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795 A Mission Reward?

 Having been guaranteed that Yuan Zhou wouldn't ask for leave, all the customers in and out felt relieved and prepared to enjoy the delicacies blissfully.

Of course, there were still many customers who looked forward to the video of Yuan Zhou's cooked wheaten food. After all, Ling Hong also said that Chairman Zhou would definitely agree for Yuan Zhou.

These customers would very much like to see Yuan Zhou appear on TV, which was much more attractive than the crudely-made gourmet films.

At least, Yuan Zhou didn't need any special effects while shooting. He wouldn't allow the nice delicacies to be made into the KFC Deluxe Package.

After the issue of Ji Yi's video, however, the originally short lunchtime became even shorter.

Therefore, lunchtime came to an end in a little while after Yuan Zhou's habitual closing remark.

"Lunchtime ends now. See you next time, everybody," Standing behind the long countertop, Yuan Zhou looked at his customers and said earnestly.

As soon as he said that, the customers all left one after another. Not long after that, there was only Zhou Jia and Yuan Zhou in the restaurant.

"See you in the evening, boss," Zhou Jia said with a smile.

"Um. Take care." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then, Zhou Jia turned around and went back. For now, there was nothing she could do but wait to come during dinnertime.

After Zhou Jia left, however, there was only Yuan Zhou alone in his restaurant.

"It really feels awkward say one less goodbye," Yuan Zhou looked at the position where Master Cheng stood during normal times and suddenly said.

Yuan Zhou just stayed put and didn't go wash his hands at once to prepare to sculpt in the afternoon. Instead, he looked up at the second floor of the building across the street. The window was tightly closed and obviously, nobody was in the room.

"I didn't expect this guy would come back later than me." Yuan Zhou was naturally referring to Wu Hai.

That's right. Master Cheng had left for Vietnam. And Wu Hai, who had left at around the same time when Yuan Zhou set out for Thailand hadn't come back yet, though he said he would be back in a few days.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't worry about such a shameless guy like Wu Hai. Since Zheng Jiawei didn't come to him and ask for help, everything should be fine. After all, Zheng Jiawei cared about Wu Hai so much.

"Forget it. Let me see what's the new mission." Yuan Zhou stared blankly for a while and suddenly remembered that he hadn't checked the title mission yet.

"System, let me receive the title mission," said Yuan Zhou inwardly.

The system displayed, "Already received. Please check by yourself."

[Title Mission] Become An Intermediate Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods

(Mission tips: a master chef that doesn't want to be an excellent master of cooked wheaten food isn't a qualified master chef. Go ahead, let the world know that you are a master of cooked wheaten food.)

[Mission reward] Level Up To Intermediate Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods

(Reward tips: the title of Intermediate Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods is sufficient for an intermediate chef like you. Go ahead and be careful, young man.)

The mission was stated very clearly, but Yuan Zhou always distrusted his own Chinese level when he read the mission released by the system. However, due to his confidence in himself, Yuan Zhou still distrusted the ability of the system to express itself.

Because Yuan Zhou read it but didn't understand it.

"Does the reward mean there will be no tangible reward?" Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and decided to ask first.

The system displayed, "The title will be upgraded."

"Um. And then?" Yuan Zhou continued asking.

The system displayed, "All the cooked wheaten food that an intermediate chef should master."

"Yeah, that's the sentence I meant. What does that mean?" Yuan Zhou said.

The system displayed, "You'll know the meaning after you finish the mission."

"Ho Ho. Can I say swear?" Yuan Zhou laughed grimly.

The system displayed, "Polite language is a must-have condition to become a Master Chef."

"Talk sense," said Yuan Zhou angrily.

The system displayed, "No."

"All right. If I can't swear, I have nothing to say." Yuan Zhou shrugged. He was already accustomed to the occasional scams of the system.

As a to-be Master Chef, he had to be tolerant. Of course, the precondition was that the system didn't turn up in front of him. Otherwise, he couldn't guarantee that his 40-meter-long broadsword wouldn't fall on the system.

Well, he was a host who behaved tolerantly and also spoke courteously.

Having finished his psychological buffer, Yuan Zhou thought of a matter in a short while. The business time changed only after he had received the title of Junior Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods last time. He wasn't sure if the business time would change again this time after he leveled up to Intermediate Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods.

"System, will the business time change after the title is upgraded?" Yuan Zhou asked directly.

The system displayed, "You'll know the contents after you get the title."

"All right." The system didn't answer him and Yuan Zhou didn't continue asking, either. He stopped to think about how to finish the mission.

Speaking of which, the first impression that Yuan Zhou left with his customers was that he was quite an awesome chef and he cooked very well. The other impression was that he was a prince charming, but none believed that he was a Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods.

But Yuan Zhou was indeed a master of cooked wheaten food too.

I don't really need them to change their point of view about me. If only they know I'm not only an awesome chef but also a Master of Cooked Wheaten Foods. Yuan Zhou stroked his own chin and thought about that very seriously.

On thinking of cooked wheaten food, Yuan Zhou almost immediately thought of the matter of the video mentioned by Ji Yi at noon, when the system happened to release the title mission.

"System, it seems that you release the mission at the exact time every time." Yuan Zhou asked with suspicion.

That's right. In most cases, it wasn't difficult to finish the mission released by the system. Whenever the conditions matured, the system would release some missions about culinary skills.

The system displayed, "."

"System, did you break? Why is there only a full stop?" Yuan Zhou looked at the single full stop displayed by the system in surprise.

"Hey hey hey. Is it because of an electrical short-circuit? Do you need me to send you somewhere to get repaired?" When Yuan Zhou found the system didn't give an answer for a long time, he asked in a caring way. He could never let go of such an opportunity.

However, the system was still silent and didn't have any reaction.

"Since this thing didn't respond for so long, it might have died." Yuan Zhou thought of a reasonable conclusion.

Just when Yuan Zhou had guessed every possible sudden reaction of the system and came to various unreliable conclusions, his phone rang.

It was the phone call from Chairman Zhou.

Yuan Zhou immediately answered the phone, "Chairman."

"Little Yuan, are you done with your work?" Obviously, Zhou Shijie calculated the time and made the call.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I talked with Steamed Bun Ji and let him film the video in the evening. In this way, he won't affect you running your business," Zhou Shijie said straightforwardly.

"Okay. Thanks, Chairman." Yuan Zhou answered.

"Don't mention it. Anyhow, you are the most awesome chef among your peers and the pride of our circle. So don't think too much about such kind of trifles. It's your proper business only to study the culinary skills carefully." Zhou Shijie spoke highly of Yuan Zhou so straightforwardly, which made Yuan Zhou feel a little embarrassed.

"Um. I will." Yuan Zhou responded to Zhou Shijie's compliments with a nod.

"But don't bring too much stress upon yourself. If you make progress too quickly and go beyond us, I will have no appropriate position for you. All I can do is transfer my position to you." Zhou Shijie made fun of him smilingly.

"I still have a long way to go." Yuan Zhou answered modestly.

"All right. Don't be so modest. Your culinary skills have probably almost surpassed mine. The new generations are excelling the old ones," said Zhou Shijie.