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787 Country Mission

 After getting his thoughts in order, Yuan Zhou focused on the reward pool again.

"Ok, let's start the draw," Yuan Zhou spoke in an obviously disinterested manner. He lazily moved the turntable in his head to start the draw.

The turntable spun and instantly, it blurred. It was impossible for Yuan Zhou to guess where the arrow would stop. He randomly called for it to stop and the turntable started slowing down.

Shortly after, the arrow stopped at the Beijing Roasted Duck Yuan Zhou mentioned. An image of a Beijing Roasted Duck with only the skin served appeared in his mind.

Fine, this was definitely something the system would do.

"Ok, better than nothing," Yuan Zhou said after giving the reward a single glance.

After Yuan Zhou accepted the reward, the system spoke again.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host, for obtaining a Thai dish."

Yuan Zhou gave no reply. The system continued.

The system displayed, "As the host has already grasped Chinese, French, Danish, Swedish, and Thai dishes, the country mission is hereby unlocked."

"What? Country mission? What in the world is that?" Yuan Zhou asked in stupefaction.

The system explained patiently, "The host will know after the mission is issued."

"So will I be visiting these countries for missions in the future?" Yuan Zhou guessed.

However, the system sank into silence and refused to divulge anything no matter how Yuan Zhou pushed for an answer.

While Yuan Zhou flooded the system with questions, the plane reached the transit hub. Yuan Zhou easily passed the security check and got onto the flight bound for Chengdu.

That's right. For the sake of taking Singapore Airlines during the return flight, Yuan Zhou was willing to take the transit flight at Shanghai before returning to Chengdu.

The travel back was smooth. When he arrived at Chengdu, the sky was already dark. Yuan Zhou called the car he had booked in advance.

"I am back!" Yuan Zhou yelled as he inhaled the cold air of Chengdu.

As he was yelling, the driver called him.

Yuan Zhou answered the call and after some coordination, Yuan Zhou found the driver. He first placed his luggage in the trunk before entering the car. Then, the driver stepped on the pedal and the car sped off.

There was a saying, "With tumultuous applause, I appear gloriously on the stage under the spotlight".

As for Yuan Zhou, it was, "Even without tumultuous applause and no spotlight, he would still appear on the stage".

When he reached Taoxi Road, it was already quite late. While Yuan Zhou's restaurant had been closed for business, the nights of Taoxi Road were extremely quiet. Normally, this would be the business time of his pub. There would also be stalls selling BBQ meats by the street.

Many people would still linger around eating BBQ and drinking beer as they smelled the fragrance of the liquor in the air even if they failed the draw.

Yuan Zhou was planning to move quietly and silently. Of course, this was not because he was worried that he would be noticed and get himself beaten up. He was mainly afraid of creating too much noise and interrupting the sleep of others. It turned out that he had been thinking too much as the street was completely devoid of people.

"I have only taken a detour and used the front door. Why is there nobody here?" Yuan Zhou muttered.

If it wasn't for the lanterns hung in front of the stores, Yuan Zhou would have thought that he had arrived at the wrong location.

"What will happen to the girls that need to travel through this street?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of an issue. With how quiet the street was, wouldn't the girls be afraid when they were passing by alone?

Apart from the A4 paper he had pasted, there were also other A4 papers and some stickers pasted on his door.


What was this? It was too dark so he could not see clearly. He pulled them all off his door before entering and closing the door.

"Home sweet home," Yuan Zhou stretched as he studied his restaurant that was completely clean thanks to the system.

Yuan Zhou nodded in satisfaction and decided to clean up tomorrow morning before he went upstairs to his room.

He had only been away for a week yet it felt like a year had passed. Therefore, among clothing, food, housing and transport, food was definitely the most important. His clothes had been brought over to Thailand from China while the accommodation and the transport were of top-notch quality as they had been scammed from the system.

Even with all that, he was still feeling such huge discomfort due to food. From this, one could see just how important food was. Yuan Zhou suddenly felt like he was very important as a chef. For the people of his motherland, he decided not to rest and open his restaurant tomorrow.

After reaching his room, he took out the papers he pulled off earlier and started looking through them.

[Boss Yuan, where is your conscious? Why did you leave on such a long holiday?]

[Has Boss Yuan gone missing? I feel so weird after not being able to eat Boss Yuan's food for so many days.]

[You have only applied for a seven-day leave. Compass, don't you dare to overstay. Otherwise, consider yourself lucky if I don't beat you to death.]

Yuan Zhou trembled in fear and tossed the papers into the trash can. They were way too scary.

[Please open the restaurant. Boss Yuan, if you reopen the restaurant, I will be your girlfriend. I have large breasts and long slender legs. Please!]

This was totally unacceptable! Yuan Zhou slammed his hand on the table. How could someone paste something this suggestive on his door? One must never forget that Yuan Zhou was a gentlemanly, hardworking, and honest man who greatly loved his motherland!

Was this person trying to sway his heart with something like this?

Absolutely impossible!

Of course, what annoyed Yuan Zhou even more was the fact that no phone number or Wechat contact information was left on the paper. Yuan Zhou studied the paper meticulously and grumbled unceasingly. Shouldn't this person leave a contact method on the paper? Yuan Zhou studied the paper so intensely he nearly pierced through the paper with his gaze alone before finally giving up helplessly. He then placed the paper on the table.

As for the other papers, all of them were complaints toward him. All these were unimportant so Yuan Zhou tossed them all in the trash can.

Although Yuan Zhou was not a person who could only fall asleep on his own bed, he still felt much better mentally having returned to his own room. After a shower, he lay on the bed and fell asleep not long after.

Yuan Zhou did not need any alarm clocks as his biological clock was very accurate. Sharp at 5:30 in the morning, he woke up. He did not go out for a jog like usual. Instead, he spent the time cleaning his kitchen. Although he knew that the system had been keeping everything clean, he would still feel better knowing that he had personally cleaned his kitchen.

There were a lot of things waiting for him to do. After cleaning the kitchen, he started preparing the ingredients for breakfast.

Finally, the restaurant was opened.

Today, the breakfast menu was Clear Broth Noodle Soup. The moment he opened his door, or to be precise, while he was still opening his door, a tumultuous clamor sounded outside the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan opened the restaurant! The restaurant is really opened!"

"Move aside! I must eat the first breakfast after Boss Yuan's return!"

"Piss off! Why must you be the first?"

"Quick, take a picture and share it. This is something major!"

"I was planning to save up and buy some cosmetic items but now that Boss Yuan is back, I will put that aside. Eating takes priority."

"Steamed Dumpling, please be Steamed Dumpling today. If it's Steamed Dumpling, I will gather the courage to confess my love to my goddess!"

Today was the eighth day since Yuan Zhou left. Although they knew that the restaurant was supposed to open today, they still grew excited when they saw the restaurant opening.

And instantly, a long line was formed before the restaurant. It formed so fast Yuan Zhou couldn't even react to it.

Someone would confess his love if Steamed Dumpling was served today? A cruel grin formed on Yuan Zhou's face as he yelled, "The breakfast for today is Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set."

Confession? Dream on!