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818 Accepting A Gif

 Wu Hai was completely unaware of everything that had happened at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, the phone signal in the mountains was very bad. Therefore, he hadn't been using his phone and was focusing on painting.

"Little Hai, it's the third day. You have only drunk some honey water for the past few days. If you continue not eating anything, I'm afraid your body won't take it anymore," Zheng Jiawei said with his eyes gleaming with tears.

"Don't worry. I won't die," Wu Hai sent Zheng Jiawei a glance before shifting his gaze to the distant mountain again, his brows furrowed.

"Why not we go back for now, eat some of Boss Yuan's food to replenish your body," Zheng Jiawei persuaded.

"No thanks," Wu Hai shook his head.

But just as Wu Hai was shaking his head, darkness suddenly covered his vision before he lost his consciousness.

"Little Hai, Little Hai, are you fine? Oh my god, have you fainted?" Zheng Jiawei was about to pinch on Wu Hai's philtrum when Wu Hai suddenly opened his eyes wide, shocking Zheng Jiawei.

"I'm fine," Wu Hai muttered.

"How about this, the congee made by Little Guang's family is very delicious. You have eaten it before. Do you want to have some of that?" Zheng Jiawei continued persuading.

"You can paint any time you want, but if something bad happens to you, Lin Lin will be very sad," Zheng Jiawei continued persuading, feeling somewhat glad when he saw Wu Hai's expression relaxing.

"Things have been very hard for Lin Lin recently. If she is distracted by something happening to you, it will be bad," Zheng Jiawei said.

"Fine, I will have some congee. Go get some," Wu Hai said after a short silence.

"Ok, I'll go get it right now. Don't move around. I'll be back soon. If you feel any discomfort, drink some honey water," Zheng Jiawei said the moment he heard Wu Hai's agreement. Then, he ran away.

"It is time to leave," Wu Hai muttered gloomily as he gazed at the distant cloud and mountain village that looked like a paradise.

Shortly after, Zheng Jiawei arrived with a pot, a porcelain bowl, and a spoon.

Under Zheng Jiawei's gaze, Wu Hai ate three bowls of congee.

"Little Hai is a good boy today for eating so many bowls of congee," Zheng Jiawei praised like he was praising a child.

"Um," Wu Hai nodded in an uncaring manner.

"So Little Hai, are you staying here looking for inspiration or are you going to take a stroll?" Zheng Jiawei asked while he kept the bowl away.

"Not staying. Let's go. Let's go now," Wu Hai stood up and lifted the easel.

"Alright. I'll get the tickets. We will return to Chengdu today," Zheng Jiawei agreed without question.

Zheng Jiawei knew that after leaving, Wu Hai would never return here. After all, Wu Hai had once mentioned that if he couldn't find any inspiration for the first time, he wouldn't find it the second time as well. Even if he found it, it wouldn't be the same. Therefore, if Wu Hai failed to look for inspiration from a location, he would never bother returning.

Zheng Jiawei was very clear about this.

"Um," Wu Hai nodded. Then, he picked up his painting tools and left with Zheng Jiawei.

They decided to leave during noon, but when they arrived at Chengdu, it was already noon the next day.

The mountain village was very remote, and thus, when they reached the nearest city, it was already midnight. Therefore, they had waited until the next day to set off.

Thus, early the next morning, Zheng Jiawei brought Wu Hai and took a plane back to Chengdu.

"No, I can't sleep. I need to make a phone call," Yuan Zhou picked up his phone right as he was about to shut his eyes and called Zhou Jia.

"Zhou Jia, I am Yuan Zhou," Yuan Zhou said, his voice coarse as he spoke while coughing.

"Boss Yuan, are you sick? Have you gone to the doctor?" Zhou Jia asked when she heard Yuan Zhou's voice.

"Don't worry. Take a leave notice and tell everyone that I am taking a leave today. You will still be paid for the day," Yuan Zhou took a deep breath before he spoke.

"Um, um. Ok. Have you seen a doctor?" Zhou Jia was still worried about Yuan Zhou's health.

"It is alright, I already had my medicine. I will be fine tomorrow. Alright, that's all," Yuan Zhou spoke more than usual. After giving a serious reply, he ended the call.

"I wonder how Boss is doing," Zhou Jia wondered anxiously as she took out the leave notice.

"I should go earlier so I can help him a bit more," Zhou Jia decided that she would go there right after she finished breakfast instead of going at eight like usual.

While Yuan Zhou was lying sick on his bed, Wu Hai arrived at Chengdu's airport.

Yuan Zhou had given two extra leave notices to Zhou Jia and Shen Min a while back so that they could use it in case of an emergency. As far as Yuan Zhou was concerned, leave notices had to be personally written to display his sincerity.

But since it was only written on the leave notices that he was taking leave as he had something to do, he required Zhou Jia to personally give the customers an explanation.

Zhou Jia handled this perfectly, placating the customers that had arrived and giving them a proper explanation.

As a result, a pile of items were received. These were all some fruits or other presents the customers had given her when they heard that Boss Yuan was sick.

The neighbors had also contributed to this pile of presents as well. After all, this was the first time Yuan Zhou had gotten sick. Everyone was concerned about him.

Based on the morning situation, there would probably be more people coming here to visit Yuan Zhou later in the day.

Over the entire morning, Zhou Jia had accepted a huge number of presents, to the point she couldn't spare a hand for anything else.

"Girl, just leave them at my place. I will help get them into the restaurant after Little Yuan wakes up," offered Boss Wang from the hardware store.

He had also arrived to visit Yuan Zhou as he had gotten curious when he saw that the restaurant was not open. And when he heard that Yuan Zhou was sick, he decided to come to take a look.

The moment he arrived, he saw Zhou Jia staring at the pile of presents with a look of worry. That was why he made that offer.

"Ok. Thank you, Boss Wang. I will have to trouble you," Zhou Jia knew who Boss Wang was. After all, she had been working here for quite a while.

"Don't worry about it. How is Little Yuan? Has he seen a doctor?" Boss Wang asked as he helped carry the presents away.

"Boss mentioned that he has already taken his medicine. I reckon he is sleeping right now and has yet to see a doctor," Zhou Jia said. She was very worried as well.

"Little Yuan has the habit of acting tough. How will taking medicine alone be enough? At the very least, he should go to see a doctor," Boss Wang said as he gazed at the tightly shut windows of the second floor.

"I will be staying here the entire day," Zhou Jia said.

"True, it's better with someone here watching over him," Boss Wang sighed.

Wu Hai arrived at Taoxi Road at ten in the morning. It was not lunchtime yet so Wu Hai was not in any rush. Rather, carrying a huge bag, he walked towards the trash can in the alley.

"Little Hai, where are you going?" Zheng Jiawei asked, dragging a luggage bag behind him.

"I'm visiting Broth," Wu Hai said with a serious expression.

"Ok, I will go clean up the studio then. Will you be going straight to the studio or Boss Yuan's restaurant later? Let me pass you the key," Zheng Jiawei said.

"Of course I'm going to Compass's place," Wu Hai said without much thought.

He had been in the mountains for a while so Wu Hai no longer had the habit of checking his phone. Therefore, he was unaware that Yuan Zhou's restaurant was not open today.

"Ok," Zheng Jiawei nodded and headed towards the studio.

As for Wu Hai, he headed towards Broth with a huge bag.