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 For an instant, the restaurant fell silent and the system didn't display anything, either. Only after a while did the system show up again. Judging from the words, the content was as straightforward and indifferent as usual.

But Yuan Zhou did feel the system seemed to gnash its teeth in anger while saying that. Well, it was just a feeling, a feeling produced after he had more and more friendly exchanges with the system.

The system displayed, "This system still uses the barley and also selects the best barley. After selection, the impurities are 0.0%; the evenness of every barley grain, namely the diameter, is no less than 2.2mm. The selection rate is also 100%."

"Sounds marvelous. Is that really the barley?" Yuan Zhou first nodded his head to show his agreement and then said that.

The system displayed, "The beer provided by the system is brewed with carefully chosen top-grade barley, humulus lupulus, and top-class water."

"Um. I believe that's true." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and appeared quite earnest.

Without knowing why, Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of an advertising slogan. Not all milk can be called "Delux of Mengniu Milk". And following the same pattern, he created another advertising slogan. Not all systems can be so talkative.

The system displayed, "For the top-grade beer nowadays, the foreign impurities can't be more than 0.15%; the evenness of the barley grains must reach 93%; and the selection rate should be not lower than 90%."

"Well, after your explanations, I now know the difference between your beer and the inferior things outside. Speaking of which, the selection rate of yours must be all 100%, isn't it?" Yuan Zhou read these technical terms carefully and then said.

The system displayed, "With current technique or craftsmanship, there is no way to make it theoretically 100% perfect. Therefore, 90% careful selection is the top standard for now. And the draught selected this way has excellent quality."

"Understood. You just want to tell me even if I have money, I can't make any beer that good. Right?" Yuan Zhou nodded his head as if to be clear about that.

By saying so much, the system obviously intended to tell Yuan Zhou that even if he had money, he couldn't do it as perfectly as the system. What a sensitive and prideful system!

"But apart from the beer, the humulus lupulus and water are also very important to brew the beer." Yuan Zhou changed the subject proactively.

The system displayed, "The humulus lupulus chosen is originally from the Altai Mountains, where the average temperature is 0°C. In July, the average temperature of the area below the snow line is 15-17°C. During winter, the lowest temperature reaches -62°C. The average annual precipitation is around 500-700mm. Such geographical circumstances are the most suitable for the growth of the humulus lupulus."

During this process, Yuan Zhou heard an interesting thing, humulus lupulus... Was it really a plant?

Yuan Zhou knew the humulus lupulus was quite important for brewing beer, but he always believed that it was the beer foam, though he didn't know where he got this impression.

Yuan Zhou kept silent and continued reading the system's words displayed in his mind. He couldn't let the system realize that he heard of this thing for the first time.

"Meanwhile, as the humulus lupulus is a perennial plant, it always absorbs the snow water during its dormant stage and growth period. The beer brewed with the humulus lupulus from this area will have a distinctive and sweet taste."

"Besides, the humulus lupulus from this area is very good for the purification of barley juice. Add it inside during the process of boiling the barley juice and then, the protein complexation contained therein can be separated out. As a result, it can play a part in purification of the barley juice and brewing clear and pure beer. The strong hop taste of the humulus lupulus from the Altai Mountains balances the natural sweetness of the brewer's wort and stimulate the appetite."

"The humulus lupulus is taken care of and protected by the workers all along from the time it was planted to the time it matured. As brewing beer only requires female inflorescences, the workers also need to pick it up."

"It's truly marvelous." While reading the introductions of the ingredients, Yuan Zhou had nothing to say but "Awesome. That's really awesome."

Leaving others alone, just the raw ingredients of humulus lupulus felt like better than Snow Beer or Chongqing Beer.

Everything in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was better than anything served outside by one level. So was the beer. Judging from this matter, one should never doubt the system's integrity.

"All right. My guess is that the water used must also be very precious. But the problem now is where is the beer?" Yuan Zhou didn't want to hear the system's popularization of science anymore, thus he asked bluntly.

After the verbose introductions, Yuan Zhou hadn't even seen where the fresh beer brewed with such complicated techniques was.

The system displayed, "It has been provided in the beer barrels on the first floor of the pub. You can check by yourself."

"It's so far. I'm going to go check during the break time at noon." Yuan Zhou checked the time and made the decision decisively.

"Breakfast time commences now. Come on in." At that moment, Zhou Jia's voice came from outside the door.

As breakfast time had commenced, Yuan Zhou no longer thought about the beer, but instead, waited earnestly for the arrival of the customers.

As always, breakfast was only open to the first 100 customers. Therefore, it ended very soon.

After that, the customers left one after another and Yuan Zhou stood there watching them leave. Not until Zhou Jia left did he open the sergestes wall landscape and go to the neighboring pub.

"Let me look at the fresh beer," said Yuan Zhou.

The first floor of the pub was originally very empty and there were only a few beer barrels previously. Yuan Zhou had once checked them and found they were all for decoration. There was nothing in the barrels.

But now, the decorative beer barrels had some changes. The surface of the dark-colored wood became bright, smooth and glossy as if somebody had been constantly cleaning them.

And each beer barrel had a tap probably used for drawing out the beer from the lower part. The most important thing that helped Yuan Zhou to confirm it was the beer inside was the two big characters of "Beer" clearly written on the barrel.

"Peng Peng". Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and knocked on them to see which one had beer inside.

He knocked on three barrels continuously and all of them emitted a dull sound, which meant there was beer inside.

"If the beer is freshly prepared, how long can it stay fresh?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

The system displayed, "It must be prepared and finished on the same day. The lifetime is only one day."

"So short?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised.

The system displayed, "It's natural, non-polluted, environmentally friendly and has no additives."

"Isn't that the advertising slogan for milk?" Yuan Zhou was speechless. What the hell did that "environmentally friendly" mean to the beer?

Though Yuan Zhou ridiculed at the system's introduction saying it was like an advertising slogan, he figured out what it meant. The system wanted to say the fresh beer was produced and had to be drunk on the same day. Furthermore, there weren't any additives in it.

After all, even drafts had nitrogen inside when it was packaged in barrels in case air went into the beer and affected the internal fermentation.

The system displayed, "The system provides fresh beer every day and recycles the remaining fresh beer in the early hours of the following day."

"Good. I don't even need to ask to know that the remaining beer is probably recycled, either for watering vegetables or for feeding chickens, right?" On hearing the word "recycle", Yuan Zhou ridiculed subconsciously.

After all, he was still experiencing the impact of feeding pigs with watermelons.

The system displayed, "It will be recycled to be the drinking water for cows."

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou indicated that he had already known the usual trick of the system.

"But don't you think it's too little to sell just three barrels?" said Yuan Zhou.

The system displayed, "The fresh beer will be provided without limit."