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821 The Systems Kindness

 Da Hai was most certainly a director with artistic talent. For the first four masters they filmed, gentle lighting was used in combination with gentle background music to help the delicacies featured better shine.

It was previously mentioned that Da Hai had put a lot of work on editing to maximize the essence of the video content.

For example, when Master Wu was kneading the dough, the camera angle was aimed from the front and above. This perfectly showcased Master Wu's consummate skill with dough, and the scene ended with a close up on him.

But everything changed for Yuan Zhou. Intense lighting was used for him and the brightness was also increased during editing. Therefore, when the viewers reached Yuan Zhou's part in the video, they had a feeling of having left the clouds and mist and stepping into the sunshine. Visually alone, the entire atmosphere around Yuan Zhou's appearance had increased in quality.

As for the background music for Yuan Zhou, faster music was played. It wasn't exactly passionate music, but it was cheerful and lighthearted. The way Yuan Zhou's part was edited was also very eye-catching.

For the part where Yuan Zhou made his Steamed Cold Noodles, there was very little editing. Although it was not a one take, the camera angle did not shift much.

"Wow, suddenly the entire mood and background music changes."

"Yeah, I fast forward for a bit and thought that I was watching an entirely different video instead."

"For the mood to suddenly shift, there must be something different here."

Indeed, something was very different.

Firstly, Yuan Zhou was slowly and leisurely preparing his ingredients. Although he did not use any dazzling skills or techniques, his every motion flowed smoothly. This scene wasn't exactly something extremely pleasing to the eyes, yet it gave off a certain sense of calm, and would not invoke any sense of impatience that caused one to want to fast forward the video.

The ingredients preparation process and Fang Heng's doubts were all clearly recorded by Da Hai.

Usually, directors would try to create some suspense by asking if the master could actually complete this with someone doubting the master.

That might seem like a technique to make the video more exciting, but in truth, that was an act to increase the sense of mystery, an insult on the intelligence of the viewers.

After all, if the master had truly failed, would the video be broadcast in the first place? This was the promotional video for cooked wheaten food. Even if the master did not mind having his failure shown in the video, would the production crew not mind?

Fortunately, Da Hai was clear about this and merely filmed everything evenly without adding anything unnecessary.

And finally, when the Steamed Cold Noodles were completed, a close up of the noodles was shown. Of course, the viewers would not be able to smell or taste it. However, they could still see how good the noodles looked.

The entire thing looked extremely appetizing. That was not all. Da Hai had also honestly included the part where the customers around them were gulping longingly.

Next, the best part arrived. In the video, Yuan Zhou picked up his chopsticks and started eating joyfully.

One mouthful, two mouthfuls, him eating created some sort of tempo.

There was a saying that a marriage was a happy occasion, also an expansion of a sort of grief.

For the viewers, Yuan Zhou eating was an enjoyable feat for him, yet it was agony for the viewers that could only watch but not eat.

This was the greatest kind of grief for foodies.

And thus, the masses rose to attack their source of grief.

"I have never seen someone this shameless!"

"It's fine if he is eating all by himself. But why must they show it on the video? Are they jeering at us for not having to eat it?"

"Who is this chef? Reveal yourself! I will beat you to death!"

"I'm so hungry. I haven't had my lunch yet. After watching this video, I'm even hungrier. Damn it, eating so happily by himself. Are you trying to mess with me?"

This was not an exaggeration. For the chefs before Yuan Zhou, after they finished their food preparations, their part would end with a close up of the finished dish.

This was also a typical presentation method of promotional videos.

With such a presentation method, the viewers had an expectation that although the food presented looked nice, it was not for them. Moreover, they would also have an impression that the skills demonstrated were too great and the food was not something people could eat in the ordinary daily life, giving off a detached feeling.

But Yuan Zhou was slowly chewing on the noodles just like they were any noodles one could eat in their normal daily life.

And thus, those who saw his part would all feel extremely hungry.

"I know who he is. This chef went viral a while back. I think the Lucky Rice is from his restaurant."

"Are you all blind? Read the video description. The final chef is Yuan Zhou, the youngest of the five masters. After searching online, I found that he has done quite a deed in the past."

"I want to eat Steamed Cold Noodles so bad."

The purpose of a promotional video was to promote something. Thanks to this video, Yuan Zhou and Guangyuan's Steamed Cold Noodles gained even more popularity.

As for the foodies that had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant before, they had a feeling of superiority.

The feeling of superiority came from the fact that they knew even more than the average viewer of the video.

"Yo, Boss Yuan has been on the Internet before. Don't you know Yuan Zhou's restaurant? This is an embarrassment to all foodies. Many delicacies of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had been going viral on the various food forums."

"I went to his restaurant when I was at Chengdu for a business trip. Unexpectedly, he is so good at making wheaten food as well. Truly an omnipotent chef."

"Guangyuan's cold noodles? Let's go. Anyone want to arrange a trip?"

Professional food bloggers had also chimed in: [The five of them are all masters, and the fifth master is the youngest. Despite his age, his part impressed me the most. Although his skill does not look too flashy or stunning, he still handles everything with ease. It is obvious his attainment in making cooked wheaten food is rather high.]

As for the votes, Yuan Zhou was leading.

One particular comment mentioned: You have to watch the fifth chef. It is your loss if you do not. In terms of cooked wheaten food, only the final chef has my respect.

Why would there be such an effect? It was quite simple. They had the same mentality as Da Hai. Since they had suffered watching Yuan Zhou eating, they wanted to share their suffering. And thus, they voted for Yuan Zhou in hope of scamming more people to watch his part.

Why would a foodie trouble another foodie? Well, one would not question that after suffering from watching Yuan Zhou eat. And thus, the views of this video increased without a stop. The people who knew that Yuan Zhou was also master of cooked wheaten food increased in number as well.

Everything was going well on the Internet, but Yuan Zhou felt like beating someone up.

"Has Shameless Wu gone crazy?" Yuan Zhou sat up helplessly after Wu Hai called him once again.

That's right. Wu Hai had persevered in calling Yuan Zhou every four hours to remind him to take his medicine. Moreover, Wu Hai had even delivered him his lunch.

Of course, Yuan Zhou was touched. After all, he was sick and had not planned to eat anything. It was a surprise that someone would deliver him lunch.

This was the sole reason Shameless Wu had not been beaten to death by him.

"Alright, I won't bite the hand that feeds me. Let me wash up a bit," Yuan Zhou rubbed his forehead and found that his fever had fallen.

Right this moment, the system displayed, "Congratulations to the host for completing the Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods mission."

"Mission completed?" Yuan Zhou paused and sat back down to check on the mission.