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825 Super Simple Mission

 All the filming equipment had been arranged accordingly at Yuan Zhou's place. The arrangement had been finished the day before and since Yuan Zhou had been sick, the restaurant wasn't opened and thus the arrangement remained undisturbed.

The only thing left to coordinate were the celebrities. In truth, Roll, Dear Beef was an outdoor reality show. As for whether it was funny or not, a show of this nature would usually be comedic in nature.

The main guest celebrities were Li He, Bai Guo, and Jiang Meisi. Famous celebrities would be invited to each episode of this show, and of course, actors and actresses were not the only ones that would be invited. For example, a boxing champion and a famous businessman had been invited to this show before.

Li He was around 40 years old and was a skilled actor. Two years ago, he got popular thanks to a movie. He had an entertaining personality as well and was the current captain of the show.

As for Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi, they were around 20 years old. The former was handsome while the latter was delicate looking. In short, they were idols. The two were extremely famous, and were the main source of views for the show.

"Bai Guo, any insider information for this episode?" Bai Guo asked.

"I heard from the crew that the guest invited by the producers is very famous internationally and had received an extremely favorable rating in France. He also won a prize before," Li He said.

While in the car, the cameraman started rolling the camera. And thus, Li He and Bai Guo started conversing, signifying the official start of filming.

"A favorable rating in France? And won a prize before?" Jiang Meisi started her career as an actress. And thus, the first thought on her mind was, "Was it a prize at the France's Cames Film Festival?"

"Best actor at Cames Film Festival?" Bai Guo continued, "That's not possible, right? Even if he was really a big deal during the Cames Film Festival, people of such popularity would normally not join variety shows." What Bai Guo kept to himself was the award winners at these film festivals had incredibly high status. Were the producers really willing to fork out the money to invite someone like this?

"What are you thinking about? The guest this time is not from the entertainment industry," Li He stopped their imagination and said, "One of the scriptwriters told me that the guest this time is a chef."

Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi immediately understood when they heard that it was a chef.

Michelin Guide that was world-famous originated from France. Apart from that, there were also numerous cooking competitions held in France. For example, the most famous dessert competition was held in France.

And thus, Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi concluded that the guest this time would probably be an extremely popular chef.

Bai Guo lost his interest when he heard that the guest was a chef. As for Jiang Meisi, her interest was piqued and she started searching online for a chef that fit the description. After all, she was quite a foodie herself.

"Rather than being curious about the guest, you might as well be curious about the location. Our filming location this time is very unique," Li He said. "When I went to the station earlier, the director told me that the filming location is very unique and we have to be mentally prepared for it."

"Mentally prepared? What do you mean, Boss Li? Don't scare me," Bai Guo stared at Li He as he asked. He had already suffered once in the past.

Jiang Meisi stopped searching online as well. She raised her head and stared at Li He. His words were truly too scary.

As a long term guest of Roll, Dear Beef, they started recollecting their previous tragic experience.

Jiang Meisi was a woman that was incredibly scared of mosquitoes and houseflies. But one time, they went to a remote town for filming. During filming, she was essentially a feast for the mosquitoes. As for Bai Guo, from his expression, one could imagine how tragic his experience had been.

"I don't think they are lying to me," Li He was unclear of what the producers were trying to do. Therefore, he told them everything he knew, "I think it's a tiny restaurant known as the Master Chef Restaurant and the boss of that restaurant is called Yuan Zhou." Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi had never heard of this name, but they both were of the opinion that Master Chef Restaurant was quite an arrogant name to have.

Nonetheless, Jiang Meisi was a foodie. Therefore, the name Yuan Zhou sounded slightly familiar to her. She decided to do her research first.

In truth, most customers called the restaurant Yuan Zhou's restaurant because Yuan Zhou did not have a signboard. Because of this, things got messy during the landmark restaurant voting incident.

And thus, when the two searched the term Master Chef Restaurant online, they found nothing. But when they entered Yuan Zhou on the search bar, a huge amount of information appeared.

Numerous articles such as delicacies were the best pleasure in life, the hope of China's chefs and so on appeared. Even the recent master of cooked wheaten foods promotional video was found.

"This restaurant seems really popular," Bai Guo muttered.

When Jiang Meisi scrolled down, she discovered that even as a foodie, she had still missed out on a restaurant this popular.

Of course, after their research, the same question appeared on both their minds. Why would the producers tell them to be mentally prepared?

Suddenly, Jiang Meisi saw something at a certain discussion forum: Exposed! The unknown affair of Yuan Zhou's restaurant!

"There's an inside story!" Jiang Meisi and Bai Guo huddled together.

[Yuan Zhou's restaurant is located in an ordinary-looking street at Taoxi Road. Despite the dull appearance, an entirely different world is hidden within the restaurant.]

[As a faithful customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant(I won't tell you who I am), let me expose the ten cancers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.]

Jiang Meisi suddenly recalled something as she clapped and said, "I remember now! Previously, a young chef had become famous at the China-Japan culinary skills exchange. His name was Yuan Zhou."

As an A-list celebrity, Jiang Meisi had still paid attention to the China-Japan culinary skills exchange. This was proof that she was truly a foodie.

Jiang Meisi's sudden exclamation shocked Bai Guo. After she calmed down, she continued reading.

[First place: Yuan Zhou]

[That's right. The first place belongs to Yuan Zhou. He is someone bitterly detested. I won't explain why.]

[Second place: Wu Hai]

[With his grand reputation, Shameless Wu occupies the second place. There are no objections, right?]


[Fifth place: Boxer]

[This is the only person on this list whose real name is unknown. Each time he comes to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he has injuries all over him. One time, he even scared a new customer away. Fortunately, he is quite nice a person.]

[Sixth place: Zhang Tan]

[He is a rickshaw rider, also a grandpa that is extremely good at storytelling. He is one whose expertise in storytelling, which is wasted by his choice of career in being a rickshaw rider. Occasionally, he would tell a whole lot of horror stories, scaring everyone.]


"Why is the entire list talking about the customers? Is there any information of substance?" Bai Guo was getting impatient. he had no interest in the so-called ten cancers. Therefore, he quickly scrolled down the page.

Further down, the topic shifted from the ten cancers. A list of those who had contributed to Yuan Zhou's restaurant appeared.

[Meng Meng]

[Main contribution: She was the one who had discovered that one could order one Egg Fried Rice and one Egg Fried Rice Set Meal. Although this is a tiny step of one human, it is also a huge step for humanity. Her discovery has benefited society and the country. Therefore, she is worthy of being the first on this list.]


Again, there was no information of substance. Bai Guo lost his interest. He had no clue what the article was referring to when it touched on the Egg Fried Rice.

"It's just a restaurant. I doubt there would be anything too terrible," Jiang Meisi said after she switched off her phone.

Earlier, while the two were busy scrolling on the phone, the producers had already handed Li He the first mission.

"Let's take a look at the first mission," Li He opened the envelope. When Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi shifted their attention back to him, he started reading the instructions in the envelope, "First mission: To successfully eat lunch in Master Chef Restaurant."

Eat lunch?

Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi blanked out. What mission was that? It was way too easy.

Li He gave a logical analysis, "The producers will never give us a simple mission. It is already 12 pm. Perhaps the restaurant has very good business?"

Even with that thought, Bai Guo and Jiang Meisi still couldn't understand. Even if the business was very good, it was only 12 pm. They would reach in about 10 minutes. They would arrive before 12.30 pm. It wouldn't be hard for them to grab lunch.

After discussion, the three concluded that perhaps the producers were deciding to be kind today and had thus given them an easy mission.

Jiang Meisi was quite happy. In a while, she would get to eat something nice and famous.

Was there anything happier than filming a show and completing a simple mission while enjoying good food?

No, there wasn't.

"By the way, is the guest waiting for us in the restaurant?" Bai Guo asked.