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800 How Many Bowls Should I Eat?

 Yuan Zhou proceeded to flip the other pieces of the steamed rice milk. The rest couldn't help themselves but look over at Da Hai.

"So have the pieces actually been flipped or not?" Everyone was in doubt.

The liquor customers to the side were looking at the filming crew smugly, as if this was nothing surprising at all.

Even Fang Heng who doubted Yuan Zhou's ability to make an authentic Steamed Cold Noodles had the same look on his face. As far as Fang Heng was concerned, even if Yuan Zhou couldn't make the authentic Steamed Cold Noodles, his cooking skills were still top-notch. The only reason Yuan Zhou would fail was due to his geographical location.

After all, they had all seen Yuan Zhou doing something even more impressive.

"They have indeed been flipped," Da Hai studied the screen meticulously before nodding his head.

In fact, Da Hai was dumbfounded as well. He had replayed the recording several times and had only noticed that Yuan Zhou had indeed flipped the pieces after watching in slow motion.

Not only had he watched the recording in slow motion, he had even enlarged the screen as well in order to notice that there was indeed a slight difference after the pieces were flipped.

The pieces that had been flipped looked flatter while the pieces that had not been flipped had a slight curve to it.

Yuan Zhou did not have a lot of the square bamboo steamers around. Therefore, it did not take Yuan Zhou long to finish flipping all of them. Now, he could set them aside to wait for them to cool off. Next, he started heating the pot so he could start making the chili oil.

Before doing that, Yuan Zhou picked up some sesame seeds from a tiny bowl.

He was trying to pick out the tinier sesame seeds to ensure that the finished dish would feel better when chewed on.

Next, he used a different pot and started stir-frying the sesame seeds. The sesame seeds for the chili oil needed to be cooked. That way, the chili oil would taste even better.

When the sesame seeds turned slightly yellow, Yuan Zhou took them out of the pot and set them aside.

At this time, the chili he stir-fried earlier had cooled down. He immediately grinded them into pieces before putting them aside.

In truth, there were many preparation methods for chili oil. Yuan Zhou was using the simplest and fastest method. Of course, he needed a hot pot and cold oil to do this.

After heating the pot, Yuan Zhou poured oil inside to allow the oil to heat up. This time, he used a corn oil that was bland and would not carry any other flavors with it. This would make the flavor of the chili more distinct.

"He's making chili oil. This will definitely taste good. It smells so nice," Chen Wei nodded.

"True, for any other dishes, the chili oil will be the soul of the dish. Whether the dish tastes good or bad will be depending on the oil," Fang Heng nodded.

"Of course. Have you forgotten about the Translucent Beef Slices?" Jiang Changxi threw Fang Heng a sideways glance.

"True. But this is still my first time witnessing Boss Yuan making chili oil. So it requires this much work," Fang Heng wasn't angry and looked at Yuan Zhou inquisitively.

"Isn't chili oil something you can prepare by mixing hot oil with some chili flakes?" that was how Jiang Changxi thought chili oil was prepared.

"That is why you can't cook," Chen Wei concluded.

"Piss off," Jiang Changxi said without hesitation.

While they bickered, Yuan Zhou was already done with the chilies. He poured the sesame seeds on top the chilies. Now, he only needed to add the oil to it.

"He had actually added scallions and some other ingredients to the oil?" Jiang Changxi said when he saw Yuan Zhou taking the ingredients out of the oil. Among the ingredients, scallions were the only one she recognized.

That's right. In the oil Yuan Zhou left heating, he had some other ingredients added.

Pa! Yuan Zhou turned the stove off and washed his hands before he started slicing the steamed rice milk.

Yuan Zhou used a porcelain knife to slice the steamed rice milk as metal would damage the soft steamed rice milk, also affecting the flavor.

The porcelain knife was both sharp and without any additional odor.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Yuan Zhou picked up the square bamboo steamers and picked five pieces of steamed rice milk onto the chopping board.

He moved quickly and accurately. Instantly, five pieces of steamed rice milk were arranged neatly on the chopping board. During the entire process, Yuan Zhou's hand had not even touched any of them.

"Aim the camera properly," Da Hai reminded Qiu Qiu.

That's right. Now that Yuan Zhou was about to use his knife, the director was getting serious. He had long known that Yuan Zhou was good with knives.

Da Hai was correct. Yuan Zhou merely leisurely picked up the knife and with a few swipes, strips of slender cold noodles with the same length were left on the chopping board.

As the noodles were made by rice milk, they looked like the Cold Skin Noodles. They were white and slightly transparent. The only difference being that these noodles were thin and slender, unlike the Cold Skin Noodles that would be wider in size. Moreover, the countenance of these noodles was far more sparkling and translucent in comparison while carrying the milky white color of rice with them at the same time.

"Looks like Boss Yuan is planning to eat it cold instead of hot," Fang Heng instantly knew that Boss Yuan was preparing to make it cold the moment he saw the shape of the noodles.

"Yeah, yeah, you know everything," Jiang Changxi remarked.

"By the way, it's not like Boss Yuan will give you any of the noodles later. How would you know if Boss Yuan's noodles are authentic or not then? In my opinion, the noodles will definitely be authentic," Chen Wei asked.

"I have my ways of knowing," Fang Heng smiled and revealed nothing.

"What plan do you have? Hiss... that smells awesome!" Chen Wei was about to continue asking when his attention was completely pulled away by an intense spicy aroma.

This was an aroma that was spicy and carried a tiny trace of sourness in it. It whetted one's appetite immensely just by smelling the aroma.

"Yes, it smells nice. I'm feeling hungry now," Jiang Changxi nodded.

"Forgetting everything else, the smell of this chili is perfect. I wonder how it will taste when everything is mixed together," Fang Heng swallowed his saliva.

As they wondered, Yuan Zhou poured the oil onto the chilies. He stirred while pouring, causing the aroma to spread over the entire restaurant.

As this was not within the business hours, the aroma lingered in the restaurant, causing everyone to feel hungry.

After Yuan Zhou finished stirring the oil, he added some vinegar into it. The resulting smell caused everyone to feel even hungrier.

The spicy aroma mixed with a slight sourness was indeed a perfect combination to trigger everyone's appetite, causing everyone to swallow their saliva.

"This smells so good," Chen Wei remarked.

The liquor customers all knew that they wouldn't have the chance to eat any of it. Apart from Fang Heng who had been mentally prepared, the rest felt an intense longing towards the food as they watched Yuan Zhou cooking.

Even the filming crew members were losing their mind from the smell. Of course, they were extremely happy inwardly.

"Ahhh, this is probably our meal later. I feel so happy. The smell alone is already so great," Ah Ken mumbled as he swallowed his saliva.

"Boss Yuan's cooking skills are truly excellent. I can't control my saliva anymore," lamented Da Hai.

"From the looks of it, the dish is near completion. How many bowls should I eat later?" Xiao Longren was paying attention to the noodles at all times.

"Um, I think I will have five bowls. After all, the portion is much smaller than dumplings," Xiao Longren made up his mind.

"The mixing is done. I think the dish will be ready soon. I'm so hungry." Even Qiu Qiu was losing control.

One ought to remember that of everyone there, Qiu Qiu was the nearest to Yuan Zhou. After all, he needed to get close to Yuan Zhou to properly feature him in the video, and because of that, he could smell the aroma even better than everyone else.

The only reason Qiu Qiu could still stay in control of himself was thanks to his sense of professionalism. Otherwise, he would have started snatching food long ago.

The noodles truly looked extremely appetizing.