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820 Wake Up And Take Medicine

 "I must let Lin Lin know that Little Hai had starved himself till he got dizzy so she can show some concern to him." This was Zheng Jiawei's first thought when he heard what Wu Hai said.

After all, Zheng Jiawei had been the one in charge of Wu Hai's daily life and business affairs all along. He had thought that Wu Hai was telling him to bring more lunch out of concern, never expecting to receive that kind of reply.

Zheng Jiawei told himself that telling Lin Lin was definitely not his method of seeking revenge on Wu Hai. Rather, he was doing it for the sake of the relationship between Wu Hai and Lin Lin. As siblings, it was unhealthy for Wu Hai to fear Lin Lin that much.

Having completely convinced himself, Zheng Jiawei left, feeling perfectly contented.

"Open the door, open it, I know you're inside."

"Open the door and take your medicine. It has been four hours."

"Brother Wu, Boss Yuan is still asleep. Why are you knocking on the door?" Zhou Jia was beside Wu Hai, feeling extremely flustered. She wanted to stop Wu Hai yet did not know how to.

"It's time for him to wake up and take his medicine," Wu Hai said with a serious expression.

"But it's not even noon yet," Zhou Jia replied.

"It's the best to take the medicine for colds every for hours," Wu Hai stated.

"Is that so? Has it been four hours?" Zhou Jia asked blankly.

"Yes. Compass will always wake up at six in the morning to exercise. You mentioned that you had arrived earlier today and he had already taken medicine at that time. That is around 6.30 am in the morning. Now, it's 10.30 am and it is time for him to take his medicine," Wu Hai expounded as he checked the time on his phone.

"Right, it has really been four hours," Zhou Jia said after checking her call history. When Yuan Zhou called her, it was around 6.30 am.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Wu Hai started knocking on the door again, yet there was no response.

"Brother Wu, it is fine to take medicine three times per day," Zhou Jia said.

"No way. He will recover faster taking more medicine," Wu Hai continued knocking and ignored Zhou Jia's advise.

Wu Hai was putting a lot of force when knocking, and it felt like the door was shaking.

"Brother Wu, you will hurt your hand doing this. Your painting will be affected," Zhou Jia changed the angle of her persuasion.

"You're right," Wu Hai finally stopped.

"Yes, yes, yes, that is correct. Just call Boss Yuan again at noon," Zhou Jia said, relieved.

"No worries, I can just call him on his phone right now," Wu Hai took his phone out and started calling.

The call was picked up after only three rings.

"Wu Hai?" Yuan Zhou's hoarse voice sounded.

"It's me. Time for you to wake up and take your medicine," Wu Hai gave a simple instruction.

"What?" Yuan Zhou mumbled blankly.

"It has been four hours. Time to take medicine," Wu Hai repeated.

"Alright. I know. Bye," Yuan Zhou wanted to get back to sleep and directly agreed as he did not want to keep talking on the phone.

"I will deliver you your lunch in two hours. And four hours later, I will call you again to remind you to take your medicine," Wu Hai said and hung the call.

"Um," Yuan Zhou groaned as a response before putting his phone down. Then, he wrapped his blanket around himself and resumed his sleep.

"How is it possible that Boss Yuan's phone is on?" Zhou Jia was curious. Usually, Boss Yuan's phone would be in silent mode. He would only remove the silent mode when resting.

"In case of emergencies," Wu Hai said before going back to his studio.

Zhou Jia was left behind, nodding her head pensively as she continued guarding the door.

Today was a day of sickness for Yuan Zhou. As for Wu Hai, today was a day of acting as a human alarm clock. As for Ji Yi, today was a special day. He was sitting in front of the television, something he would rarely do. With full attention, he turned on the TV and went to channel six.

Channel six was a channel that specialized in playing movies. Presently, Eat Drink Man Woman was being played. This was one of the three-part trilogy filmed by the famed Director Li.

The movie was great, but Ji Yi's attention wasn't on the movie. He was waiting for the advertisement that would be played after the movie.

That's right. The cooked wheaten food promotional videos featuring the five masters had all been completed.

The promotional videos would start being broadcasted today. As for the broadcasting channels, Ji Yi had worked hard on it. The promotional videos would be played on CCTV and multiple video websites on the Internet.

In truth, Ji Yi hadn't done much concerning the Internet part of things. His daughter had been the one in charge of that. But as for the negotiation with CCTV, he had personally attended and taken charge of it. After all, he had been pleading his wife for a long time before he was given this opportunity.

Ji Yi's wife was also the senior sister to him and Liu Zhang, currently a deputy director at CCTV.

Doing the same thing was Da Hai and his crew members. Although this was not a movie, they still paid great attention to the promotional videos since those were their own productions.

In truth, Old Man Ji Yi was somewhat behind the times. He had expended great effort on getting the promotional videos on CCTV when the effect wouldn't even be as good as putting them on the Internet. Nowadays, the advertisements would usually be played in the middle of a TV show. Nobody would pay much attention to promotional videos.

Most people would only see promotional videos on the Internet.

After all, at a certain website, the first thing one could see on the homepage was a huge section with a promotional banner.

[The congregation of the five greatest masters of cooked wheaten food! This will be major!]

And when one clicked on it, one would be able to see the voting options for all five masters. One account would be allowed one vote, and if one watched the whole promotional video, one would be allowed an additional vote.

Of course, sharing on Wechat Moments or Weibo would also allow one additional vote.

This was a common advertising strategy. At maximum, one would be able to get three votes per account.

Of course, to entice more people, a lucky draw was offered. By sharing the video and tagging the official account of China Alliance of Cooked Wheaten Food Masters, they would be eligible for the lucky draw.

The prize was to have a fully paid trip to enjoy the food shown in the video.

One could say the gluttons had boundless power. With the power of gluttons, this post was pushed to top 50 trending posts.

A terrifying power.

With the great promotional effort of the website, the marketing effect was very good. On the website, the video had already received over three million views.

And this video had only been released for half a day. Not even a currently popular TV series would do much better than this in terms of viewership.

The video was in HD, featuring the skillfully made Dragon Whiskers Noodles and refined dough kneading skills.

The skills demonstrated in the video were extremely dazzling. After all, only masters were featured.

Why was a master known as a master? Because a master could do something a regular person couldn't. That combined with Da Hai's filming skills and the dubbing process made for an excellent video.

For example, a certain scene in the video where the dough was kneaded gave off a feeling where instead of a regular dough, it was the dough of immortals that were being kneaded there.

Many people commented while drooling:

"I feel like the Dragon Whiskers Noodles that I have eaten in the past were all fake noodles."

"I know Master Wu who turned dough kneading into an art. He is a famous master at Shaanxi and the boss of a bun shop. I have been to the shop before. Unfortunately, the one cooking there was the master's disciple. He lacked the imposing bearing demonstrated by Master Wu in the video."

"That's why he is a master in the first place."

"It's so cruel to show this video during noon. Now I'm feeling so hungry."

The barrage of comments all complained of the video making them hungry at noon. Many people also commented that because of the video, they had just bought a huge number of instant noodles.

Of course, there were also many posts that were unrelated to food. For example, some were asking on the background music used in the video.

Still, the majority of the comments were praising the cooked wheaten food. Something good would definitely be acknowledged.

"Our country's cooked wheaten food can be delicate and refined as well."

"Like! Like! Like! I feel so hungry!"

"This is the best food promotional video I have ever seen."

Up until now, everything was progressing smoothly. The comments were all positive. But that was because no one had seen Yuan Zhou's comment.

And after they saw his comment, the direction of the comments took a turn.