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796 Looking For An Astonishing Director

 While saying that the new generations were excelling the old ones, Zhou Shijie suddenly had a feeling that he was very old.

It was fairly common to have such a feeling in the face of Yuan Zhou.

"You are still young." Yuan Zhou comforted him.

The way Yuan Zhou spoke was plain and dull as if he had just told the truth. That made Zhou Shijie feel much better. He took his phone and suddenly burst into laughter.

"Yeah, I'm still very young. I haven't witnessed the moment where you reach the apex of your culinary skills. Yes, I'm indeed very young," Zhou Shijie said smilingly. Though the dishes mastered by Yuan Zhou had all reached the peak, he still had a long way to go on the aspect of fame or the types of dishes that he had mastered.

"Um." Yuan Zhou knew that very well in his heart and thus he wasn't way too complacent. The journey abroad not long ago was a good example. Yuan Zhou's restaurant wasn't really well-known in Thailand.

Strictly speaking, it was still too early to say Thailand. According to the system's strict assessment, he was only well-known in Sichuan Province, not even nationwide.

But Yuan Zhou believed that he had undoubtedly become well-known nationally after he attended the Sino-Japan Exchange Meeting twice and became popular through the Internet community. Of course, no one knew the standards of the system's assessment, it was also possible that the system was taking revenge on him. This was what Yuan Zhou thought secretly.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't complain about this matter to the system. After all, he would achieve his goal one day.

"I heard from Zhong Lili previously that you caught a thief who stole things on the street." Yuan Zhou began to talk about another matter.

He could still remember that everybody was shocked when Zhong Lili spoke about this matter in his restaurant. According to Zhong Lili, someone encountered a robbery at that time and thus shouted in the street. However, none of the young people went to catch the thief. Just when the thief dressed in a black hoodie was about to escape, Zhou Shijie directly threw Zhong Lili's shoulder bag toward him.

Well... there wasn't much in Zhong Lili's shoulder bag, just bottles and bottles of cosmetics in bottles and containers. Having been hit by the shoulder bag, the thief in a hoodie fell down. Then, Zhou Shijie took hold of the thief and overpowered him.

All his actions were as natural and smooth as the floating clouds and flowing water, but that really startled Zhong Lili. Zhou Shijie was more than 50 years old and surprisingly still acted so violently. What if he fell down or got hurt? When Zhong Lili had a meal in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and talked about this matter, she sounded quite indignant. It was an old man rather than young people on the side who acted for justice.

Speaking of this matter, Zhou Shijie had quite a different opinion. He said on the phone, "People often say there are fewer and fewer people who dare to defend the weak against the strong in society. I don't think so. There were many people on the scene and everyone believed that somebody else would offer help if I didn't do that".

"In my opinion, that's the reason. I don't think it's the indifference that stops so many people from offering help. People must look on the bright side. If we always look on the negative side, we are not likely to live well," said Zhou Shijie lightly. "Besides, many people speak ill of the old nowadays. I just did what I can to speak for we old people."

To overpower a thief at the age of more than 50, well... It was great to do what one could. Great.

"All right. Let's stop talking about this topic. Tell me on which days you are going to have time in the evening. I'm going to ask Steamed Bun Ji to make some arrangements." Zhou Shijie ended the topic proactively and started to talk about the proper business.

"During the pub time at night, I don't need to attend to business," Yuan Zhou thought for a while and said.

"So you are free after 8:30 p.m., right?" Zhou Shijie said. He was very clear about the business hours of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Yeah, after 8:30 in the evening," said Yuan Zhou affirmatively.

"Okay. Do you want to rest for a few days first or start filming tomorrow?" Zhou Shijie asked carefully.

"Let's start tomorrow evening," said Yuan Zhou. He didn't like putting things off. If there was anything he hadn't finished, he always felt a sense of discomfort in his heart.

"Good. I will let Steamed Bun Ji make the arrangements on this matter. He will go to find you at that time," said Zhou Shijie.

"No problem. But I don't want too many people here. It's a small place," Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then said.

"You brat, why don't you change to a larger place?" Zhou Shijie laughed and scolded him.

"It's quiet here," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"All right, whatever you like. I will tell them to bring fewer people here." Zhou Shijie didn't say anything about Yuan Zhou's restaurant, but just agreed to Yuan Zhou's request.

"Sorry to bother you, chairman," said Yuan Zhou courteously.

"No need to be so polite. Just tell me when a new dish is served," said Zhou Shijie.

"I will." Yuan Zhou answered.

"Okay. I'll shut up. Since you just came back, take a good rest," Zhou Shijie instructed.

"Goodbye," after saying that, Yuan Zhou waited until Zhou Shijie hung up the phone and then did the same.

"This guy is so popular." An expression of delight and awkwardness appeared on the face of Zhou Shijie.

He took up his phone again and prepared to call Ji Yi so that he could make arrangements for the video.

Speaking of which, Zhou Shijie had never revealed that the cooking circle and the snack circle were both trying to recruit talents in the face of Yuan Zhou, even Ji Yi hadn't revealed that.

After all, Yuan Zhou was different from other talents. He did well in both circles and did not worry about such kind of trifles.

Therefore, neither Zhou Shijie nor Ji Yi went inside and closely questioned Yuan Zhou which one he chose even if they fought fiercely for this genius outside.

After all, Yuan Zhou was still young and could make more progress in the future. Neither of them wanted to disturb him advancing because of such kind of trifles.

Of course, Ji Yi and Zhou Shijie had the same thought. If they wanted to fight, go outside.

The video wasn't long, but the number of staff couldn't be decreased at will. According to Yuan Zhou's request, Ji Yi told the director to reduce the staff to the utmost extent and retain only the necessary people. There were 7 people in total including the director. They headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant hurriedly.

As was mentioned previously, this activity was devised and implemented by Ji Yi himself. The purpose was to find out the talents from the folk. So the staff invited to shoot the film were all great masters.

The director was called Da Hai, who was fathomless like the ocean. On filming, however, he was indeed quite capable. Judging from his appearance, he could only make a living with his abilities.

Before that, he had finished filming videos of two other masters, one of which was good at cooking Dragon Whiskers Noodles. His Dragon Whiskers Noodles could be said to be a unique talent.

The hand-made Dragon Whiskers Noodles were extremely thin. A needle eye could accommodate 12 strands of noodles.

Of course, some people might not know that one of the Guinness World Records was called "the thinnest noodles worldwide" and was created by a chef from Shandong Province. In that record, 20 strands of noodles could pass through one needle eye. But when Da Hai shot the film, this great master told him that the thinness was the top priority when one seeks to break the Guinness World Records. However, the mouthfeel was also a priority when it came to eating. If the noodles were too thin, the taste wasn't very good. So, 12 strands of noodles had the optimal thinness.

For now, both two great masters had shocked the director. So Da Hai was still thinking about what kind of shock this very famous Boss Yuan could give him on the aspect of cooked wheaten food on the way here. After all, he was now a director that had seen the world... Da Hai literally means ocean in Chinese