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794 A Chef Who Has His Bottom Line

 "Boss Yuan, you are not going to ask for leave again, are you?" Ling Hong looked at Yuan Zhou and asked him.

"I also wanted to ask that. Boss Yuan, you won't ask for leave again, right?"

"Please don't do that. I don't want to see Boss Yuan leave again."

Ling Hong's words were like a signal starting a discussion. Everybody there joined the discussion whether they had finished the meal or not.

"Boss Yuan, please look into my sincere eyes. I think we can discuss about this matter. What about cooking only breakfast and leaving lunch and dinner alone?"

"Nooooo. If I can't see Boss Yuan here, I can't eat anything, either. Boss Yuan, do you really hope for me to become slimmer?"

In an instant, Yuan Zhou was directly surrounded by various questions from the customers. Even Zhou Jia was looking at Yuan Zhou with an expectant look on her face.

"Ahem ahem." Yuan Zhou took off the face mask once in a blue moon and pretended to cough. Only then did he speak seriously.

"No, I won't ask for leave this time. I think even Chairman wouldn't agree," Looking at the people who were discussing outside, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

After all, Yuan Zhou could hear their conversation outside the door. With his sensitive senses, he had no way not to hear that.

"Really? Are you serious?" The customers all emitted a sound of disbelief.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I think Boss Yuan is right." Ling Hong affirmed what Yuan Zhou said first this time.

"Zhou Jia, continue with your work," Yuan Zhou suddenly said to Zhou Jia beside him.

"Oh, okay. Sir, what do you want to eat today?" Zhou Jia immediately reacted and continued taking orders.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou put on his face mask again and then went back to the kitchen to cook.

"No-discount Ling, how do you know that old man won't agree with Steamed Bun Ji?" A long-haired pretty girl at the side looked at Ling Hong and asked.

When Ling Hong turned around and found it was a pretty girl, he immediately said gently, "Obviously it is because they don't get along well with each other."

"They don't?" The long-haired pretty girl took a look at the three people outside and felt a little puzzled.

"Of course. It would be strange if a person that cooks dishes and the other that makes snacks can get along well, let alone that Chairman Zhou didn't look delighted as soon as he arrived. However, he definitely will agree to be in the video," Ling Hong said affirmatively.

Then, the pretty girl became more puzzled and even some other customers that heard him revealed a puzzled look, too. Of course, there were also some customers who seemed to be clear about the reason.

"It's very simple. Because this matter is actually good for Boss Yuan. As an activity promoted by the Alliance of Cooked Wheaten Food Masters, it's a kind of prestige. And that Chairman Zhou will not refuse a matter that is good for Boss Yuan," Ling Hong shrugged and said.

"I see. If it's good for him, Boss Yuan had better be in the video," the long-haired pretty girl thought for a while and then said hesitantly.

The customers at the side also behaved as if they had made a big decision. They said, "Right. If it is good for Boss Yuan, he better be in the video. Anyway, it will only take one day."

"If worse comes to worst, I won't eat on that day. After all, even during normal times, I don't come every day since I don't have so much money."

"I will just take it as an opportunity to lose weight." It was the slim girl who had said that she couldn't eat anything if she didn't see Yuan Zhou.

Many customers looked at Yuan Zhou and then at the delicacies in front of them when they heard Ling Hong's analysis and they all felt it was better for Yuan Zhou to agree.

All their discussions were heard by Yuan Zhou. It was rare for him to stop and turn around to look at the customers in the restaurant, "A promise is a promise. If I say I won't ask for leave, I won't. I'm a chef who has a bottom line."

The customers in the restaurant all fell silent for a while. Yuan Zhou said that so seriously that they almost believed him.

The long-haired pretty girl that had asked questions just now said first, "It doesn't matter, Boss Yuan. You can go to participate in the video."

"Nothing will be delayed whether or not I enter the video," Yuan Zhou nodded his head to show his gratitude at their kindness before he said that.

"All right. We needn't worry about that. It's more practical for us to think about when we should come to line up after the video is released and more people come to eat here." Before other customers could say anything, Ling Hong raised a very practical question.

"That seems to make sense. I have to study this new problem." Ma Zhida revealed a serious expression.

Instantly, other customers also thought of this very important problem. As was known to all, many of them came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant after they watched Meng Meng's live stream or Folk Talent.

So there would definitely be more people coming after the video was released. For now, the most important thing was how to guarantee that they could gain the upper hand when they lined up for the limited number tickets later.

If they couldn't figure out a solution, they would find it more difficult to eat Boss Yuan's dishes in the future. Anything related to food mattered most. For a while, the restaurant was filled with heated enthusiasm and various discussions.

And outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Ji Yi and Zhou Shijie also started a heated conversation.

"Steamed Bun Ji, you are definitely daydreaming if you want to bring him into the circle of cooked wheaten food. Little Yuan's culinary skills are already on the level of a grand master, so that's totally impossible," Zhou Shijie snorted coldly and said proudly.

"I think you are too biased. Boss Yuan still has a ways to go based on culinary skills. Judging from his knife skills today, he's imperfect," Ji Yi thought of the ice sculpture Yuan Zhou had finished earlier and said smilingly.

"On the contrary, Boss Yuan perfect on the aspect of kneading dough, making snacks, or the other aspects. So he should join the circle of cooked wheaten food." Ji Yi stroked his own beard and continued.

Just when Ji Yi said that positively, Liu Zhang suddenly chimed in at the side.

"Old Ji, you are wrong. The decorative styling of a phoenix bird resting in a phoenix tree on the Phoenix-Tailed Prawns cooked by Little Yuan just now was absolutely lifelike. It's similar to the real one not only in form but also in spirit. In one word, it's simply a unity of form and spirit," Liu Zhang said justly.

"Go away. Whose friend are you?" Ji Yi suddenly glared at Liu Zhang.

Liu Zhang shrugged and indicated he wouldn't say anything more. Only then did Ji Yi look back at Zhou Shijie.

"Hahaha. Brother Liu is telling the truth. Little Yuan either runs the restaurant or studies new dishes. He has even restored some extinct dishes. And he spends all his remaining time practicing knife skills. So the matter that he has bad knife skills doesn't exist at all," Zhou Shijie burst into laughter and then said that.

"But the defective ice sculpture is the truth." Ji Yi was still reluctant to admit defeat.

"I guess it's only for his pursuit of better carving skills. And as far as I know, nobody that holds ice in his hand and carves it can do a great job yet," said Zhou Shijie.

"Anyhow, Boss Yuan has a gift for cooked wheaten food and besides, he does it perfectly." Ji Yi emphasized again.

"Steamed Bun Ji, I can't agree with you more, but Little Yuan is more talented in the culinary skills and he cooks dishes even better," Zhou Shijie said proudly.

"I don't want to waste time debating with you. You don't call the shots whether or not he's going to join the circle of cooked wheaten food. Just tell me if you want to let me shoot the promotional video," Ji Yi said angrily.

"Sure, of course. It's quite necessary to publicize Little Yuan." Zhou Shijie raised his eyebrows and answered.

"When?" said Ji Yi.

"Boss Yuan isn't very busy when the pub is on. That time is good," Zhou Shijie thought carefully and then said.

"It's too late. How can we shoot the video at night?" Ji Yi knitted his brows.

"That's your problem. Little Yuan is quite a principled man and he definitely has no time during daytime." Zhou Shijie shrugged and indicated that it wasn't his problem.

"All right. Just let it be. For the remaining details, I will go to discuss with Boss Yuan." Ji Yi nodded his head.

"No problem, but I must be present then. Otherwise, what if you cheat Little Yuan?" Zhou Shijie looked at Ji Yi with a contemptuous expression.

"Humph. It's up to you." Ji Yi snorted coldly and immediately left.

"Bye, Chairman." Liu Zhang waved his hand mildly to Zhou Shijie and then left, too.

"What a crafty Steamed Bun Ji!" Zhou Shijie didn't really care about that. He took a look at Yuan Zhou who was still busying in the kitchen and left without saying anything.