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823 Pepper Wontons

 The moment Zhou Shijie said those words, Yang Shuxin was so angered he felt smoke billowing up his head. But for the sake of his Nine Dragon Sculpture, he endured on and did not toss his phone away.

Even so, he breathed heavily before he spoke, "Fine, Zhou Shijie. Are you looking down on ice sculptors? I need to show you our magnificence."

"Hah, I know nothing of ice sculpting. It's not like I look down on ice sculpting, but I don't think you will be successful," Zhou Shijie said with a flat tone.

"Hmph. Just you wait and see. Next time, don't beg me when you need ice bowl or something else sculpted," Yang Shuxin said coldly.

"It's fine. You mentioned that Little Yuan is very good in ice sculpting, right? We are living close to each other," Zhou Shijie said with a beaming smile.

Zhou Shijie was a person who did not act his age. He had always been laughed at by Yang Shuxin for not knowing how to sculpt ice, and unfortunately for him, one particular dish of his required an ice sculpted plate as an adornment to reach perfection. And Yang Shuxin just turned out to have an exceptional ice sculpting skill.

This time, he was able to grab hold of Yang Shuxin's weakness. Zhou Shijie would not miss out this chance to make reprisals. And thus, they started bickering.

Zhou Shijie was speaking with a dull tone and a wide smile on his face. On the other end of the phone call, Yang Shuxin was holding his anger with great difficulty for the sake of his Nine Dragon Sculpture.

Yuan Zhou was unaware of all this. He was busy with his own matter.

With his dizzy and sickly head, Yuan Zhou needed to read the announcement three times before he understood that the system was telling him about his mission completion.

"It was actually been completed at this time? Looks like the promotional video has been posted," Yuan Zhou mumbled and started reading up about the mission.

"Redeem the reward," Yuan Zhou muttered.

The system displayed, "Reward received. Please check."

[Mission Title] Become An Intermediate Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods

(Mission tips: A master chef that doesn't want to be an excellent master of cooked wheaten foods isn't a qualified master chef. Go ahead, youth. Let people in the world know that you are a master of cooked wheaten foods.)

[Mission Reward] Advancement into an intermediate master of cooked wheaten foods (Title attached)

(Reward tips: A snack set of the Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine is ready to be released. The host may add it into the menu.)

Yuan Zhou had just recovered somewhat from his fever. As such, his head was still dizzy. At first glance, he did not have any reaction. When he read the description again out of habit, he discovered that something was different about the reward tips.

"System, is there a mistake somewhere?" Yuan Zhou asked doubtfully.

The system displayed, "Please point it out, host."

"Previously, you gave me a thick book and told me that I can advance my title after I finish reading it. Then, I would be able to start making set snacks. Why is the reward for this mission the same?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "This mission is an extension of that mission."

"Recycling a reward two times? System, shame is something good. You need to have it," Yuan Zhou replied after a short silence.

The system displayed, "As a technological being, shame is nonexistent for me both spiritually or psychologically."

"Hoho." Yuan Zhou suddenly felt like his dizziness had dispersed. Of course, that was due to the adrenaline from being angered by the system.

"I'm a magnanimous person so I won't bother bickering with you," Yuan Zhou said and stood up, preparing to wash up.

After all, he had been sweating due to his fever. His entire body felt sticky and this was not something Yuan Zhou enjoyed.

After washing up, Yuan Zhou went to the restaurant. After turning the light on, he opened the door. At this time, dinnertime was over. Outside, there were few pedestrians.

It was rare to see the street this empty. However, a familiar person was still standing outside.

"Zhou Jia?" Yuan Zhou called out.

"Boss, are you feeling better?" Zhou Jia turned around with a look of pleasant surprise.

"Um, I'm feeling better," Yuan Zhou said gently.

"Good, that's good to hear. I will go get the gifts given by the customers. Those are all your get well soon gifts," Zhou Jia got so excited her face was flushed red.

"It must have been troubling for you," Yuan Zhou said.

"No, not troubling at all. By the way, I already notified Shen Min to not come tonight," Zhou Jia turned and said after taking two steps forward.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Alright, I'll go get the gifts from Uncle Wang's place," Zhou Jia said.

"When you're done, go up and tell Wu Hai to come down," Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"Alright. I'll go now," Zhou Jia nodded and walked away.

Yuan Zhou returned to the restaurant. He had decided to have the newly redeemed Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine snack as his dinner.

"Spicy food will help me sweat more and get better faster," Yuan Zhou muttered and started cooking.

Yuan Zhou was going to cook Pepper Wontons. This was a hot, numbing, and fragrant dish, suitable for Yuan Zhou who was trying to sweat more.

The ingredients had been prepared by the system. First, he needed to prepare the mincemeat. He mixed some beef and pork before mincing them. Then, he mixed in some scallion and garlic as seasoning.

Thud! Thud! Thud! With a steady hold on his kitchen knife, Yuan Zhou chopped on the meat on the chopping board. At the same time, his left hand was busy kneading dough to prepare the wrappings for the wontons.

While Yuan Zhou was busy preparing dinner, Zhou Jia was seriously moving the gifts. As there were a lot of them, she needed to take four trips to finish moving them. When she was done, she raised her head to look at Yuan Zhou.

"Boss, you're cooking?" Zhou Jia was somewhat worried.

"Um, dinner," Yuan Zhou answered as he made the Wontons without stop. In a single motion, he could finish wrapping one Wonton, producing a white and tender Wonton looking like a tiny dove.

"But you have just gotten better," Zhou Jia said.

"I still need to eat. Go call Wu Hai over," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok," Zhou Jia nodded and crossed the road before climbing up the stairs.

Zhou Jia's task was completed smoothly. Right after she mentioned that Yuan Zhou was looking for him, Wu Hai immediately followed Zhou Jia out of her house. Of course, he could so readily move because he wasn't in the midst of painting.

When they reached the restaurant, two huge bowls with steam simmering out of it were already placed on the table. A pair of chopsticks and a spoon were also placed on the table.

"Is this for me, Compass?" Wu Hai sat down in front of one of the bowls and asked.

As for Zhou Jia, she stood at the side as usual.

Yuan Zhou glared at Wu Hai and said nothing. He then turned and said to Zhou Jia, "I made extra. Sit down and eat some."

"But..." Zhou Jia was about to reject the offer as she was embarrassed to eat with them.

After all, none of the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were cheap. Zhou Jia had never been willing to spend her money here. Furthermore, she was too embarrassed to get her boss to cook for her. Therefore, she had never eaten Yuan Zhou's food.

"It will be a waste if you don't eat," Yuan Zhou said and sat down.

Only now did Zhou Jia noticed that there was an additional bowl resting on the countertop.

"Sit down. Don't be so shy. Although Compass is very rigid a person, his food is definitely delicious," Wu Hai said.

"Thank you, boss. Thank you, Brother Wu," Zhou Jia looked at the bowl and Yuan Zhou before sitting down with her teeth clenched.

"Let's eat," Yuan Zhou said and started eating.

"Wontons? This is great," Wu Hai did not think much. When he saw that everyone had taken a seat, he started eating as well.