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786 A Simple Reward

 "Boss Yuan, Master Chef Yuan, goodbye," Xiao Xing waved his hand as he stood outside the security counter.

Yuan Zhou turned around and nodded before turning back and leaving.

Xiao Xing only left when he could no longer see Yuan Zhou.

"Sigh, I still failed to scam some food from Master Chef Yuan," Xiao Xing sighed and frowned.

As for Yuan Zhou, he headed towards the special tunnel for first-class cabin passengers.

"What a corrupted capitalist society," Yuan Zhou criticized righteously yet he still continued walking ahead.

He was clearly enjoying the benefits of capitalism the system had provided him.

During the return flight, the security check would only be stringent after landing in China. The procedures here at Thailand weren't too troublesome. Therefore, Yuan Zhou easily reached the departure lounge.

"Just in time," Yuan Zhou muttered in satisfaction when he confirmed that there were 40 minutes left before boarding.

This was sufficient time for him to take a nice rest. After all, he was still having diarrhea just earlier. It was necessary for him to take his medicine and rest.

"Tomorrow will be the eighth day. I need to prepare the restaurant for its reopening tomorrow," Yuan Zhou was already missing his regular customers.

"I wonder if Broth has already finished his meat jerkies," Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of Broth.

When he was leaving, he felt nothing but now that he was about to return, he started to miss his home and his bed on the second floor of the restaurant.

Even though the bed of a five-star hotel was very comfortable, Yuan Zhou still missed his own bed.

"Although nobody is keeping watch on the restaurant while I'm away, the restaurant will still remain clean. Thank you, restaurant," Yuan Zhou smiled and gave his thanks, something he rarely did.

The system remained in silence. Yuan Zhou was already used to this silence and did not say anything else. He sat there in peace waiting for the boarding time.

He was greatly enjoying the benefits of a capitalist society, which in this case was the top-notch service provided for first-class cabin passengers. When entering the departure lounge, he used the special tunnel for first-class cabin passengers. This way, when boarding, he would only encounter other first-class cabin passengers.

"Welcome abroad to Singapore Airlines, Mr. Yuan," greeted a beautiful stewardess while speaking impeccable Chinese.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou immediately felt at home listening to someone speaking impeccable Chinese.

"You're welcome. You may leave your luggage here," said the stewardess with a laugh as she opened the luggage storage compartment.

"Ok," Yuan Zhou nodded and stored his luggage.

"This way to your cabin," the stewardess opened a rather concealed door and invited Yuan Zhou in.

Yuan Zhou nodded and walked into the cabin. As he had already taken a first-class cabin when coming to Thailand, he was not surprised to see the cozy and luxurious room. He sat down calmly.

"Do you need a drink, Mr. Yuan?" asked the stewardess after Yuan Zhou sat down.

"Warm water," Yuan Zhou replied.

"Ok, please be seated," the stewardess nodded and closed the door before leaving to get some warm water.

"Worthy of being a first-class cabin. The sofa is so comfortable," Yuan Zhou lied back as his expression relaxed completely.

"Sigh, my stomach is still aching badly. Fortunately, they have individual toilets here," right after Yuan Zhou lied on his back, his stomach started aching.

"There there, I know the past few days have been hard on you. I will feed you something nice when we reached home," Yuan Zhou spoke helplessly as he rubbed his stomach.

"Come on, the stewardess is going to return. Wait a bit before you start hurting," Yuan Zhou frowned and negotiated with his stomach that seemed to be insisting that he pay the toilet a visit.

Fortunately, Yuan Zhou had a great fortitude. He waited until the stewardess returned with the warm water and calmly ordered his lunch. He only rushed into the toilet after the stewardess left.

"Hu, fortunately, I was able to hold it in," Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh of relief.

The elegant Mr. Perfect was nowhere to be seen. The current Yuan Zhou looked like a madman who enjoyed talking to himself.

By the time Yuan Zhou left the toilet, the plane was already running through the track in preparation to fly.

The reminder to put on the seat belt was played over the speaker. Yuan Zhou obediently sat down and put on the seat belt before patiently waiting for the plane to fly.

Right this moment, a sound of system notification rang in his head.

Apart from the notification sound, a notification prompt had also appeared in his head.

The system displayed, "Ding dong."

"System, you scared me. What's going on?" Yuan Zhou patted his forehead as he asked. After all, he was quite frightened by the system that was behaving out of character.

The system ignored Yuan Zhou's complaint and started displaying words.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host, for completing the first overseas food tasting."

"Thank you," answered Yuan Zhou as he felt the slight vibration of his chair.

Yuan Zhou waited for a bit but the system remained in silence. He then asked, "So you are only congratulating me? Is there any reward of substance?"

Yuan Zhou was habitually requesting for a reward. After all, there was a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, those who complain the loudest get the most attention. Yuan Zhou felt that he was completely in the right requesting for a reward.

The system remained in silence for a long time. Perhaps the system took pity on Yuan Zhou for being forced to eat despite having diarrhea the past few days, but the system agreed to his request. When the plane was steadily gliding through the high altitude, the system gave a reply.

The system displayed, "In view of this being the host's first completion of an overseas food tasting, the host is allowed to draw a price. Kindly accept the reward."

"Thank you, system," Yuan Zhou replied.

[Mission] One completion of overseas food tasting

(Mission tips: One completion of overseas food tasting and finishing the culinary funds provided by the system.)

[Reward] One lucky draw

(Reward tips: A prize pool has been created from the dishes the host had tried at Thailand. The host may draw from the prize pool to obtain the template of one recipe as the reward.)

"I have always been confident in my reading skills. System, are you trying to reward me with a Thai dish?" Yuan Zhou went through the description three times before asking.

The system displayed, "Yes. Host, you may start the draw now."

"What a simple reward," Yuan Zhou berated. Although he couldn't recreate the dishes he had eaten with a 100% accuracy, he was still able to recreate them to a certain degree. This reward felt meaningless, but still, it was better than nothing.

He stopped thinking and stared at the reward that was a list of the Thai dishes he had eaten over the past few days. The system did not even need to create a new dish for this reward.

"Is the Beijing Roasted Duck that only has the skin served part of the reward pool?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

There were five dishes in the reward pool, all of them were Chinese dishes he had eaten in Thailand. However, these dishes had been localized and were different compared to the original version in China.

Thai-style Beijing Roasted Duck, Thai-style Minced Garlic Water Spinach, Thai-style Stir Fry Water Spinach, Thai-style Boiled Beef, Thai-style Egg Fried Rice made up the five dishes in the reward pool.

Among them, Yuan Zhou judged that the Thai-style Egg Fried Rice was the best. Apart from the usual egg, pineapples and dried fruits had been added to the Thai version of this dish. It was quite similar to the Pineapple Fried Rice.

The dish closest to its original version in China was the Minced Garlic Water Spinach as the cooking method of this dish was quite simple. The only difference Yuan Zhou felt was the slight difference in the ingredients.

From the data he had gathered, the vegetables in Thailand were sweeter than what they had in China. This was due to Thailand's geographical location.

Yuan Zhou had indeed done his research during his Thailand trip.