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803 Liquor Customer Number 998

 Only a very tiny strain of Steamed Cold Noodles was left. It was so small not even Yuan Zhou had noticed it.

Jiang Changxi, Chen Wei, the other customers, and onlookers had never seen this coming.

It was no wonder that Fang Heng had remained so confident. So he was waiting all along. However, this got Chen Wei wondering. There was indeed leftover from the Steamed Cold Noodles, but what about the other condiments?

Fang Heng directly stuffed that strain into his mouth. He did not care about the condiments. He only wanted to know if Boss Yuan's Steamed Cold Noodles were authentic.

Even Yuan Zhou was stunned by this sudden occurrence. Before he could recover from his shock, he heard Fang Heng's voice of disbelief.

"It's really Guangyuan's taste. It even has the same sticky feeling. Boss Yuan, how did you do that?"

Although he only ate a tiny strain of noodle, authentic Guangyuan Steamed Cold Noodles were very unique. The moment he stuffed it in his mouth, he was able to determine that it had the authentic taste.

"I cooked according to the recipe," Yuan Zhou answered unhurriedly.

Fang Heng had a lot of words to say, but they were all stuck in his throat. Finally, everything was transformed into a single short sentence, "This... is illogical."

After Yuan Zhou washed the chopping board and hung it back where it was, the kitchen was as clean as new again.

"Fang Heng, your level of shamelessness is comparable to Wu Hai," Chen Wei had a complicated feeling about this. On one hand, he despised Fang Heng for eating the leftover noodles on the chopping board. On the other hand, he was jealous of Fang Heng for being able to taste the leftovers. Unfortunately, he was not shameless enough to do what Fang Heng did.

Jiang Changxi clicked her tongue in amazement. People would always be affected by their surroundings and those near Wu Hai would turn shameless like Wu Hai.

"I thought Wu Hai was the only shameless one around here. So you are one as well," Chen Wei berated.

"Well, not many people saw that anyway." Fang Heng did not seem to mind, "In any case, with how cultured I look, even if this was spread, nobody would believe it."

Fang Heng finished confidently, "Nobody would believe that Fang Heng who cares so much about his appearance would snatch leftover food on Boss Yuan's chopping board.

This rendered Chen Wei speechless. "That works?"

Just like that, with the shock of Chen Wei and other customers, the incident came to an end. Those drinking resumed drinking while those only here to watch left.

In truth, the night had passed quite peacefully.

As for the mood of the filming crew, Yuan Zhou was completely oblivious. Moreover, he was completely unaffected by what Fang Heng did as well. Early morning the next day, he stuck to his usual schedule of waking up, exercising, preparing the ingredients, before opening his restaurant. Of course, he did not forget to tell Zhou Jia to get the lucky draw box out as well.

"Put the box outside and start the draw," Yuan Zhou said.

"Ok. Don't worry, boss," Zhou Jia nodded and headed outside with the box.

At this time, there was already a long queue outside the restaurant. Among them, a certain group of people was especially conspicuous. They were all wearing the same outfit. Naturally, these were the people training under Chen Wei.

Lining up here to get the lucky draw was already part of their training routine. They even had someone chanting slogan while doing this.

"What is our goal?" The young man at the front asked. He was the person who had gotten the first draw for Chen Wei back then. Now, he was already a leader of a group, knowing how to use slogans to stimulate the mood of his group members.

"To draw a prize! To draw a prize! To draw a prize!" The young men behind him shouted together.

"That's right! To draw a prize! What is the goal of drawing a prize?" shouted the leader.

"For Coach Chen! For Coach Chen! So that Coach Chen gets to drink liquor!" shouted the young men energetically.

"Every time I see them, I rejoice in the fact that my superior is not an alcoholic," Yin Ya lamented.

"True. Every time I see them, I start wondering if Chen Wei is the leader of a pyramid scheme," Man Man said fearfully.

"Luckily, our superior is not an alcoholic," many other customers lamented as well.

"Luckily, Director Jiang is a normal person." Even Yu Chu who was here for breakfast thought of Jiang Changxi.

That's right. In comparison, Jiang Changxi was way too normal. At the very least, she did not make them do something like that. She would come personally for the lucky draw.

Chen Wei, however, did not care what others think. For him, getting to drink liquor was the only thing that mattered. This time, he was in luck as he was the first person in line to draw. However, his underlings were on the back of the queue.\

In a way, Chen Wei was still quite fair. After all, what he did was in a sense a way of cheating. Therefore, he could not be too brazen about it and got his underlings to stay at the back of the line. As for he himself, he still lined up usually. After all, he had never personally succeeded in drawing the prize for himself.

This time was no exception. He still failed to draw the prize.

The second in the line was the novelist. He was wearing a black lined jacket together with a round cap. While he reached for the box, he spoke, "Chen Wei, you never get the draw anyway. Why are you here so early?"

"It's never a bad thing to try my luck," Chen Wei answered frankly.

"It's not like your luck will change. As for me, I will definitely get it," said the novelist as he pulled his hand out of the box.

Lying on the novelist's pale palm was a bright red table tennis ball.

"You're just lucky," Chen Wei mumbled.

"Thank you for the compliment," the novelist said with a smile before paying and leaving.

"Are you skipping breakfast again?" Chen Wei asked.

"No. I'm going back to resume my sleep. I did not sleep last night," said the novelist with his back against Chen Wei. After waving his hand, he walked away.

"This fellow is living in the American timezone," Chen Wei said with a frown.

That's right. The novelist would leave after the draw each time. If he got the prize, he would pay for the liquor. If he did not get the prize, he would still leave. Apart from drinking, he had never eaten anything of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou who was waiting to formally start his business heard a prompt from the system.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host, for obtaining liquor customer number 998. A new liquor is rewarded."

"New liquor?" Yuan Zhou was shocked.

"Wait a minute. What's the deal with 998?" Yuan Zhou asked when he thought of the random number.

The system's words seemed familiar, but at the same time, seemed completely random.

The number 998 immediately reminded Yuan Zhou of the TV advertisements with catchphrases such as "Not 1998, not 2998, now, you only need 998..." and so on.

And because of that, Yuan Zhou nearly rejected the system by reflex.

The system displayed, "The host's pub has already served 998 customers. A new liquor will thus be rewarded."

"998 customers already? Time sure flies," Yuan Zhou lamented after a slight stun.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"So can I redeem the reward directly or is there any additional condition for it?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "The host may redeem it directly."

"Good," Yuan Zhou nodded and prepared to redeem the reward.

"Good, since there are still a few minutes before the opening hour, let me see what liquor I got," Yuan Zhou glanced over at Zhou Jia who was overseeing the lucky draw and checked the time before redeeming the reward.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released. The host may take a look at it."

Yuan Zhou immediately looked around at the cabinets, trying to see if the new liquor was in the cabinet.

He found that there was no change in the kitchen. Only then did he decide to check the reward description.

"It's a beer?" Yuan Zhou was astonished when he saw the description.