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788 Nominal Disciple

 As soon as Yuan Zhou turned up, the customers that lined up immediately responded to him enthusiastically and fervently.

"Good morning, Boss Yuan. I missed you badly."

"Was it fun in Thailand? How was your trip there, Boss Yuan?"

"Look this way, Boss Yuan. I'm going to take a photo of you and post it on my Moments. Don't go out anymore recently. You must open the restaurant and earn money."

Seeing somebody taking a photo of him, Yuan Zhou straightened his back habitually with his expression still as solemn as always. That was his style.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, I think you have gotten sunburned, haven't you?"

"However, he is also very handsome this way."

"Yeah. Boss Yuan is the most handsome man."

Since they hadn't seen Yuan Zhou for a whole week, some bold female customers began to make fun of him.

Of course, they didn't really have much battle effectiveness as Jiang Changxi wasn't here. With his complexion unchanged, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head slightly and accepted the compliments readily. Then, he turned around and went back into the restaurant.

At that moment, Zhou Jia went up to them right on time and said.

"Morning, everybody. Breakfast time starts now. Please enter the restaurant and enjoy your meal," said Zhou Jia.

Once she said that, the first few customers suddenly rushed into the restaurant.

It was Ma Zhida who stood at the forefront today. As soon as he got seated, he let out a sigh of relief with ease, "Wow, I'm surprisingly the first today, not Shameless Wu."

"Exactly. I never expect that Shameless Wu still hadn't return till now." Man Man also nodded her head and agreed.

"Just ignore him. I'm almost starving. Jia Jia, prepare a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup for me," a customer at the side said to Zhou Jia.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's eat first. Prepare a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set for me." Another customer also started to order his dishes.

"I'm going to splurge once today. I also want the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." A customer that hadn't eaten it for a long time decided to spend more today.

Just in a little while, the first twelve customers finished ordering dishes and just waited there anxiously. For an instant, one could hear nothing but the sound of boiling water. It was very quiet.

They were simply like children who were waiting in line silently for good food. Everybody was eagerly looking forward to eating the first meal cooked by Yuan Zhou after he came back.

During the several days when Yuan Zhou was away, Wei Wei was in an argument with her father. And they were still in a cold war now.

Somebody said such kind of things wouldn't happen if Yuan Zhou's restaurant was open. But somebody else said Yuan Zhou's restaurant wasn't God's hostel and it was not like it could meddle in everything.

They were rough words but the theory was there. Yuan Zhou's restaurant was part of life, but life wasn't only about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

However, it was undeniable that Yuan Zhou's restaurant was a very important part of the customers' life.

For example, Zhou Jia.

Apart from Yuan Zhou and Zhou Jia who came to work early in the morning in the restaurant, there was also Master Cheng who had been studying diligently. He stood at his fixed position and seriously watched Yuan Zhou cook the noodles.

Therefore, he obtained a nickname of Door-god Cheng.

As all the materials had already been prepared beforehand, half the noodles for the first twelve people were also done in no more than 5 minutes.

"Boss Yuan, you are still cooking so quickly." Ma Zhida, who received his dishes first, sighed with emotion.

"Of course. Boss Yuan is the quickest." Man Man drank a mouthful of the broth blissfully and said affirmatively.

Once Man Man said that, however, Ma Zhida almost couldn't help spitting out the broth he had barely drunk.

"Man Man, how do you know Boss Yuan is quick? Don't speak the truth so carelessly." A man beside her immediately opened his eyes open and looked at Man Man in surprise.

"Yeah, he's right. The truth can't be told so carelessly. As a man, he can be short and he can be thin, but he can never be quick." Another customer humphed.

There were also some other customers who looked at Yuan Zhou and snickered.

Seeing the customers in the restaurant all make fun of her, Man Man finally understood what they meant. Immediately, she blushed and explained to them.

"What are you guys thinking of? What I mean is Boss Yuan cooks dishes well and quickly," said Man Man loudly.

"Oh, yeah. We know that. Boss Yuan is naturally very good." Ma Zhida nodded his head.

Ma Zhida had originally wanted to make fun of her, too. But after he looked at Yuan Zhou and the Clear Broth Noodle Soup in front of him, he gave up the alluring thought. Eating mattered more than anything else, so he said so obediently.

As for Yuan Zhou, he just turned a deaf ear to these discussions and cooked the noodles silently. Of course, it would be more convincing if he didn't try to add some ghost chilies into Man Man's bowl.

Fortunately, Man Man was the second one of the first twelve people, therefore, she had already started to eat her Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

Yuan Zhou believed that he wasn't worse than others on the matter of being quick or not.

There were only 100 servings of breakfast. Compared with lunch and dinner, it naturally ended more quickly. And the customers who managed to eat breakfast naturally left with their heart's content.

Those who didn't manage to eat breakfast also felt relieved. As long as Boss Yuan came back, they could naturally eat it sooner or later. At the worst, they could come to line up again at noon.

That was the thought of the other customers.

Sometimes, they didn't necessarily need to eat something here. They had a sense of satisfaction as long as they saw that the restaurant was open every day.

It seemed to have been a habit to see if Yuan Zhou's restaurant was open. Somebody who studied fortune-telling even said that Yuan Zhou's restaurant was a business of good fortune. He analyzed for quite a while and finally got the conclusion that he could have good luck as long as he kept the restaurant open.

This thing was too difficult to validate. Even though the luck was very good, one couldn't change their fate that was already predetermined.

After the breakfast ended, Zhou Jia said goodbye to Yuan Zhou with a smile on her face while Master Cheng stayed.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked him when he found Master Cheng wasn't leaving.

"Master Yuan, how did you feel in Thailand?" A smile appeared on the straightforward and good-natured face of Master Cheng.

"Not bad," Yuan Zhou thought of his stomach ache that had gone on for a few days and said lightly.

"There's a gourmet seminar happening recently in Vietnam. Are you going there?" Master Cheng asked.

"No." Yuan Zhou immediately refused.

What a joke! His stomach had barely recovered. If he went to a country without any delicacies again now, he probably wouldn't feel good for this whole year.

"Did you receive the invitation?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

"Yes. I'm the principal judge of the seminar," Master Cheng said in embarrassment.

After all, he still felt a little embarrassed to say he was the principal judge of the gourmet seminar in the face of Yuan Zhou. It was like teaching fish to swim.

As it was known to all, Yuan Zhou did much better than him on aspects of the craftsmanship and the understanding of food ingredients.

"It's pretty good." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Thank you." Master Cheng thanked him.

"It's your own capability," said Yuan Zhou earnestly.

"You taught me well. Thank you." Master Cheng appeared quite earnest when he said that. And when he said thanks, he made a bowl of 90 degrees seriously.

With regard to Master Cheng's bowing and gratitude, Yuan Zhou didn't get out of the way. He deserved that.

"Um. There won't be any new dish these few days," said Yuan Zhou suddenly.

"Thank you, Master Yuan." Master Cheng became quite delighted.

Yes, that was the reason why Master Cheng was so hesitant about whether or not he would go to Vietnam. If he left for Vietnam and Yuan Zhou happened to serve new dishes, he would be at a great loss.

However, he didn't dare to tell Yuan Zhou about his concerns nor could he tell them. After all, Yuan Zhou had once told him that he wasn't his apprentice. But now Yuan Zhou told him directly that he wouldn't serve any new dish during these several days, which made Master Cheng feel quite touched.

"All right. Go now." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and then waved his hand.

"Okay. I will bring some gifts for you from Vietnam by then." There was a big smile on Master Cheng's face.

"You don't need to. Just prepare for the seminar well," Yuan Zhou said.

"Don't worry. I won't lose face." Master Cheng guaranteed.

"Um." Without saying anything more, Yuan Zhou just nodded his head.

"Master Yuan, you can call him to pick you up if you want to go outside these few days." Master Cheng took out a phone number and put it on the table.

Yuan Zhou took a look at the phone number on the table and then at Master Cheng and didn't say anything.

"This is the phone number of my pupil. He is free these few days. Just call him if you need him to drive you anywhere. He drives quite steadily," said Master Cheng earnestly.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and didn't refuse his kindness.

"Okay. I'm leaving now. Bye, Master Yuan." Master Cheng was quite happy when he found Yuan Zhou didn't refuse him.

"Have a good trip," said Yuan Zhou.

"Okay, bye." Master Cheng turned around and waved his hand to Yuan Zhou again when he walked toward the door.

Not until Master Cheng left did Yuan Zhou take up the phone number and go upstairs.

"He's so considerate." Yuan Zhou put the phone number into the drawer of the bedside cupboard and then muttered.

Though Yuan Zhou wouldn't call his pupil to do anything, Master Cheng's demeanor was quite touching. He wasn't Yuan Zhou's real apprentice, but he had truly taken Yuan Zhou as his master and respected him.