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808 The Missing Wu Hai

 Yuan Zhou was unaware of who Sun Ming was referring to but one thing was certain. What he wanted to do was definitely unheard of. Although Yuan Zhou did not know what the Tour of Hainan was, it was definitely a large scale competition since it would be covered by the TV stations.

To become the champion after only one year of training was no different than wishing to fly up to the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

Although Sun Ming's clothing store wasn't too big, but it had a good location and had a great potential for growth. For the sake of courting a woman, he had agreed to transfer the ownership of the store to someone else. His father would probably be infuriated to death if he knew this. But based on Yuan Zhou's understanding of Sun Ming's father, before he was infuriated to death, he would probably first beat Sun Ming to death.

"My original consideration is if I should hire someone to take care of the store for me. But ultimately, I decided to put all my focus into it. After all, it is not easy to become the champion," Sun Ming said with a serious expression that was rarely seen on him. "By the way, apart from my college entrance examination, I have never been this serious in my life. I personally feel like pursuing my goddess is even more meaningful than the college entrance examination."

Speaking of Sun Ming, something rather miraculous had happened to him. He was initially a bad student. Let alone being a first-class undergraduate, he would probably fail to be even a third-class undergraduate. But midway through his senior year, his grandmother had suddenly passed away. Before she passed, Sun Ming had promised that he would pass the entrance examination.

After that, using only half his senior year, he started studying and was even able to pass the entrance examination for one of the major colleges. This was an unbelievable achievement. Unfortunately, he seemed to have spent too much time studying that it had harmed him instead. Ever since he passed the examination, he had turned into the lazy person he was today.

In truth, Sun Ming had been speaking the majority of the words during this conversation. Yuan Zhou had not spoken anything, nor would he ask anything. For the sake of a woman, it was not worth this sacrifice. However, it was the affair between Sun Ming and the woman. As a third party, it was pointless for Yuan Zhou to say more.

For example, for the sake of pursuing that woman, Sun Ming had changed his career and started cycling. But even with that, there was no guarantee that the woman would be his girlfriend. For others, this was absolutely stupid of him but for Sun Ming, he was extremely happy to be doing that.

"With your support, I feel braver," Sun Ming said. "But if I do end up failing, I will have neither my store or the girlfriend. That would be very bad, isn't it?"

Sun Ming's mood seemed to have improved considerably since he could already joke around.

Yuan Zhou was never a friend that knew how to comfort or advise someone. He could only do two things, with the first being offering his companionship.

And the second was...

"Sun Ming, if one day you have no money for food, come work at my restaurant. I will give you a high salary, salary enough for you to not starve," Yuan Zhou offered seriously. This was the second thing he could do: ensuring that his friend would not starve.

"Are you trying to be my grandfather?" Sun Ming shifted the mood of the conversation. "Good, I shall help you with that. Grandfather, can you teach me how to cook? I feel like gaining control over my goddess's stomach will be a good strategy to capture her heart."

"You don't have the talent for that," Yuan Zhou looked Sun Ming up and down before he said.

"Don't you know that being too honest might make it hard for you to get a girlfriend?" Sun Ming said.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and continued, "So do you want to go watch a movie tonight?"

"It's too weird for us two single males to go watch a movie together," Sun Ming said in astonishment.

"No, only one single male. I will buy you the ticket and you can go alone. Um, to switch up your mood a bit through the movie. There is a romance movie tonight," Yuan Zhou said as he took his mobile phone out.

"It's your treat?" Sun Ming wanted to reject, but he recalled that Yuan Zhou was buying the ticket. This made him hesitate.

After all, Yuan Zhou the Compass would rarely treat someone to something.

"Um, I'll pay for the ticket and you will be the one going," Yuan Zhou said generously.

"Fine, since you are paying for it, I want to watch a blockbuster movie," Sun Ming clenched his teeth and requested.

"Watch a romance movie to learn how to court girls. You can't even get this one goddess. What else are you good for?" Yuan Zhou rejected and proceeded to buy the ticket for a romance movie.

It had never crossed Yuan Zhou's mind that watching a movie alone was already an incredibly lonely thing to do. And now, he was making Sun Ming watch a romance movie, out of all other genres. How would that make Sun Ming feel?

"That makes sense," Sun Ming had not thought of that as well. He nodded blankly.

"Um. You may leave now," Yuan Zhou sent the screenshot of a ticket to Sun Ming and said.

"Ok. I'll come to find you tomorrow," Sun Ming checked the time and nodded.

"Be careful on your way," Yuan Zhou nodded and watched on as Sun Ming left before calling a taxi to return to his restaurant.

It was already quite late when Yuan Zhou arrived at his restaurant. Before he could finish preparing dinner ingredients, dinner time had arrived.

And thus, tonight became a busy night for Yuan Zhou.

Meanwhile, the customers recalled something, or to be precise, they noticed something.

"I thought Shameless Wu said that he will be away for a week? It has already been a week since Boss Yuan returned. Where is Shameless Wu?" Ling Hong muttered while he ate.

"Why? Are you missing Wu Hai?" Sister Wan asked.

Recently, Sister Wan had been putting on delicate makeup before coming to the restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant could smell the air of love lingering about her.

Ling Hong snorted and said, "Missing him? Is he even worthy? It merely feels weird without him in the restaurant."

"When something has been by our side for a long time, regardless of whether that something is a good or a bad thing, we will still feel weird when that thing is gone. That is understandable," Sister Wan concluded.

"You sound so poetic, but you are exaggerating. I just feel like there's nobody I can scold without him around," Ling Hong said. At times, Sister Wan would be very poetic when speaking. However, she was a refined and scholarly person so it would be weird if she didn't speak that way.

"You are only wishing for something to scold. We have someone wanting to take action here," Sister Wan was referring to Happy and Brain that was seated on the next table.

Qin Xiaoyi, the Brain, and Gao Fan, the Happy, were feeling very weird that the great demon king was not here for them to battle.

And thus, to commemorate Wu Hai, both Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi decided to ask for an empty bowl and a pair of chopsticks from Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou was curious about this request. But when he saw what they did, he was rendered speechless. They set the bowl and chopsticks beside them and even placed some food inside the bowl before proceeding to pretend like Wu Hai was there.

The last time Yuan Zhou encountered this method of commemorating someone was when an ex-classmate of his died. Not only was there an empty bowl, there would also be a black and white portrait of the deceased. Fortunately, there were no portraits of Wu Hai here, but this still made Yuan Zhou feel weird.

After thinking about it for a bit, Yuan Zhou reminded Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan, "No leftover food allowed, not even those in the empty bowl."

When Ling Hong saw what they did, he mused that wherever a silly person went, joy would be present.

"By the way, nothing has happened to Wu Hai, right? He won't be able to eat well without Boss Yuan's food," Sister Wan was visibly worried. "It has been over a week. Is he really fine?"

"What can happen to him?" Ling Hong answered without thinking. "If something has really happened to him, the painting industry of China will go crazy. But everything is still peaceful."

That was logical. Previously when Wu Hai had merely knocked his head on the stairs, many famous individuals from the painting industry had came to visit him.

"I am still worried. I will call Zheng Jiawei later. If I know anything, I will let you guys know," Sister Wan said.

Ling Hong waved his hand, indicating that he was not worried at all. There was no need to notify him about the results of the call.