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801 Cooked Too Much

 The Steamed Cold Noodles did look very appetizing.

As the steamed rice milk was very thin with less than 2 millimeters thickness; after slicing five pieces of steamed rice milk, there were only enough noodles to fill one bowl.

The milky white cold noodles were neatly arranged in the cyan bowl. Due to the color of the bowl, the noodles looked even more glossy. The newly made chili oil was poured onto the noodles, which were now emitting a slight layer of steam. When one studied the noodles, one would be able to see that each strain was permeated with red and glossy chili oil, with some sesame seeds sticking to them. The entire dish looked spicy and delicious.

The chili oil slowly soaked to the bottom of the bowl. Then, Yuan Zhou scooped up a spoonful of garlic water and poured it into the bowl. Instantly, the smell of garlic mixed with a spicy smell flooded the restaurant.

"This smells so good," the customers muttered.

Thud. Yuan Zhou placed the bowl down while the camera zoomed in on it.

The dark green bowl was filled with thin cold noodles. Each strain of noodles was wrapped with red glossy chili oil with sesame seeds sticking to them. And beside the bowl was a pair of brown chopsticks.

The sight of that bowl of Steamed Cold Noodles gave one an illusion that one could smell it through the screen.

When the camera zoomed in, it gave one an intense urge to pick up the chopsticks and start eating, to see if it tasted as good as it looked and smelled.

"Hey, so is it authentic or not?" Chen Wei poked Fang Heng and asked. When he turned around, he saw that Fang Heng's eyeballs were popping out of his sockets. His entire body seemed to have tensed up, as if he was about to pounce on the bowl of noodles.

Chen Wei asked again, "You mentioned that Boss Yuan will definitely fail at making an authentic Steamed Cold Noodles, right? What is this reaction?"

"How many times do I need to repeat myself. I have full confidence in Boss Yuan. But I merely believed that due to geographical issues that can't be solved, Boss Yuan would not be able to make an authentic Steamed Cold Noodles. But more importantly, regardless of whether Boss Yuan's version is authentic or not, it will definitely be very good," Fang Heng said.

Jiang Changxi and Chen Wei nodded. This time, they found him agreeable.

Perhaps because Qiu Qiu was also the cameraman, he had a clearer look at the bowl of noodles. His mouth was now filled with saliva. Suddenly, he thought of something. The bowl before him was quite large. On an empty stomach, one would be full by eating just this one bowl.

However, there were seven of them here. And so, this bowl did not seem enough for all of them.

Qiu Qiu was a person who had eaten at Yuan Zhou's restaurant before. He had some understanding of Boss Yuan's temperament. Therefore, Qiu Qiu was of the opinion that Yuan Zhou would probably get them to share this bowl of noodles instead of making extra.

Of course, one could always hope that Boss Yuan was feeling kind today and prepare two extra bowls of noodles. But Qiu Qiu did not think that would happen. If they had to share this one bowl, then the speed in which one could eat would be very important.

When in elementary school, Qiu Qiu was the relay race champion. He was confident he could snatch the largest portion of noodles among them all. Noiselessly, Qiu Qiu started moving nearer to the bowl of noodles to gain an advantage in the coming war. As a one time customer of Yuan Zhou, he had too big of an advantage over his colleagues.

As for the other six members of the crew, apart from Bai Li who was standing blankly to the side, everyone else was getting agitated. Ah Ken was swallowing his saliva without stop. After all, he hadn't eaten much for dinner. As for Xiao Longren, he was waiting for Da Hai to say "cut" so he could pounce on the food.

The entire process of Yuan Zhou cooking had been extremely smooth. There was no need for a retake. However, Yuan Zhou was not feeling relaxed from having finished filming. Since Zhou Shijie had made his promise, he had to complete the task properly. After all, Yuan Zhou was very happy to help promote the cooked wheaten food of China.

"I'm not supposed to eat any supper," under everyone's gaze, Yuan Zhou spoke before lifting the bowl and a pair of chopsticks.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had lifted the bowl and chopsticks. It was obvious that this was an action one would do before eating. All of them stared at Yuan Zhou in stupefaction.

"This dish is Steamed Cold Noodles, a specialty snack of Guangyuan. It is made by soaking the locally grown rice grains in the spring water from the deep mountains of Guangyuan," Yuan Zhou started stirring the noodles as he introduced.

While introducing, Yuan Zhou took off his surgical mask, revealing the serious expression on his face.

Then, Yuan Zhou picked up the tender noodles that were dyed red with chili oil and stuffed them into his mouth.

Instantly, a hot and numbing taste erupted in his mouth. Yuan Zhou quickly chewed and swallowed the noodles before speaking again.

"To make the Steamed Cold Noodles with its original flavor, one has to use the local ingredients of Guangyuan. The cold noodles would be very soft yet springy while being chewed. The chili oil serves as a perfect combination for that sensation, giving off a hot, numbing, fresh, and fragrant feeling," Yuan Zhou explained seriously.

He was describing the taste very seriously.

"As some vinegar had been mixed into the chili oil, when eating, there will be a slight sourness. But the sourness has been perfectly blended into the flavor of the rice. This version of cold noodles are much tastier than cold noodles made with flour and does not feel powdery at all," Yuan Zhou gave a detailed description.

"Moreover, as only simple ingredients were used, the natural flavor of the rice was perfectly showcased, blending perfectly with the spiciness, with the aftertaste lingering in one's mouth after eating," Yuan Zhou continued.

After his explanation, Yuan Zhou raised his head to see everyone staring at him in stupefaction. He started wondering if his explanation was not detailed enough. Inwardly, he grumbled that it sure is hectic filming a promotional video. But then, he reasoned that for the sake of viewers, a detailed description was required to allow them to know exactly how the noodles tasted. It was understandable that he needed to explain better.

And thus, Yuan Zhou started giving an even detailed description on the noodle's taste.

After he was done, he noticed that the entire restaurant was enveloped in silence.

Why were the crew members dumbfounded? It was because none of them had expected that Yuan Zhou would be eating the noodles himself.

What was going on?

Even Qiu Qiu was dumbfounded. As a one time customer here, he was completely stunned, realizing that Yuan Zhou was even weirder than he had imagined.

If he was being weird and decided to eat the noodles himself, why was he giving such a detailed description of the taste? Was he doing this out of spite to human society?

That was too terrifying of an experience.

After Yuan Zhou finished his explanation, he focused on eating. Although the noodles were very good, Yuan Zhou already had his dinner before this. Therefore, he was having difficulties finishing this bowl of noodles.

"If I knew about this, I should have cooked a smaller amount. I feel like I can't finish this," Yuan Zhou mumbled.

Most people would maintain a smile on their faces while cursing inwardly. But now, the crew members couldn't even maintain the smile on their faces anymore. When they heard what Yuan Zhou was mumbling, they started cursing endlessly in their hearts.