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802 Yuan Zhou's Care

 It wasn't that late at night yet, but something was different tonight. Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still open, and the restaurant was filled with people. At first, it was only several curious liquor customers. But subsequently, the pedestrians saw that there were people there and started joining in.

Humans were curious by nature. With this being Boss Yuan's restaurant, the curiosity was even stronger. Therefore, the crowd accumulated like a snowball effect.

Despite the crowd, the restaurant was in complete silence right this moment. Numerous pair of eyes were fixed on Yuan Zhou and the bowl of Steamed Cold Noodles on his hands.

Most people would feel uncomfortable eating when being stared at by so many people. But who was Yuan Zhou? Of course, he wasn't exactly a shameless person, but as far as the crew members were concerned, he was the most shameless of all.

Only the sounds of Yuan Zhou chewing could be heard. Suddenly, Yuan Zhou spoke, "I had estimated wrongly. The capacity of my stomach is indeed not something I can predict."

He was speaking louder this time, instantly shattering the hopes of the crowd that were convincing themselves that Yuan Zhou was definitely not a shameless person. Yuan Zhou was indeed shameless.

"Boss Yuan, have you eaten too much?" Chen Wei asked with his teeth clenched.

"It's ok, I suppose," Yuan Zhou set the completely empty bowl down, giving the camera a clear shot of the bowl.

Just as Chen Wei and the others were about to say something else, Da Hai coughed and said, "Cough. Alright, that's all for today."

"Ok. Thank you, everyone, for your hard work," Yuan Zhou nodded and started putting the tableware away.

When he did that, the eyes of the crew members lit up.

"Hu, the work is over," Qiu Qiu turned the camera off and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Is Boss Yuan going to prepare another meal for us?" Qiu Qiu wondered while putting the camera away.

Although he had been here once and was aware that Yuan Zhou was very strict, he had never worked here. Therefore, he was hoping that this would be an exception.

"Alright. That's all for today," Xiao Longren started putting away the equipment in excitement when he saw what Yuan Zhou was doing. When he thought of the Steamed Cold Noodles that he would get to eat later, he felt incredibly motivated to do his work.

"Let me help you," Ah Ken also helped.

The crew members all focused on putting their equipment away. Each of them looked excited and much more energetic than they were when they just arrived.

After all, they had their rumbling stomachs urging them to work better and faster.

While they were busy putting the equipment away, Yuan Zhou was meticulously cleaning the tableware and the knife before putting them back where they were. Only the chopping board that they might still need for the filming was left untouched.

After he was done, he sat down for a rest. After all, the filming had been taxing mentally for him. Even when he was eating, he had to pay attention to his image. It was understandable that he was exhausted.

When Chen Wei saw that, he did not know what to say. After all, Yuan Zhou had been doing everything according to his rules. Nevertheless, he was still feeling rather vexed.

"I'll come tomorrow to order this Steamed Cold Noodles," Chen Wei decided.

"What do you think?" Jiang Changxi asked.

"It's definitely good," Fang Heng nodded, his eyes fixed on Yuan Zhou's chopping board.

"Can you ascertain if it's authentic?" Jiang Changxi asked with a grin.

"No, but we will know soon," Fang Heng said with absolute certainty.

This got Jiang Changxi and Chen Wei confused. Yuan Zhou had already finished the noodles. How could he found out now?

Shortly after, the crew members were done putting their equipment away. They stared at the countertop expectantly only to see a completely bare countertop. Apart from a chopping board, everything else had been put away. It did not seem like Yuan Zhou was intending to cook more.

The crew members were all stunned at this sight. They stood behind the director, and since Xiao Longren was not willing to give up, he started gesturing at the director with his eyes.

He was gesturing to the director to quickly tell Boss Yuan that they were hungry.

Da Hai was somewhat nervous when he saw that Yuan Zhou was resting and no additional ingredients had been prepared.

But when he thought of the appearance of the Steamed Cold Noodles earlier and smelled the lingering aroma in the air, he steadied his heart and stepped forth before saying, "Boss Yuan, we have already finished putting away the equipment. We are still very hungry so we will be taking our leave now."

Da Hai was a person who relied on his talents to make his living. He wasn't a young man either. He was a middle-aged man that knew the ways of the society. A man like him would usually speak tactfully.

Therefore, taking his leave, he was also telling Yuan Zhou that they were hungry. What he truly meant was that since they were done with business, shouldn't Yuan Zhou treat them to a meal now?

Of course, those words should remain unspoken. After all, there was no official agreement that Yuan Zhou needed to treat them to a meal. They were all paid their due for the work here, and even their transportation fees had been accounted for.

Treating the crew to a meal after filming was merely a common courtesy.

"Our job is so hard. It's nearly 10 at night and we have yet to eat our dinner."

"Thank you, everyone, for your hard work. Be careful on your way back and stay safe," Yuan Zhou stood up and advised in a concerned manner, "By the way, since it's already so late, remember to eat some porridge before you take any solid food. Don't eat anything that is too spicy as well."

Yuan Zhou was behaving exactly like he was telling them to leave.

Of course, Yuan Zhou was feeling somewhat ashamed inwardly. He had initially thought that a promotional video filming would only take 10 minutes. Yet he had accidentally made too many noodles and therefore, the filming was extended for more than 10 minutes just filming him eating. Even their dinner time was delayed because of this.

That was why Yuan Zhou had gone out of his way to advise them to not eat spicy food so late at night.

Inwardly, Yuan Zhou was praising their professionalism and dedication to their job, to the point they neglected dinner.

Da Hai, "..."

"I..." Xiao Longren who was a straightforward person was somewhat confused. He wanted to say something but was stopped by Bai Li.

"Oh, don't worry. Thank you, Boss Yuan. We will be leaving now," Da Hai answered, still somewhat dazed.

"See you," Yuan Zhou nodded and watched on as they left.

The crew members were completely confused, especially Da Hai. "Why isn't Boss Yuan doing what everyone else will do?"

Based on Da Hai's societal experience, in that situation, Yuan Zhou should have persuaded them to stay behind. And then, they would exchange some pleasantries before the crew ultimately settled with eating at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

But now, something entirely different was happening? Da Hai turned around and looked at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, still puzzled.

Meanwhile, Fang Heng who had long prepared himself initiated his attack. As a hungry tiger pouncing on a lamb, he charged at the countertop and as nimble as the monkey stealing the peach, his hand reached towards the chopping board.

That's right. Fang Heng was aiming for the tiny strains of Steamed Cold Noodles leftover on the chopping board.