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811 Carving Words

 Among those going to the second floor, Chen Wei ran the fastest. He arrived on the first floor of the pub in a flash before starting to climb the stairs. When climbing, he took three steps at once.

"This fellow is too fast. He's hopping like a rabbit." When Fang Heng, Jiang Changxi, and Yin Ya arrived, they could only see the back of Chen Wei rushing up the stairs.

That's right. Fang Heng had only started walking slightly after Chen Wei, but when he reached the stairs, Chen Wei had already arrived upstairs.

The first thing Chen Wei saw upon reaching was Shen Min standing beside the bar. Her delicate face was solemn, her mouth muttering.

"Girl, come, come. Give me some beer," Chen Wei sat down and said impatiently.

"Hi, Brother Chen. Each person is limited to five mugs of beer and one can only order the next mug after finishing the first mug," Shen Min said.

"Boss said that this will preserve the taste of the beer as we are selling draught beer," Shen Min explained, pausing every now and then since this was her first time giving such an explanation.

"Oh, right, it costs 302 RMB per mug. Pay upon order," Shen Min continued.

"What? You're putting a limit on beer?" Chen Wei howled. This was also the scene that Fang Heng and the others had arrived to.

"Chen Wei, have you forgotten that this is Yuan Zhou's restaurant? It would be weird if there's no limit," Fang Heng said.

"But beer is no different than plain water, something we use to quench our thirst. What is the point of setting a limit?" Chen Wei could not understand the logic behind that.

"Brother Chen, these are our rules," Shen Min explained.

"Man, I thought I would be able to drink to my heart's content," Chen Wei mumbled in a distressed manner.

"Haha, what's the limit for each person?" Fang Heng first laughed before he asked Shen Min.

"Five mugs per person. The mug is very big," Shen Min quickly showed everyone the mug as she was afraid that Fang Heng would be dissatisfied.

"That's not bad. A mug is the same as a large bottle with this size," Yin Ya said.

"Yes, my boss said that one mug of this contains more beer than a large bottle," Shen Min nodded repeatedly.

"This mug is so small. I can finish it in a single breath," Chen Wei was still distressed. Evidently, he was not happy with the size of the mug.

For people who could drink a lot, beer was like a snack and would not make them drunk.

"You're right. The mug is about the size of a large bottle," said the novelist as he sat down calmly. He was the last to arrive.

"This won't do. I need to talk to Boss Yuan," Chen Wei could not remain seated and rushed downstairs.

He was obviously trying to get Yuan Zhou to make an exception to the rules.

"Do you think he will be successful?" Fang Heng asked.

"What do you think?" Jiang Changxi rolled her eyes.

"Oh, impossible," Fang Heng realized how stupid the question was the moment he asked it. After all, everyone knew well the type of person Yuan Zhou was.

"We don't have any beer glasses with us," Yin Ya remarked with a frown.

"Yeah. I doubt Yuan Zhou has additional glasses prepared for us," Jiang Changxi was reminded of this as well.

Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya had came with Fang Heng, and they were unaware that there would be a new beer today. Naturally, they had only brought along the small cups they used for the Bamboo Liquor. They could only fill about six grams of liquor in this cup.

These cups were clearly unsuitable for beer.

"Shen Min, do you have extra glasses?" Fang Heng asked, though he was not hoping for much.

"Sorry, no. We only have three glasses," Shen Min said awkwardly.

"I have some," said the novelist suddenly.

"You have glasses on you at all times?" All gazes landed on the novelist.

Even they did not know that Yuan Zhou had come up with a new beer. Therefore, that must be the case for this novelist as well. And thus, for him to have glasses on him could only mean that he was bringing them along at all times. That would be a tad bit odd.

"So do you want it?" the novelist questioned instead of answering.

"Yes," Jiang Changxi answered and started looking at the novelist, preparing to see just where was he going to take out the glasses from.

After all, unlike women with their purses, the novelist came empty-handed, holding only a mobile phone in his hand.

While everyone upstairs was waiting for the novelist to take out his glasses, Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered something.

"How could I forget about that. Shen Min is already upstairs. Forget it, I will do it myself," Yuan Zhou muttered before he headed upstairs, preparing to hang the "don't drive after drinking" signboard.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to tell Shen Min to hang this signboard. So now he decided to do it himself.

Right after Yuan Zhou hung up the signboard, Chen Wei arrived.

"Boss Yuan, can we increase the beer limit? Five mugs are not enough," Chen Wei went straight to the point.

"No," Yuan Zhou gave a direct reply.

"Why?" Chen Wei asked, a pitiful expression on his face.

"See for yourself," Yuan Zhou pointed at the signboard outside.

"What?" Chen Wei went outside doubtfully.

"Don't drive after drinking, don't drink if driving? But I don't drive," Chen Wei said.

"Um. That will be for the best," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"So can I get more beer?" Chen Wei asked hopefully.

"No," Yuan Zhou still rejected.

"You're heartless, Boss Yuan," Chen Wei grumbled.

"If you don't go up now, you might not even be able to order five mugs," Yuan Zhou said. Having a man looking at him that way gave him goosebumps.

"True. What will happen to my beer with me down here? Even though Shameless Wu is not around, Sesame Fang is here. No way, I need to go back upstairs," Chen Wei's attention was immediately shifted.

"Boss Yuan, we will continue the discussion after I am done drinking," Chen Wei said and vanished. When liquors were involved, Fang Heng would be equivalent to 0.7 of Wu Hai.

As for the missing 0.3, it was because Fang Heng was not as talented in food snatching compared to Wu Hai.

After all, some people were naturally less talented. But even so, 0.7 of Wu Hai was already terrifying enough.

Yuan Zhou watched as Chen Wei ran away, not giving a reply.

When Chen Wei returned upstairs, he saw Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya each holding a drinking glass while looking at the novelist with an odd gaze.

Chen Wei could not be bothered with them. When he saw that the beer had not been served on his table, he heaved a sigh of relief.

With everyone's attention on him, the novelist remained calm. He said to Shen Min, "One mug of beer."

"Oh, alright," Shen Min was still in shock from having seen the novelist's magic show of taking glasses out of empty air when the novelist's order roused her of the shock. She took a mug with a name written on it before filling it with beer.

That's right. The beer mugs in Yuan Zhou's pub all had names written on it. Of course, only the names of the three people who got the lucky draw were written.

The mug Shen Min was holding was one with the novelist's name on it.

"Here you go," Shen Min set the beer down. She couldn't resist her curiosity and continued stealing glances at the seemingly narrow sleeves of the novelist. That was where the novelist had taken out the glasses earlier.

"Thanks," the novelist thanked. He did not mind being looked at and focused on the beer instead.

The bottom of the mug was smaller and mouth opened up upwards, with a sleek design on the middle part of the mug where the handle was attached too. That was also where the name was carved.

A thin cloud of mist wafted around the translucent mug, giving the golden beer a hazy appearance. And since the beer had just been poured out, a layer of foam floated at the top of the mug.

The white layer of foam was like a layer of snow and from the translucent mug, one could see bubbles rising from the bottom of the golden liquid in the mug.

From the top of the mug, an aroma that was a mixture of wheat and alcohol spread out.

"This beer smells so good," Chen Wei remarked.