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814 I Choose You

 Yang Shuxin was awfully confident about his abilities. He believed it was worth trying to finish the Nine Dragon Sculptures as long as he could find somebody who could sculpt as well as him or was just slightly inferior to him.

Unfortunately, he didn't find anybody who met his requirements. Therefore, he could do nothing but lower his standards. If two people couldn't finish the sculpture, three people were also good.

However, Yang Shuxin wasn't really willing to consider this possible situation. On one hand, more people would have more thoughts and the work of sculpture wouldn't be so perfect. On the other hand, two people finishing an astonishing work sounded greater than three people finishing it.

Though his name didn't indicate so, Yang Shuxin couldn't avoid the pursuit of fame.

On the second day, he still didn't find any satisfactory candidates. Only then did he think of the "web celebrity" his son recommended to him yesterday.

"There are also many talents among the folk. Let me have a look at him." With such a thought in his mind, Yang Shuxin turned on the computer and started to search.

He searched the keywords and indeed found much news relating to this person. Then, he opened a portal website randomly.

[Yesterday, the editor...]

He had no interest in reading the video description as the editors could write whatever he wanted. So Yang Shuxin directly played the video.

At the start of the video was the scene of the outside of a small restaurant. Then, a lorry delivered a huge ice block there.

"The surroundings of the sculpting are way too inappropriate." Yang Shuxin said inwardly. Neither the temperature nor the surroundings were satisfactory. Besides, he could obviously see many onlookers around the restaurant. And that meant it was clamorous over there and the sculptor couldn't concentrate on sculpting.

Since the video had started, let me continue watching it. Yang Shuxin thought in his heart. When he found the person used a kitchen knife rather than the various carving knives, he sighed with emotion.

How could he process such a huge ice block?

In the video, Yuan Zhou began to sculpt, but suddenly the video stopped. He was reminded by a prompting message, "Please login to the original website of the video to watch the full version."

What happened? Yang Shuxin clicked it and then the webpage was redirected to the Weibo. When he clicked it again, he was reminded by the website again, "Please log in with your Weibo account." What the hell happened?

"The current websites are not user-friendly at all. Why do I have to go to the original website and why do I have to log in? Just to promote its own value at the cost of our inconvenience."

How could Yang Shuxin have the so-called Weibo account? So he decided to call his son and ask him about it. Since he had watched the video halfway, it was simply unscientific not to finish it. Besides, he insisted on finishing it since the website stopped him to do so. He was that stubborn of a person.

"Give me your Weibo account." After the phone was put through, he said immediately.

Yang Wansheng first got stupefied at the other end of the phone. He totally didn't understand why his dad would ask him for his own Weibo account.

For an instant, Yang Wansheng had thought of many things in his mind. He thought for quite a while, but he didn't seem to do anything special on his Weibo.

"What? Bad connection?" Yang Shuxin couldn't help asking when he heard nothing from the other end of the phone. Only after Yang Wansheng answered him simply did Yang Shuxin continued by saying, "I am required to log in to Weibo because I want to watch the video recommended by you."

On hearing that, Yang Wansheng became relieved and then gave his own account to Yang Shuxin.

Yang Shuxin worked for a long while and then, he finally managed to login and watch the complete version of the video, in which Yuan Zhou was sculpting the ice block at the door of his restaurant.

The kitchen knife was even nimbler than the carving knife in Yuan Zhou's hand. The onlookers could hear nothing but the continuous sound of "Shua Shua". Along with the ice scraps falling off, a huge ice sculpture gradually took shape in his hand.

Even from the professional perspective of Yang Shuxin, the sculpting skill was pretty good. Above all things, Yuan Zhou had a good command of strength.

Just as the saying goes, talents exist among the people.

"How did he make it?" His eyes were full of suspicion when Yang Shuxin saw Yuan Zhou sculpt the dragon's whiskers with two simple movements. What kind of muscular strength of the hand, cooperative ability, and vision did that require?

However, since reality was right in front of him, Yang Shuxin had to admit it. Meanwhile, he also ruminated a little bit, wondering if the kitchen knife was more suitable to sculpt.

"No, no, no. That's impossible. The size isn't suitable. How could a kitchen knife be more suitable to sculpt?" Yang Shuxin shook his head repeatedly to deny his own thoughts.

He focused his attention and continued to watch it seriously again.

In the latter part, Yuan Zhou started to sculpt the dragon's mouth and teeth as well as the majestic-looking dragon horn. The knife technique of his was simply extremely random in the eyes of Yang Shuxin.

For Yang Shuxin, it was already very polite to say the technique was random. It was actually excessively random without methodicalness. Even so, the grisly head of the dragon still took shape slowly.

Yang Shuxin completely didn't notice that the video was coming to the end. He stared at the screen without even blinking and waited to watch how Yuan Zhou would sculpt the dragon claws and the dragon scales.

But suddenly, the video trembled and the screen went blank.

"What happened? Why is it gone again?" Yang Shuxin clicked the mouse with puzzlement and found it was the beginning of the video again. Nothing more.

"Why is there only the beginning? Where is the latter part?" Yang Shuxin started to search on the Internet, again.

He played another 7 or 8 videos continuously and there was still nothing more. Every video came to an end when Yuan Zhou finished sculpting the head of the dragon.

Even if some videos were longer, there was nothing more than some people exclaiming with admiration in the end. Apart from that, nothing more.

Let me change the keywords and search. Yang Shuxin thought inwardly.

Of course, the result remained the same. There was still only the head of the dragon. Yang Shuxin saw the comments this time and got to know this person had indeed sculpted only the head.

"What a pity! How regrettable! If he continues sculpting and manages to finish it, the ice sculpture would definitely be master level." Yang Shuxin appeared regretful and still wanted more.

"This person is surprisingly also a chef?" Yang Shuxin clicked the mouse and opened the website of Baidu Baike about Yuan Zhou and then said in surprise.

"No wonder he uses a kitchen knife. It's simply a waste of talents. What is a master of sculpting working as a chef for?" Yang Shuxin was a little angry.

No wonder Yang Shuxin got angry. In his lifetime, he studied ice sculpture from his youth and was a great master in the circle of ice sculpture now. Such accomplishments naturally required extraordinary concentrations, not to mention that Yuan Zhou wasn't well-known nationwide right now.

Yang Shuxin naturally felt regretful when he found Yuan Zhou had such awesome ice-sculpting capability but was a chef on Baidu Baike.

"A well-known chef? A boss of a tiny restaurant?" Yang Shuxin was reading the information about Yuan Zhou seriously.

"This Master Chef Restaurant sounds so familiar." A suspicion flashed through Yang Shuxin's mind. However, he didn't go into the matter seriously. What he was thinking right now was to invite Yuan Zhou to finish the Nine Dragon Sculpture together.

"I heard that Chengdu is a good place. It will be interesting to take a trip there?" Yang Shuxin made up his mind without any hesitation.

"Let me wait until my son comes back this Sunday. He will order a flight ticket and make arrangements for me." Yang Shuxin checked the time and held down his desire to set out immediately. Good dishes never came late.

For the time being, Yang Shuxin felt it was quite convenient to have his son study in a college not far from him. After all, his son was more reliable at this kind of time.

While Yang Shuxin had made up his mind to go to Chengdu, there came a strange customer at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the afternoon.