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810 Yuan Zhou's Selfishness

 "This is indeed the best I can do for now," Wu Hai nodded.

"Yes, for now. In the future, you will definitely become better and better," Zheng Jiawei said proudly.

"Tsk, you are speaking like I am your son or something," Wu Hai glared at Zheng Jiawei and grumbled.

"That is definitely not the case. You are Lin Lin's brother," Zheng Jiawei started being all bashful the moment Wu Lin was mentioned.

"That is a demoness," Wu Hai was upset and fearful the moment Wu Lin was mentioned.

"Well, let's stop talking about that. When are you planning to return? Look at how thin you are now," Zheng Jiawei jabbed at Wu Hai's frail cheek with a pained expression.

"Soon," Wu Hai slapped Zheng Jiawei's hand away and answered nonchalantly.

"I heard Boss Yuan is releasing a new dish soon," Zheng Jiawei did not mind being slapped away and said.

"Don't mention Compass. That will only make me hungry," Wu Hai rubbed his stomach and frowned.

"Yes, by the way, you haven't eaten anything. Eat this for now. It's still hot," Zheng Jiawei immediately passed over the Box Fried Breads and a pot of warm water.

"The verdant hills and the limpid water are indeed not a substitute for a meal," Wu Hai gave it a thought before he started eating.

Meanwhile, the dinner time at Yuan Zhou's restaurant had ended.

In the restaurant, Zhou Jia was passing over the shift to Shen Min who had just arrived.

"I have already put everything in order. See you tomorrow, Min Min," Zhou Jia said.

"Um. Ok. I will go up and do some cleaning," Shen Min nodded.

"Bye, boss," Zhou Jia said to Yuan Zhou.

"Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Bye," Zhou Jia waved and walked out through the door.

The moment Zhou Jia left, Shen Min opened the door of the stairs in preparation to go upstairs to clean the pub. However, she was stopped by Yuan Zhou.

"Wait," Yuan Zhou said.

"Yes, Boss Yuan?" Shen Min stopped and asked after turning around.

Yuan Zhou could sense that Shen Min was feeling nervous. He did not point it out and spoke with a flat tone, "We have a new liquor today."

"Huh?" Shen Min was visibly astonished.

Her astonishment was understandable. She had been working here for almost one year but only one liquor was served all along.

"Um, it's beer," Yuan Zhou gave a simple introduction.

"Alright. What do I need to do, Boss Yuan?" Shen Min asked.

"Sell it in glasses, and each person can only purchase five glasses at most. You will be responsible for filling the glasses," Yuan Zhou said.

"Alright. 302 RMB per glass?" Shen Min immediately turned to look at the menu and found that the price of the beer had already been listed there.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok," Shen Min nodded and prepared to go up and take a look at the new liquor.

"It's a draught so only take it out when someone buys it," Yuan Zhou reminded after giving it some thought.

"Ok," Shen Min answered seriously.

"You may go now. The beer barrels are already on the pub counter upstairs," Yuan Zhou said.

"Um," Shen Min nodded and jogged up to the second floor.

When Shen Min left his vision, Yuan Zhou mumbled, "Although the system has not placed any limitations on the amount sold, it is still better for me to set one."

That's right. This was a limitation set by Yuan Zhou himself. In a sense, that was his principle.

The glasses provided by the system for this beer were beer mugs. Each mug had a capacity of 600 milliliters and five mugs would be an equivalent of six large bottles of beer.

This was a sufficient amount of beer for even someone who could drink a lot. As for those who couldn't drink this much, they naturally wouldn't order this much. Even those who had ordered after getting drunk wouldn't get too drunk with this limitation.

After all, drinking too much liquor was unhealthy. The rickshaw riding grandpa had once mentioned that there once existed a successful individual who had a happy family behind him. However, he was an alcoholic and when he was driving while drunk one time, he rammed his car into the pedestrian crossing. A university student was killed on the spot while the man had subsequently died under medical care as well.

And just like that, damages were done to two families.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was of the opinion that a limitation was a must. Earlier that day he had even personally left the restaurant to buy two signboards. He would get Shen Min to hang the signboards later.

[Don't drive after drinking, don't drink if driving.]

And on the second signboard were the phone numbers of several reliable drivers for hire he found from a reputable company.

"Yo, Boss Yuan, are you thinking about me and Ya Ya, the two beauties?" A crisp and familiar voice sounded.

Yuan Zhou turned around. When he saw that it was Jiang Changxi, he ignored her.

"Yin Ya might have a chance, but you yourself can forget about it," Fang Heng teased.

"I feel like Boss Yuan is merely daydreaming," Yin Ya blushed before she said.

"Maybe he is contemplating on the taste of the new liquor," Chen Wei came next. As usual, he always had liquor in his mind.

"Sesame Fang, are you in need of a spanking? Be careful least your dad comes looking for you again," Jiang Changxi wasn't angry. Rather, she had a wide grin on her face as she issued her rebuke to Fang Heng. After the incident where Fang Heng stole some Steamed Cold Noodles from Yuan Zhou's chopping board, he got a new nickname: Sesame Heart, signifying that he had a black heart.

Jiang Changxi continued on, "You will not be able to get anyone to cover for you if your dad comes again."

That's right. Fang Heng's dad did not approve of Fang Heng coming to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every single day.

According to his dad, if he was here to check out the enemy situation, why was he drinking here? Even if he was drinking, why was he here everyday? He was obviously preferring the outsider's liquor over his family's liquor.

Therefore, one day, his dad came and waited outside the restaurant to catch Fang Heng. Jiang Changxi saw this and that was the source of what she was saying.

He opened a pub, but his son frequented the pub of others. What a son he was.

"Don't worry. My dad is waiting for me to learn from Boss Yuan," Fang Heng rubbed his face and spoke frankly.

Fang Heng had no qualms with lying. He had been behaving like this since he was a kid. For example, when his dad forgot about his mom's birthday, he would send her a birthday cake and pretended that the cake was from his dad.

"You won't be able to learn it," Yuan Zhou remarked before Jiang Changxi could say anything. After all, the system's liquor was something that could not be learned.

"Haha, definitely," Jiang Changxi nodded repeatedly.

"I'm just saying. I know I don't have the talent in beer brewing," Fang Heng said, somewhat embarrassed.

"No, it's not a matter of talent," Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Huh? What's the issue then?" Fang Heng asked, curious.

"Don't tell me his beer brewing talent is quite good?" Yin Ya asked in astonishment.

"I have no idea about that," Yuan Zhou shook his head frankly.

After all, even something like the system claimed that talent was immeasurable. Yuan Zhou was naturally unaware of Fang Heng's talent.

However, for Yin Ya, Yuan Zhou was not being frank. Rather, he was keeping them in suspense. She wrinkled her nose resentfully at the thought of this.

"Boss Yuan, you have mentioned a new liquor will be released today," Chen Wei said before Yin Ya could continue her line of questioning.

This was the question Chen Wei would ask every time he was here. Although each time Yuan Zhou would tell him no, he still insisted to ask every day.

Just as Chen Wei braced himself for yet another disappointment, or to be precise, he hadn't been hopeful at all, Yuan Zhou answered expressionlessly, "Yes, the new liquor is out."

"I knew it. I don't want to nag, but you only have one liquor... huh?" Chen Wei started grumbling on reflex before he reacted. This time, Yuan Zhou had given him a different answer.

"There is a new liquor. It's beer," Yuan Zhou revealed.

"Holy sh*t, there's a new liquor? I need to take a look," Chen Wei's voice was still resounding in the room while he had already vanished.

"Beer? Interesting. Let's go," Fang Heng could no longer be bothered about the matter of his talent. He followed behind Chen Wei after calling out at Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya.

That's right. This time, Fang Heng had arrived together with Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya. After all, there was a reason for Fang Heng to come here daily. Coming for the beauties was quite an acceptable excuse.

"There's a new liquor? Nice," said the novelist who was the last to arrive.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

The novelist nodded before stepping in as well.

"There is definitely no limitation for beer. I will drink as much as I want today," Chen Wei muttered while heading up the stairs.

As far as Chen Wei was concerned, beer was no different than plain water. Therefore, no limitation was required.

How innocent of him.