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824 Only Strong Teeth Are Truly Good

 The restaurant sank into silence. Only slurping sounds and the sounds of Wu Hai hissing due to the food being too spicy could be heard. Just like that, the three focused on eating the Wontons.

Of the three, Zhou Jia was the most reserved. However, after she ate her first piece of Wonton, the little reservation she had vanished as she completely engrossed herself in the delicacy before her.

The pepper soup made by Yuan Zhou had two colors, a layer of green on the top half and a layer of red chili oil at the bottom half. The plump Wontons ebbed up and down in the soup and dark green garlic leaves could be occasionally seen as well.

At first, Zhou Jia couldn't bear eating the Wontons as they looked too pretty. But the sight of her boss and Wu Hai slurping nonstop as they ate combined with the enticing aroma waffling into her nostrils made her scoop a piece of Wonton with her spoon.

The spoon was a porcelain spoon and the Wonton was white in color as well. A layer of red chili oil was wrapped around the Wonton together with some shreds of garlic leaves. The aroma being emitted was incredibly enticing.

A majority of people would bite the part with the stuffings within when eating Wontons. Zhou Jia was no exception. Carefully, she bit down.

"Onom." She directly chewed off half the Wonton and couldn't help but to hiss.

The Wonton was freshly cooked and was extremely hot. And the moment the initial scalding heat passed, a spicy sensation appeared, enticing Zhou Jia to continue chewing.

And with her continued chewing, her tongue was exposed to even more sensations. A numbing sensation appeared, as if the tip of her tongue was being scrubbed. Instantly, her entire mouth went numb. But at the same time, the spicy sensation assaulted her taste buds without a stop. When chewing, a mildly fresh and sweet broth exploded out of the tender and springy beef stuffing of the Wonton.

"Hiss, it's so so delicious!" Zhou Jia cried out with her eyes opened wide.

"Haha, I told you," Wu Hai remarked smugly, as if he was the chef.

"Um, eat more," Yuan Zhou said in a casual manner.

"Um, um," Zhou Jia heavily nodded her head before finishing the other half of the Wonton with a single bite.

"His, it's so hot!" Zhou Jia covered her mouth with one hand and fanned her mouth with the other hand.

"Eat less if it's too hot," Wu Hai immediately said with an expression of deep concern.

Zhou Jia quickly lowered her hand and protected her bowl cautiously.

"What are you doing? Do I look like I will snatch the food of girls?" Wu Hai said with a look of contempt before he gazed toward Yuan Zhou's bowl.

That's right. Wu Hai still had his principles. He would not snatch the food of girls. And Yuan Zhou was not a girl.

Alas, Yuan Zhou was seated too far from him. Wu Hai couldn't even reach his bowl. And with Zhou Jia's vigilance, he stood no chance against her as well.

The three thoroughly enjoyed the meal of Wontons. Of course, the one who had enjoyed the most was Zhou Jia. However, she remained in a bad mood the moment she finished her Wontons.

"There will be a 10% discount tomorrow," Yuan Zhou said as he started cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks.

"Huh?" The statement astonished Zhou Jia so much she forgot her bad mood.

"What? Discount? Doesn't that mean your restaurant will be super crowded again?" Wu Hai cried out in surprise.

Both Zhou Jia and Wu Hai had cried out for different reasons. Zhou Jia cried out because ever since this restaurant was opened, apart from during the opening, no discounts had been offered.

As for Shameless Wu, he cried out because he was scared that there would be a lot of people fighting over a seat in the restaurant with him. The only source of joy for Wu Hai was the fact that Ling Hong would not be able to enjoy the discount tomorrow.

Ling Hong's loss was a sense of joy for Wu Hai.

"Um, discount," Yuan Zhou nodded. When he was sick, the customers had all sent their gifts to him and had shown great concern on him. In return, he had decided to offer a discount.

Although Yuan Zhou's EQ wasn't particularly high, he still knew that kindness should always be returned.

And why had the system agreed to this? Because Yuan Zhou was paying out of his own pockets for this discount. One could say that Yuan Zhou was bleeding his own money this time.

"Alright. I will announce it in the chat group tonight. I will let Shen Min know as well," Zhou Jia promptly said.

"Looks like I have to wake up early tomorrow," Wu Hai said pensively.

"It's getting late. You two should go back," Yuan Zhou said to them.

"Ok, bye," Wu Hai waved his hand and left.

As for Zhou Jia, she walked out while posting the announcement in the group chat. However, when she raised her head and looked at the restaurant, there was still a trace of resentment in her eyes. What was the source of her resentment? It was the realization that after trying Yuan Zhou's food once, it would be much harder for her to resist the temptation of Yuan Zhou's food in the future.

"I finally understand why Shameless Wu can do anything for the sake of food," Zhou Jia sighed and slowly headed towards the bus station.

After the two left, the restaurant regained its peace. Yuan Zhou went back upstairs. Soon, he finished washing up and went back to bed.

When sick, one should rest more. This was what Yuan Zhou's mother used to tell him.

The show, Roll, Dear Beef, that Yuan Zhou had signed an agreement with long ago had finally arrived as well. The filming would start tomorrow.

They had probably decided to start filming now due to the recent popularity Yuan Zhou had obtained online from the promotional video.

Right after the episode ended on Sunday, the advertisement for the next episode started being broadcasted.

[The youngest master of cooked wheaten food in the country, a person with a positive rating above 95% online, a person being scolded by 80% of the comments, the boss foodies hate and love at the same time.]

[This is where the next episode of Roll, Dear Beef will be filmed. What will Li He bring us this time?]

Although Yuan Zhou's restaurant did not offer any take-out services and had not registered itself in any food delivery services, it was still reviewed in some food review applications.

In a certain food review application, 97% of the reviews for Yuan Zhou's restaurant were positive, consistently placing it in the first place with a lead of more than 10%.

Nobody could dethrone Yuan Zhou's restaurant from this application. On the other hand, the comment section was filled with complaints.

Most of the complaints were about the limitation of one order per dish or the long queue.

A few days ago, before Yuan Zhou received the pair of gloves, the show had sent someone to get a final confirmation from Yuan Zhou. Of course, a different person was sent this time. It was unknown where that slickback guy had gone.

Although the slickback guy wasn't too smart and was too stubborn, he was still a polite person.

On the other hand, the new guy was acting like a big shot, shooting complaints left and right during the restaurant's business hours.

Having his business interrupted during business hours was something most unacceptable for Yuan Zhou.

The new guy was even planning to drop Yuan Zhou some threats, but he was chased away by Ling Hong before he could do it. As a child of a wealthy family who had dated numerous models, Ling Hong was still quite influential in the entertainment industry.

This new guy seemed to have only gotten the job by relying on someone he knew. He was rather dumb and had even called the director to file a complaint about Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou had not bothered with the result of the complaint. The only thing he knew was that the new guy had vanished since then while the director and the producer had both called him to apologize.

And just like that, the incident came to an end. If Wu Hai hadn't been stopped by Zheng Jiawei, he would have pounced on the new guy and started biting him. That guy was simply courting death.

Wu Hai was like a guardian dog of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If there was a problem, Yuan Zhou could always unleash Wu Hai.

The fools had no idea what truly great teeth looked like.