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816 The Liquor Is Extraordinarily Intoxicating Today.

 The onlookers that gathered outside waited for a while but gradually left when they found the restaurant wasn't going to be open soon.

At the same time, Yuan Zhou sat upstairs for a whole afternoon. With his back upright and his arms placed on his legs, he didn't even change his position.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling". Suddenly, a grating ringtone sounded in the empty and quiet room.

Yuan Zhou blinked and looked at his own vibrating phone with puzzlement.

"Time to prepare the ingredients for dinner," Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered to himself.

That's right. Yuan Zhou set the alarm clock for dinnertime in case he forgot the time while sculpting.

Yuan Zhou stood up neatly and then walked into the kitchen quickly. He began to prepare the ingredients seriously.

Five minutes before the business commenced, Yuan Zhou opened the door. The customers waiting in line outside were still as many as always. And Zhou Jia was also standing and waiting for him at the door.

"Good evening, Boss Yuan." Zhou Jia greeted smilingly.

Without saying anything, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head and went back to the kitchen.

The restaurant was fairly boisterous during dinner. The customers were ordering their dishes respectively while Zhou Jia was also very busy.

However, the dinner hadn't lasted long when somebody noticed something wrong. He looked around and then looked at Yuan Zhou.

He knocked the neighboring customer with his elbow and then said, "What's wrong with Boss Yuan today? He feels strange."

"I don't see anything wrong. He is always like this and his dishes are still super delicious." While speaking, the person picked some dishes from the other person's bowl without leaving a trace, quickly and naturally.

"The dishes are obviously as delicious as before. I'm talking about some other aspects. I feel that Boss Yuan does not seem to be spirited," the person gave a contemptuous look at the other person and continued saying.

"Yeah, I also feel Boss Yuan is not normal today." Man Man also nodded her head approvingly at the side.

"You also agree with me, right? I can tell that." Since a beautiful girl agreed with him, this person began to analyze more seriously at once.

"Even if Boss Yuan didn't speak much before, he would usually look at us or greet us proactively whenever he carried the dishes to us. But today, he did nothing and his expression seem pretty bad and extremely solemn," this person analyzed, pretending to be serious.

"How can you tell Boss Yuan's expression when he is wearing a face mask?" His colleague at the side revealed a look of surprise.

"That is unimportant. You paid attention to the wrong point." The person reminded his colleague coldly.

"I think that makes a lot of sense. There does seem to be something wrong with Boss Yuan," another customer also agreed with him.

"Exactly. I feel the same."

"After being reminded by you guys, I also feel he looks strange today."

"Boss Yuan, are you all right?" Ling Hong used the simplest and most straightforward way at the side. He directly asked Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer him immediately. He stared at the spatula in his hand seriously. Not until the food was served and placed on the tray did he say, "I'm good."

"Well, though it feels a little weird, he should be alright." Ling Hong concluded.

"Good." On hearing Yuan Zhou's answer, other customers also got relieved.

Judging from his appearance, Yuan Zhou didn't seem to be alright. But since he himself said he was fine, he was definitely reluctant to tell others.

Therefore, the customers didn't ask him anymore out of consideration.

Yuan Zhou remained the same and that kind of atmosphere lasted to the end of the pub time.

Shen Min started to tidy the pub up. It was the third day since the pub began to supply beer, but the interest of the drunkards hadn't lessened at all. Compared with a small pot of Bamboo Liquor, five mugs of beer were quite a lot.

However, that also resulted in an increase of Shen Min's workload. Compared with the time when there was only Bamboo Liquor, her work became much more complicated.

Even so, Shen Min didn't have any complaints in her heart. Compared with the work of a waitress in other restaurants, the work Shen Min had to do was vastly different. The difference was as large as the distance between heaven and earth, even though she had to work the night shift in a pub.

Leaving other things aside, the drunkards who came to drink liquor at night basically provided everything for themselves. They even brought dishes that went with wine by themselves. Well, actually, it was because Yuan Zhou's restaurant didn't serve these things.

In most cases, the drunkards didn't bother Shen Min at all during the entire pub time. She not only had a small workload, but also got a higher salary compared to other waitresses.

Therefore, Shen Min had actually felt a little ashamed of such good treatment all along. Since the workload was increasing now, she contrarily felt more comfortable.

That was really a childish thought and that also might be the difference between good people and bad guys. For ordinary people, they would feel uncomfortable when they got more than they deserved. For bad guys, however, they still wanted more even if they got more than they deserved.

When she finished all the work half an hour later, Shen Min came across Chen Wei at the door.

"Did you see ...?"

Before Chen Wei finished his words, Shen Min took out a phone from her pocket and said, "See your phone?"

"Yes, right. Thank you." Chen Wei felt relieved. He had almost got home by taxi when he suddenly found his phone wasn't in his pocket. Therefore, he had no choice but to return.

Shen Min waved her hand and indicated it wasn't worth mentioning. Generally speaking, Shen Min was responsible for keeping things lost in the pub.

On one hand, Yuan Zhou felt it was troublesome to keep it by himself; on the other hand, there was an issue before. Shen Min had picked up an earring of Jiang Changxi, which even Jiang Changxi herself had believed to be lost in the company,. Nevertheless, Shen Min picked it up at the door of the restaurant.

Jiang Changxi didn't turn up for several days after that, thus Shen Min directly sent it to her company. It wasn't clear how much the earring was worth, but anyway, it wasn't cheap. Therefore, Yuan Zhou trusted Shen Min a lot.

"Let's go and take a taxi together. I will give you a ride," said Chen Wei.

"Thank you, Brother Chen." Shen Min thanked him. The reason why Shen Min agreed so readily was that they were going in the same direction and Chen Wei would go further thus could give Shen Min a ride conveniently.

"It's me who should say thanks," said Chen Wei.

They talked and laughed. Though it was fairly late, there were still lots of taxis. Therefore, they caught a taxi very soon.

As soon as Chen Wei got seated in the passenger seat, he began to speak on his phone, arranging his schedule for tomorrow. No wonder he came back so quickly to look for his phone. He had a lot of things to do.

"Brother Chen, you are so busy every day. Your phone has always been ringing." Shen Min asked at an appropriate time.

"Of course I must work hard. Otherwise, I cannot afford Boss Yuan's liquor anymore." Chen Wei answered as if it were obvious, "not to mention that I must ..."

"You must what?" Shen Min was quite curious about the words Chen Wei said halfway.

"Nothing." While saying that, Chen Wei answered another phone call. As the head of the Security Department, he had almost reached the ceiling in this field.

Therefore, he had been trying to look for a new way to earn more money in order to drink Yuan Zhou's liquor as much as he liked and for some other reasons.

Let's return to Yuan Zhou's side. Yuan Zhou didn't worry about Shen Min anymore since Chen Wei and Shen Min left together. Then, he turned around and went back into his restaurant.

Normally, Yuan Zhou was either practicing his culinary skills or reading books to enrich himself at this time of day. Looking at the boxing gloves, however, he had no interest in doing any of these things tonight.

Yuan Zhou had originally intended to find a place to hang the gloves, but after he stayed upstairs for two minutes, he came downstairs again. After that, he closed the door of the restaurant and went to the neighboring pub through the door of the sergestes wall landscape.

Shen Min had put everything away and turned off all the lights. After arriving there, Yuan Zhou turned on all the lights again.

Illumination could drive the darkness away.

Yuan Zhou took three mugs of beer and then went to the second floor. He then put the boxing gloves on the table.

"I suddenly want to drink some beer." Yuan Zhou was fairly calm today. Though the neighboring pub had been in business for long, he rarely came upstairs to drink anything.

The stone bench was a little cold. As Chen Wei and the other drunkards had left for quite a while, the after heat was also taken away by the cool wind.

The cool wind blew past the bamboo leaves and thus made a rustling noise. Along with the cold wind, Yuan Zhou drank up a mug of beer.

As he drank the beer too hurriedly and also he hadn't drunk alcohol in a long time for fear of affecting his sense of taste, he choked a little bit while drinking. And as a result, Yuan Zhou spilled several drops of the beer on the table.

Yuan Zhou observed carefully and found the beer didn't spill on the gloves. There were a total of six drops of beer and the number could possibly indicate good luck.

He continued drinking. This time, Yuan Zhou drank more slowly. He drank half a mug of beer at a time.

Having dishes or not actually made a great difference in the taste of beer. If there were no dishes that went with it, the beer would taste astringent even if it was the fresh beer provided by the system.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't want to cook anything right now. He was thinking of ordering some takeout from outside through his phone, but gave up the idea in the end.

Then, he continued drinking up the remaining half mug of beer.

"It's a little cold. I guess I need to install an air-conditioner?" Yuan Zhou thought on a whim.

After drinking another half mug of beer, Yuan Zhou burped and let out a pungent smell of liquor.

"How stupid I am. There isn't even a roof, how could I install the air-conditioner?" Yuan Zhou denied his own idea.

There was still one more mug. He continued drinking.