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785 Panda Eyes

 The Internet was loaded with Yuan Zhou's information, but Xiao Xing was reading through the information very slowly as he wasn't very good at Chinese.

There were gossips, interview videos, incredibly exaggerated articles, and so on on the Internet. It was like Yuan Zhou was a celebrity instead of someone with tiny popularity that Xiao Xing had expected.

"That was unexpected. He's actually a celebrity," Xiao Xing lamented.

Xiao Xing was lamenting because he felt that Yuan Zhou was truly very kind and wasn't the slightest bit prideful. He was outwardly cold but inwardly warm.

He moved his mouse around as he continued going through the information. The more he saw, the more shocked he was. When he saw the price of the food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he was so shocked his eyeballs almost popped out.

"That was quite a surprise. Little Yuan is actually an unscrupulous businessman," Xiao Xing patted his chest in shock.

He was shocked because the average meal in Thailand was about 20 THB, which was about 2 or 3 RMB after conversion. Even though Xiao Xing had a comfortable lifestyle, he still wouldn't exceed 100 THB per meal.

He had eaten fried rice in the past so he could not imagine how a serving of fried rice priced at nearly 1,000 THB would taste like.

Suddenly, Xiao Xing recalled something. The lunch he had was, in fact, a huge profit for himself.

"Three bowls of congee, one meat, and one vegetable. From the looks of it, those were his new dishes since they were nowhere to be found on his menu," Xiao Xing started calculating inwardly.

"Holy sh*t, I feel like I have eaten something worth a month of my salary," Xiao Xing's head started aching from the calculation. He was rejoicing in the fact that Yuan Zhou hadn't charged him for the meal. Otherwise, he would have worked for nothing.

"This Yuan Zhou's abilities are so good, no wonder his business is booming. If only I could learn from him." Xiao Xing couldn't help but think about that, revealing an idolizing expression.

It was always good to have more information. At first, Xiao Xing only saw Yuan Zhou's information. Subsequently, for some reason, he found videos of Meng Meng's stream.

It was said that ever since Meng Meng started streaming Yuan Zhou's restaurant, her viewership had improved greatly while her streaming equipment had also been replaced as well, further increasing the quality of her stream.

The clear sight of Yuan Zhou's delicacies through the high-quality stream, Meng Meng eating without holding back, and the appetizing looks of the dishes were stimulating Xiao Xing's appetite.

It was like Xiao Xing had opened a door to a brand new world, causing him to forget time.

The next day.

With a pair of panda eyes, Xiao Xing arrived at the hotel lobby.

Yuan Zhou had not booked a trip to the airport with him. Therefore, Xiao Xing had arrived earlier so as to not miss Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou had already finished packing last night. When he received Xiao Xing's phone call, he wasn't surprised. Dragging his luggage, he saw Xiao Xing's panda eyes the moment he got on the car.

"What... did you do last night?" Yuan Zhou wanted to tell Xiao Xing he should hold back on his nightlife as a young man, but he held back and turned it into a question instead.

Xiao Xing waved his hand, seemingly not willing to talk about the past, "I forgot the time watching videos last night."

"You sure are hardworking," Yuan Zhou replied.

Xiao Xing wanted to say something but hesitated as he did not want to expose himself.

"Little Yuan, you are definitely unaware that this toilet had been built to commemorate a great individual," Xiao Xing started talking while driving.

Great. Building a toilet to commemorate a great individual. Yuan Zhou was confused on a certain matter. It was understandable that when the previous Thai King passed away, his portraits were hung everywhere to commemorate him. But why were they doing the same for the new Thai King?

Was that alright?

The car sped along towards the airport.

There were two airports in Bangkok. One was new while the other was old. Most of the international flights would be scheduled at the new airport while the old airport would be used for domestic flights.

When Yuan Zhou arrived in Bangkok, he landed at the new airport, the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Yuan Zhou did not know what was the meaning of Suvarnabhumi, and he only knew that this was the largest airport in the world. At the same time, this was also an airport that had taken the longest time to complete, the largest international construct in the entirety of Bangkok.

It was the largest and had taken the longest completion time. It was the pride of the Thai people.

After Yuan Zhou heard the introduction, he muttered, "It is indeed worth being proud of the airport being the largest. But longest completion time? Why is that something worth being proud of? Is that not proof of the inefficiency of the construction?"

"Do you think Suvarnabhumi sounds weird? In Thai..."

Xiao Xing gave Yuan Zhou detailed introduction and explanation on everything during the drive. Even his description on the airport was long and detailed. Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Yuan Zhou. After finishing the culinary funds, Yuan Zhou no longer had any interest in Thailand. He did not intend to bring any souvenirs back as well.

"Are you not staying longer? There are many places you have yet to visit," Xiao Xing had already repeated this question many times.

Yuan Zhou was unmoved. It had been quite hard for him to survive this trip. How could he willingly stay behind?

When Xiao Xing saw Yuan Zhou's reaction, he asked expectantly, "Boss Yuan, when are you opening a branch of your restaurant in Thailand?"

"I don't have the time for that," Yuan Zhou gave a straightforward answer.

To open a branch, or a franchise was something most restaurants would strive for. But this was not the case for Yuan Zhou. His regular customers such as Wu Hai, Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong, Wei Wei and her father, and others had been visiting his restaurant for the sake of his cooking skills. If the chef changed, even if he taught the chef everything, the regulars would probably stop frequenting his restaurant.

"It's fine if you are busy, Little Yuan. You can teach me. I will conquer Thailand with Chinese cuisine on your behalf," Xiao Xing felt like he needed to step forth.

"I don't accept disciples," Yuan Zhou said.

He hadn't even accepted Master Cheng as his disciple, let alone Xiao Xing who had no experience cooking.

Xiao Xing took a look at Yuan Zhou's luggage and said, "Not accepting disciples? How about this. You can hide me in your luggage. I have been wanting to visit China anyway."

Yuan Zhou glanced over at him, "You're abandoning your girlfriend?"

"You can take both me and my girlfriend along. We can help around in your restaurant. We don't even need a salary. You only need to provide for our accommodation and food," Xiao Xing offered.

"Wow, you have quite a high hiring requirement," Yuan Zhou replied.

"?" Xiao Xing blanked out in confusion.

If Yuan Zhou really provided for food and accommodation, the food alone would cost him 376 RMB per meal even if he only provided Egg Fried Rice. With two meals per day, the monthly salary of this waiter would be reaching five figures.

"How about only providing for food and forget about the accommodation?" Xiao Xing lowered his price.

Yuan Zhou shook his head, "I do not need to hire anyone for now."

"Alright, I need to board the flight now," Yuan Zhou waved his hand.

Xiao Xing gazed at Yuan Zhou's departing back, his eyes filled with yearning. He wanted to eat Yuan Zhou's food one more time.

"Hold on, Little Yuan, hold on."

Xiao Xing shouted as he chased after Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou stopped walking and looked at him. What was he trying to do now?

"Little Yuan, where is your restaurant? Can you send it to me on Wechat? I suddenly remembered that I am going to China next month for work," Xiao Xing said.

Yuan Zhou sent the address to him and chatted a bit more before leaving.

Finally, everything was settled. He did not need to bring a foodie back to China with him.