is Yuan Zhou."

The words were too unkind. Dean didn't look good, either because of the first point or the second point or both.

"Yuan Zhou? This name sounds a little familiar." Dean murmured, his expression a little ugly.

"You didn't mishear me. Yes, it's Yuan Zhou, not you." Chu Xian had never known what was "saving face". He just said that absolutely without consideration for others.

"All right." Dean was a little stunned. He didn't leave and still sat on his place. After all, the main course hadn't arrived yet. Doing things halfway was not his style.

"The main course is coming," said Chu Xiao.

Though he wasn't recognized as Chu Xiao's lifelong rival, Dean finally achieved what he wished and managed to eat Chu Xiao's dishes. Furthermore, it was a traditional dish. Most importantly, he benefited a lot from what Chu Xiao said in the end.

Because Chu Xiao returned a question back to him when he asked curiously why Chu Xiao cooked the traditional fish soup for him.

"Which do you think is more important, inheritance or innovation?" said Chu Xiao.

"Innovation. No innovation, no progress." Dean answered directly. Actually, both he and Chu Xiao were good at creative cuisines.

"Really? But where does innovation come if there isn't any inheritance?" Chu Xiao asked back.

As a matter of fact, all creative cuisines could progress or improve based on the traditions. They could all be found to originate from the traditional cuisines.

"Well, the inheritance..." Dean hadn't finished his words when he reacted and immediately, he corrected himself, "is equally important."

Chu Xiao didn't comment on Dean's answer. However, that kind of indifferent attitude stimulated Dean at once.

"What's the answer to this question?"

"One cannot stand for innovation or inheritance. Some people insist on inheritance while some others inevitably want to innovate," said Chu Xiao. "So the answer to this question is, never take yourself too seriously. You can stand for nothing but yourself."

Chu Xiao was indeed a sharp-tongued man. However, Dean was already used to that. But the words "You can stand for nothing but yourself" really caused Dean to think deeply.

After he came out from Chu Xiao's restaurant, Dean became absent-minded for quite a while. Not until when somebody asked him for his signature on the street did he come to himself and thought of a matter.

"The TV program that I'm going to take part in two days later is supposed to be held in that Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Dean was still worried that he himself misremembered that. He specially asked his assistant for the phone number of program division and then called the producer to dispel doubts.

The reason why the program division would invite Dean to be the honored guest was because Dean's assistant once posted a video of Dean cooking dishes.

Because of his quick movements and handsome actions, he instantly became famous in China and thus attracted many people's attention. He was then regarded as the most gentlemanly chef on the Internet.

As for the reason why Dean would accept the invitation of the program division, it was also very simple. Because Chu Xiao was Chinese, he had every reason to go to China to have a look. And this variety show happened to give him this opportunity.

He had never thought he could get a pillow when he was drowsy. Dean got through to the producer.

"Who's that?" The producer noticed it was an unknown phone call from France. If not for his occupation, he probably wouldn't answer it.

"Hello. This is your special guest, Dean Bradbury." Dean introduced himself directly.

Then, the producer remembered that he was indeed the special guest invited to their program. But it was Dean's agent who talked to them about signing the contract and they hadn't spoken face to face. Why would he call the producer directly by himself? Was there any change in his schedule?

Thinking of that, the producer immediately asked, "Mr. Dean, do you have any doubts about the schedule or the arrangements of the hotel?"

"Not really. I'm calling to ask if the filming location of this program is in a Master Chef Restaurant, also known as Yuan Zhou's restaurant?"

After the producer gave him an affirmative answer, Dean asked again, "Is the chef of Yuan Zhou's restaurant Yuan Zhou? May I ask how many people are named Yuan Zhou in China?"

The producer was a little muddled. It was the job of the Statistics Department to calculate how many people were called Yuan Zhou. How could he possibly know that?

"I might have not made myself understood. I want to know how many famous chefs called Yuan Zhou are there?" Only then did Dean make himself understood.

"As far as I know, there is supposedly only one famous chef whose name is Yuan Zhou. And his restaurant is also the one we are heading later." Though the producer didn't know what Dean really wanted to know, he still answered him clearly.

"Perfect." On hearing that, Dean blurted out and then said, "Thank you, Mr. Wang. I've got some work, so I'm hanging up."

Thereupon, the producer heard the sound of "Du Du Du" from the phone. He couldn't help sighing with emotion, "We shouldn't address Yuan Zhou as a famous chef nationwide. He should be a famous chef worldwide. Even the famous French chef, Dean, became delighted when he heard he would be with Yuan Zhou on the program."

The producer was very happy. When they went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for the filming, there would be a worldwide famous chef, who almost equalled to half of a special guest.

I'm going to give a lucky red packet to the screenwriter who proposed to film in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The producer thought that inwardly.

The producer misunderstood Dean.

Having hung up the phone, Dean also murmured to himself, "Yuan Zhou, let me wait and see with what capabilities you can be called Chu Xiao's lifelong rival."

Hence, just because of that, Dean didn't go to the TV station to join Li He and some other people two days later. Instead, he directly went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant with his assistant in hope of witnessing Yuan Zhou first.

Their idea was good, but it was just difficult to implement. Dean got lost in Chengdu during his first trip to China.

Therefore, Dean hadn't reached the program division when Li He's car arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The people from the program division immediately called him and urged him to come at once.

Li He and some other people needed to complete the first simple mission. When they got off the car and walked into the Taoxi Road, reaching Yuan Zhou's restaurant, there were big crowds of people in sight.

All the members of the queuing committee arrived at the scene today to maintain order. And both Zhou Jia and Shen Min were here in the restaurant today. There were too many people and one single waitress could no longer take care of everything.

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything this time. He just told them the salary today was twice as much as usual.

The temptation of the 10% discount!

Li He, Bai Guo, and Jiang Meisi all became astonished.

"That's way too exaggerated."

"Director, did you arrange this scene? There are so many people around here that we can't even squeeze into the restaurant."

"I have never seen such a good business."