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807 Unfinished Ice Sculpture

 Seeing Yuan Zhou start working, the onlookers in the street immediately fell silent. After all, they all looked forward to witnessing how Yuan Zhou sculpt such a big ice block with the kitchen knife.

Some of them even turned on the camera to film a video. After all, seldom could they see anybody sculpt such a big ice block. After all, this wasn't the City of Ice, Harbin.

Ice sculptures could hardly be seen in Chengdu, where the weather was hot all year round.

For an instant, there was only the sound of the kitchen knife touching the ice surface. The ice scraps danced in the air and fell on the ground, piling up a layer in a little while.

Yuan Zhou controlled his strength precisely. The biggest difficulties of sculpting the ice dragon lay in the dragon scales and dragon's whiskers. Sculpting these two places on the ice was like firing a cannon at a mosquito. Even if he had inexhaustible force, he couldn't use it.

Therefore, many dragon-shaped ice sculptures had very thick dragon's whiskers, if observed carefully. And the dragon scales were also arranged roughly, which had no sense of movement at all.

If the dragon whiskers were too thick, they weren't perfectly proportionate to the head of the dragon. And the sense of movement of the dragon scales could be illustrated by the example of snakes. The directions of the scales were different when snakes made different movements. They weren't actually arranged stiffly. That had very high requirements on eyesight and speed.

To put it bluntly, the dragon scales sculpted by the machines in factories were much better than those sculpted by most of the sculptors. But on the aspect of subtlety, machines could never outclass work done by hands.

The machines had no temperature.

If the dragon's whiskers were too thin, they would break very easily in the process of sculpting. So the thick whiskers were no more than a helpless choice. However, Yuan Zhou didn't intend to compromise to the helpless choice today.

Yuan Zhou raised the kitchen knife in his hand at a certain angle to make the knifepoint sharp. He held his breath and waved the knife very quickly. Due to the speed, the knifepoint gave out a cold light in the air. The knife was waved in the shape of the ethereal dragon's whiskers.

With his eyes blazing like torches, Yuan Zhou maintained the form all along. He didn't allow any deviation on the specific locations of the ice sculpture.

In a very short time, Yuan Zhou waved the knife again. The sparkling cold light was like a butterfly flying through the bushes. The locations it flashed across were quite ingenious, looking like the great dipper, landing firmly on where they were supposed to be. Anyway, in the eyes of the onlookers, they could hardly believe the angle in which Yuan Zhou waved his knife.

It was his good command of strength that contributed to the dragon's whiskers with two waves of the knife.

After the ethereal dragon's whiskers were finished, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief, but immediately he sat on the edge of his seat, again. He still needed to sculpt the dragon scales, which required the most time and vigor. Of course, even if the dragon scales hadn't been finished yet, the ice sculpture had also taken shape. Two dragons were chasing after a pearl in reverse directions.

"Wu Wu Wu Wu"

The kitchen knife hadn't fallen on the ice block when the phone in his pocket rang. Yuan Zhou always turned on the vibration mode of his phone while he was sculpting. The main point was that no one called him much anyway.

The first call at the very beginning was directly ignored. After a few seconds, however, more phone calls arrived continuously. Yuan Zhou looked at the dragon sculpture to be finished and the kitchen knife in his hand and then let out a sigh.

As to the sculpting of the dragon scales, Yuan Zhou didn't dare to say he would 100% succeed. Therefore, it came to an end for now. He put away the kitchen knife and answered the phone.

This action greatly disappointed the onlookers who had been watching the scene of bustle at the side. The ice sculpture wasn't finished.

"Though there aren't any dragon scales, the head of the dragon looks so lifelike and mighty."

"Boss Yuan's knife skills have always been quite awesome."

"Even if God gave me another two hands, I still won't be able to do it as well as him,"

"What a pity! I think it would be a work of art after it's finished. Is Boss Yuan willing to sell his ice sculpture?"

The customers all discussed excitedly and some of them even wanted to buy it. With his very sharp ears, Yuan Zhou kindly accepted these people's compliments secretly, especially those from the former five people. They had finally experienced the genuine techniques of Yuan Zhou.

Even if the ice sculpture hadn't been finished, it still aroused much discussion after some onlookers filmed the video and uploaded it on the Internet. Of course, that was a later story.

The issue now was Yuan Zhou answering the phone and closing the restaurant hurriedly.

He rushed straight to the street corner to take a taxi and no one knew where he was heading for.


"Coming, I'm coming. Don't rush me." Yuan Zhou hung up the phone and rushed hard towards his destination.

Thanks to his persistence in exercising every morning, Yuan Zhou had a pretty good body. Otherwise, he would have already collapsed out of fatigue.

Even Yuan Zhou was almost exhausted when he saw the shop sign of Datong Icehouse described by Sun Ming. Sometimes, he really felt the branches of Shaxian Snacks had occupied all the snack streets while the branches of Datong Icehouse had occupied all the shopping malls. They were a total of two different brands.

After Yuan Zhou arrived at Datong Icehouse, he stood under the shop sign and looked around before seeing Sun Ming who appeared to be a little depressed. Yuan Zhou patted his shoulder and asked straightforwardly," Sun Ming, what's the matter?"

"There you are. You arrived so quickly. Let me first organize my words." Sun Ming happened to finish a cigarette. He put out the cigarette butt and immediately ignited another one.

Without saying anything. Yuan Zhou just sat beside him and waited for Sun Ming to organize his words.

Yuan Zhou had barely finished his ice sculpture and postured to others when Sun Ming called him in the afternoon. He told Yuan Zhou that he had something to discuss with him.

With Sun Ming's amusing temperament, he seldom spoke to Yuan Zhou with such an earnest tone. Therefore, Yuan Zhou immediately closed his restaurant.

When Yuan Zhou arrived at the designated place by taxi with great difficulty, he received a phone call from Sun Ming and was told to go to another place. And on the way to the second place, the place was changed again.

The same thing happened three times. Without exception, he arrived at the destination and was told to change a place again and again. As a friend for years, Yuan Zhou was quite clear that Sun Ming couldn't help moving about when he was hesitant about something. So Yuan Zhou didn't complain about the unpleasant experiences.

After Sun Ming finished another cigarette, he started, "I am prepared to rent my clothing store out to practice cycling and then win the championship of Tour of Hainan."

This was indeed a large issue. Sun Ming's family was also a middle-class family and he opened a clothing store at his parents' expense.

Yuan Zhou stayed calm and heard Sun Ming continue saying.

"You know I have been chasing after a pretty girl, don't you? I still have a long way to go before I succeed. So I think I must cater to her liking." Sun Ming wasn't so composed as how he appeared, thus he talked incoherently.

"She's a cycling enthusiast. She likes cycling and pays close attention to the Tour of Hainan and besides, she watches the television broadcast every year. So I believe I'll have no problem if I get the championship." For fear of Yuan Zhou opposing his idea, Sun Ming immediately added before Yuan Zhou answered him.

"I originally had a solid foundation in riding the bicycle. And you also witnessed my riding skill when we rode the shared bicycle together before. It's good, right? So I think I'll have no problem to get a championship after practicing hard for half a year."

"What do you think of my idea?" Sun Ming looked at Yuan Zhou nervously.

"Pretty good. Have you found anyone to take over your business?" On hearing Sun Ming's question, Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then answered.

Sun Ming distinctly let out a sigh of relief. He patted on Yuan Zhou's shoulder excitedly and said, "I knew you would definitely stand by me. Yuan Zhou, do you know you are the first who supports my idea. When I told others about my idea, they all believed that I was whimsical or crazy."