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813 Recommending A Person

 The people at Sichuan got very interested in this person with a Harbin IP address and having the username of Borrow A Book, especially those who had gone to Yuan Zhou's restaurant before.

One after another, they started showcasing their storytelling ability. "You don't even know who the great master in the video is? This ice sculpting great master is the best chef among the great masters, and is the most stingy chef among the chefs."

Someone mentioned, "It's good that you don't know him. Looks like Boss Yuan hasn't gotten the chance to harm your city."

Unlike the previous situation where it was his dish that had become an Internet celebrity, this time, it was a video going viral and Yuan Zhou's ice sculpting skills that had gotten popular. However, this remained unmentioned in his restaurant.

However, this was understandable. When it came to an Internet celebrity dish, people would ask where they could eat that dish. But since it was his ice sculpting skills that had gotten popular, nobody would ask where they could eat that ice sculpture.

Of course, nobody would ask that. Ice eaters were probably fewer than soil eaters. Of course, when this video went viral and was seen by two particular people, things became interesting.

One of the two was Director Da Hai who had been to the restaurant to film a promotional video. At present, he had a deep and unreadable face.

He was on a break as he had completed most of his jobs for now. As a habit, he started going on Weibo, and the moment he got on Weibo, he saw one of the people he was following sharing a video titled "Tap on this to see what a kitchen knife truly is."

It was worth noting that the title of this video was quite confusing. From the title alone, nobody could guess the contents of the video.

Was this a cooking video? Recently, Da Hai had been filming promotional videos for cooked wheaten food. Therefore, he had gotten interested in cooking. As such, he tapped on the video.

Next, he saw someone familiar...

"So it's Boss Yuan," Da Hai stared at the video while gnashing his teeth.

The moment he saw that face, he recalled the suffering he had endured that night and his tortured stomach.

After watching the video, Da Hai had no choice but to acknowledge that the ice sculpting skills demonstrated in the video were excellent.

"From the cooked wheaten food video, it is obvious that Boss Yuan is skilled. And this is a world that is way too kind to people with skills."

Da Hai sighed. He muttered, "I can finally understand why people said those things online."

Customer A: If it wasn't for Boss Yuan's excellent cooking, he would have been beaten to death long ago.

Customer B: You are too biased. Do you think he will merely suffer the fate of being beaten to death?

Customer C: You two must love him dearly for only wanting to beat him to death.

After watching the video, Da Hai made his mind and called the people from the production. An assistant supervisor answered his call.

"Remember my words. Do not ever cut that part off."

"The part where Boss Yuan eats must be included."

"Yes, I am sure. That will have a greater promotional effect."

After exhorting them, Da Hai ended the call. Rather than suffering alone, he might as well share the suffering with the world.

How could their crew members be the only ones to suffer watching Boss Yuan eat while they were going hungry?

They had to show how great Boss Yuan's Steamed Cold Noodles were before showing Boss Yuan eating his own noodles.

One thing everyone agreed with was the fact that due to Boss Yuan's cooking skills, the mere sight of his food was very appetizing.

One could imagine the reactions of the people after they saw this video.

"Hahahaha..." Da Hai couldn't help himself but to howl in laughter as the thought of this. The thought of the suffering the viewers of the video would feel after watching it pleased him greatly.

From how Da Hai was behaving, one could see why he was still so unpopular despite having been in the filming industry for so long.

The second person was a bigger deal. His name was Yang Shuxin, around 40 years old. At this age, unless if it was for work or other purposes, he would rarely visit Weibo.

Yang Shuxin did not have the habit of going on Weibo. Shuxin was his username on Weibo. This was a name he used to remind himself to always cultivate his heart. In terms of character, Yang Shuxin was a rather traditional person.

The video of Yuan Zhou's ice sculpture was recommended to him by his son.

This was how the entire thing had unfolded. One day, Yang Shuxin received a call from his son that was away studying at university, "Father, you are looking for someone to work on the Nine Dragon Sculpture with you, right? I have a person to recommend."

"How would you know any great masters?" Yang Shuxin frowned and did not mince his words.

"Just take a look. No harm in looking, right?" Yang Wancheng was speechless but still persevered and finished his recommendation.

Yang Shuxin was a rather well-known ice sculpting master in the country. He had once won a reward in an international ice sculpting competition. This year, the new goal he had set for himself was to complete the Nine Dragon Sculpture.

It was previously mentioned that the dragons were the hardest to sculpt. And the Nine Dragon Sculpture was a sculpture requiring one to sculpt a total of nine vivid and lifelike dragons that each looked different. This sounded like an impossible mission.

In any case, this was not a mission Yang Shuxin could complete alone. Reasonably, as a big shot of the domestic ice sculpting field, he should know other great masters as well. Therefore, it should be possible for him to gather a group to complete this project.

But if he did that, the entire artistic mood of the Nine Dragon Sculpture would be destroyed. It would be the best if only two people were in the project, but even after asking everyone he knew, Yang Shuxin still failed to find someone willing to join this project as it was too difficult.

His son was not in the ice sculpting field and even if he was, he had yet to enter the society. What kind of person could his son know? Therefore, Yang Shuxin was dismissive of his son's recommendation. Of course, that also had something to do with the fact that he was a traditional strict father.

"I don't know him. It is an ice sculpting video that was posted on the internet. The sculptor is very good, and has sculpted a Twin Dragons Fighting Over A Pearl in the video," Yang Wancheng gave a detailed explanation.

"Oh? Twin Dragons Fighting Over A Pearl?" This piqued Yang Shuxin's interest. He asked, "How can I watch this video? What is the measurement of the sculpting knife used in the video?"

"Not sculpting knife. In the video, a kitchen knife is used. You only need to search Hidden Ice Sculpting Great Master's Twin Dragon to find the video," Yang Wancheng said.

"Kitchen knife? What nonsense is that?" Yang Shuxin frowned as his interest dropped greatly. There were only two possibilities if a kitchen knife was used. That person would either be an amateur or an expert. But due to the bad first impression, Yang Shuxin was of the opinion that the former was the case.

"Fine, I will check it out if I have the time." Yang Shuxin then changed the topic, "While studying, pay attention to your studies. Don't keep failing and fail to graduate."

The moment Yang Wancheng heard this, he started giving perfunctory responses and after chatting for a bit, or to be precise, after being lectured for a bit, he ended the call.

Yang Shuxin did not put much thought on this recommendation. Once again, he practiced ice sculpting and again, he failed. By himself, it was very difficult to complete the Nine Dragon Sculpture.

And thus, Yang Shuxin called his boss again to report the failure.

"Should I work in a group of three instead?" Yang Shuxin muttered, preparing to reduce his requirement.