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804 Beer

 Yuan Zhou was busy looking at the new reward with the incident from the previous night out of his mind. Meanwhile, the filming crew members were still thinking about the incident.

Let's rewind to the night before.

After the crew members put all their equipment into the van, the members all entered the van. This entire process took them about half an hour.

"Um? Why are you guys leaving this early today?" asked the driver curiously. He had been watching The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983 edition and hadn't even finished watching two episodes before the crew returned. Based on the previous two filming, the crew would only return after he finished watching the third episode.

"Don't talk about the past. Life is always filled with hurdles," Da Hai said.

Hearing this, the driver did not keep probing. He kept his mobile phone away and started the van engine. As a matter of fact, this driver was quite a persona. He was in his 40s, and his surname was Zhou. He loved watching old TV series, such as New Legend of Madame White Snake and The Duke of Mount Deer 1998 edition.

When he was alone at home, he would hold his mobile phone to watch old TV series while sipping on Erguotou Liquor and munching on the peanuts personally made by his wife. That was an incredibly pleasant experience. Unfortunately, a while ago, his wife had passed away in a traffic accident caused by drunk driving. Because of this, Master Zhou stopped drinking.

Nowadays, Master Zhou would only be drinking mineral water while he munched on peanuts and watching TV series. In the past, the more he munched, the tastier the peanuts would be. The more he drank, the warmer he would feel. But now, the more he munched, the more bitter the peanuts would be while the more he drank, the colder he would feel.

"So hungry."

Xiao Longren mumbled after a while. This was a fuse that had instantly ignited the stomachs of everyone that started rumbling without stop.

It was already past 10 at night. It was understandable that they were hungry.

"I know a food stall that is quite good. Do you guys want me to send you there?" Master Zhou asked.

This was a good suggestion. The entire crew with the exception of one person agreed to this.

That person was Bai Li who had been staying silent all the while like she was a bystander. Naturally, she was hungry as well. But instead, she slowly took out a Meat Floss Bread from her purse. Meat Floss Bread was, in fact, her favorite food.

Then, with everyone looking at her, she started eating.

"Bai Li, when did you buy the bread?" Ah Ken asked. The others were waiting for Bai Li to answer as well.

Bai Li spoke nonchalantly, "I bought it well in advance. One of my friends is a regular at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. She told me that Boss Yuan's nickname is Compass, and regardless of how pretty a girl you are, you will never be able to get a free meal from him. She told me that Boss Yuan would never stray from his stingy ways."

Bai Li continued, "When I saw how confident she was when speaking, I decided to bring along a Meat Floss Bread which is my favorite food and a pack of yogurt." Then, Bai Li took out a pack of yogurt.

Yogurt and Meat Floss Bread were a decent combination.

"What is that girl's name?" Xiao Longren asked, curious.

"Her name is not important. You should focus on what you want to eat later," Bai Li decided to not reveal her friend's name.

"Sigh, looks like I still don't know Boss Yuan well enough," Qiu Qiu sighed.

It was understandable why he was upset. He had been at the restaurant once and should know more about Boss Yuan. Unfortunately, he had not done his research in advance.

"That's enough talking. I'm starving. Master Zhou, let's go get a meal," Ah Ken howled while rubbing his stomach.

His hunger was further intensified when he recalled the Steamed Cold Noodles that smelled incredibly good.

"Sure. We will reach shortly," Master Zhou answered.

The van sped along at the highest speed possible without exceeding the speed limit.

After all, Master Zhou hated those who drove above the speed limit.

The crew members had no opinion on Yuan Zhou's actions. Initially, they were surprised as what Yuan Zhou did was out of their expectation. But after listening to Bai Li's explanation, Yuan Zhou's actions were no longer as surprising. Their annoyance lessened considerably, but of course, they were still somewhat upset.

And back to present day, Yuan Zhou was busy reading the description of his reward.

"It's a beer? That's good. Beer can be drank both cold or hot, and can be drank in a huge amount," Yuan Zhou muttered. In Korea, the people there had a habit of eating fried chicken with beer. Here in China, people would usually eat crayfish or roasted skewered meats while drinking beer.

Compared to white wine, beer was more popular to the general population. After all, even people who did not drink much could still enjoy a tiny amount of beer every now and then.

In any case, the alcohol concentration of beer was lower and people would be less likely to get drunk drinking beer.

"By the way, is this a draught or a lager?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

One ought to know that draughts would always be better than lagers. But more lagers were being sold at the market as draughts were harder to preserve.

Of course, as the living conditions of the general population improved, more and more people were starting to drink draughts.

Even so, the people who drank fresh draughts were still in the minority.

The system displayed, "Everything provided by this system is the best. The beer is a draught beer."

"Um, sure. Let me take a look at how well it was brewed," Yuan Zhou said after making sure that there were three minutes left, enough time for him to continue looking.

The system displayed, "Many types of grain-type plants can be used to brew beer. But generally, the various types of barleys or barleys grown with special methods would be used for beer brewing. Of course, there are also people who would brew beer using wheat."

"People have been brewing beer with wheat as long as they have been using barley. In any case, both wheat and barley would react differently during distillation ."

"And depending on the brewing process and the grains used, grains that had gone through 5% to 70% of the germination process can be used. Wheat do not have hulls, with lower amount of tannin compared to barley, and were smaller in size yet richer in protein."

"All these would affect how long the foam of the beer could last and due to the richer protein in wheat, beer brewed with wheat would be thicker than beer brewed with barley. Because of that, during the brewing process, the beer has to go through the protein treatment process to ensure there won't have a filtering problem down the line. Of course, all this is not a problem for this system."

"In short, your beer is brewed using wheat?" Yuan Zhou asked.

Before the system could answer, Yuan Zhou continued, "Based on what I know, in our country, most of the beer are brewed using imported barley. But after the production capacity was increased, more and more local barley was used as well."

Yuan Zhou paused and continued, "And now, the import price of barleys are about 2,700 RMB per ton. As for local barleys, the price are about 2,300 RMB per ton. Moreover, the price seems to be climbing. In short, you are saving money, system."

"By the way, I am quite rich nowadays. I can spend some on beer brewing. After all, I aim to use perfect ingredients for everything."

Yuan Zhou spoke nonchalantly and frankly, not sounding like he was trying to ridicule the system at all.