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817 The Alcohol Tonight Isnt Intoxicating

 Mug after mug of beer was downed by Yuan Zhou.

In a short while, Yuan Zhou finished the three mugs of beer. The more he drank, the more bitter he felt. However, he wasn't the least bit intoxicated.

He went to the bar and got two additional mugs. Five mugs of draught beer were the maximum limit he had set for himself. After all, it was unhealthy to drink too much.

The two mugs did not last long. In a few minutes, they were finished by Yuan Zhou as well.

"Has my liquor capacity increased along with my cooking skill?" Yuan Zhou muttered as he stared at the empty mugs with a tiny layer of foam at the bottom.

In the past, after five mugs of beer, he would start getting giddy. Although he wouldn't be so drunk that he would lose consciousness, he had never been a person with good liquor capacity.

It would seem like Yuan Zhou had inherited none of his father's liquor loving DNA. When he thought of his father, he recalled how his father used to enjoy a drink or two every day after the restaurant was closed.

Today, Yuan Zhou felt like his hidden talent for liquor drinking had awakened. He was still sober, even soberer than he usually was. All his senses were feeling extremely sharp.

With his eyes, he could see a father and daughter preparing to close their BBQ stall after a night of work.

With his ears, he could hear a husband and wife scolding their son who had gotten a bad result at school.

With his nose, he could smell a dense fragrance of liquor and bamboo leaves.

His elbows rested on the stone table, but none of the chilly sensations of the stone table could be felt as his body temperature had warmed the spot where his elbows rested.

As he thought of this, Yuan Zhou suddenly smiled proudly. Although the tables and chairs were all provided by the system, the layout and positioning were a result of his hard work.

After he finished the five mugs of beer, he went and took five additional mugs. The liquor tonight did not seem intoxicating.

From this, one could see how good it was to be the boss. He could drink as much as he wanted and nobody could do anything about it. Yuan Zhou only needed to pay the system and the system would not say anything.

Yuan Zhou drank much slower this time. Although the beer was not intoxicating, it was still very filling.

He could finish a mug of beer in about seven or eight chugs. Of course, just drinking was quite boring. Therefore, Yuan Zhou would occasionally keep the beer in his mouth and only swallow it after the beer was warm.

And with how he was drinking, the beer felt even more bitter.

"It has been a long time since I have gotten to see the sky filled with stars in the city," Yuan Zhou raised his head and gazed at the night sky after his eighth mug of beer. The sky was a curtain of black with only a moon hanging there.

The sole moon did not give off a desolate feeling. Rather, it looked pretty. Even without any stars on the sky, there was still a moon to be gazed upon.

A few days ago, Yuan Zhou received news that Taoxi Road was going to be demolished. But due to the existence of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the plan had been postponed.

Suddenly, Yuan Zhou had an amusing thought. The system had wrapped the underground with steel. He wondered if the demolishing squad would be able to do anything about that.

While he mused of random subjects, Yuan Zhou finished the final two mugs.

In a single night, he alone finished 10 mugs of beer. Finally, he understood one thing. It was not scary to be drunk after drinking, it was scary to be soberer the more one drank.

Yuan Zhou wanted to continue drinking, but he did not do that. He muttered to himself, "I can't keep drinking, lest I have a hangover tomorrow. I still need to open the restaurant tomorrow."

He could no longer drink, yet he did not feel like going to his bedroom. Therefore, he took his mobile phone out. He was bored out of his mind and was thinking of calling someone for a chat.

He had a lot of numbers in his contact list. But after scrolling up and down, he could not find anyone he could actually talk with.

Sun Ming was a good friend, but he was not a good person to have a conversation with. Jiang Changxi was a good person to have a conversation with, but it was already too late in the night. As a CEO, Jiang Changxi was definitely with a busy schedule. Yuan Zhou did not want to disturb her.

Since he couldn't find anyone to talk with, he opened his gallery. Within was a large number of memes, all of which he had stolen when he read the conversation of Man Man and the others in the group chat.

In terms of memes collection, in both quantity and quality, Yuan Zhou wasn't the slightest bit lacking.

Of course, that did not seem like something worthy of pride. Just like that, while browsing through his memes collection, Yuan Zhou fell asleep on the table.

The crescent moon hung above, the cold breeze brushed by gently.

Nothing would change just because someone had fallen asleep out here.

About half an hour later, the system displayed, "Ding dong. Host, a reminder that based on your current posture, there is a 90% probability that your waist would hurt tomorrow and will affect the quality of your cooking."

If the system actually spoke instead of displaying words, this might be able to wake Yuan Zhou up.

However, displaying words to a fast asleep person was the same as dancing for a blind person. It was pointless.

Therefore, regardless of how the system reminded, Yuan Zhou was still fast asleep.

Although the liquor was not intoxicating tonight, it was still helpful in giving a good sleep. The nights of Chengdu were very cold, but regardless of how cold it was, Yuan Zhou remained fast asleep until the next day.

At six in the morning, Yuan Zhou was awakened by his biological clock. When he stretched, a sore sensation assailed his neck and waist.

He was so sore he couldn't even complete his stretch.

"What's going on?" Yuan Zhou wanted to stand up but a sense of dizziness suddenly assaulted his brain. He felt like he had spun in place for several hundred rounds, with his head both aching and dizzy.

Apart from dizziness and aching, his head felt heavy as well, as if the weight of his brain had increased by four or five times. His feet felt light, and when he spoke, he felt a buzzing sound in his ears. Yuan Zhou noted that he had caught a cold, a rather severe cold.

"I had accidentally fallen asleep here last night?" Yuan Zhou said as he looked around him. It was cold at night and coupled with the night breeze and the thin clothing he had on him, it was understandable that he had gotten himself sick.

"I have gotten old. Back then, I won't feel anything even if I shower in cold water late at night," Yuan Zhou mumbled and forced himself to stand up.

He planned to clean up before preparing breakfast. But he had only taken two steps when his head felt heavy while he started losing his footing, nearly falling onto the ground.

"Steady... steady..." Yuan Zhou quickly balanced himself and avoided the fall.

Logically, as he had always been taking care of himself when sick, this shouldn't pose any problem. Slowly, he returned to his bedroom on the second floor and took out the cold medicine from the drawer.

He took three pills with a bottle of mineral water. He did not have the time to boil some warm water.

He planned to take the medicine and skip exercising today to get a short rest before he started preparing the ingredients.

But reality was cruel. After a short rest, instead of recovering, he felt worse. His head became even dizzier. In his condition, even preparing ingredients would be difficult, let alone cooking.

"System, do you have any special medicine that can heal me with a single intake?" Yuan Zhou asked. As far as he was concerned, something like this should be very simple for the system that was like a cheat.

A few seconds later, the system displayed, "The host is recommended to take a leave today."

This was the very first time the system had suggested that Yuan Zhou take a leave. But since the system had given such a suggestion, it could only mean that the system did not have that medicine. This caused Yuan Zhou to feel a sense of derision at the system for failing in something so simple.

After thinking about it, his only solution was to take a leave. His head was truly feeling too heavy. Furthermore, the medicine was making him sleepy as well.