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778 Busy Nigh

 Yuan Zhou's option was none of the two!

After he saw the roasted durian, he ended the food trip for the day.

"Are you fine?" Little Xing asked, somewhat worried.

Yuan Zhou had first eaten three of those huge fish before eating anything he could buy on the street stalls. Moreover, he finished everything he bought.

"I'm good." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Do you need digestion-aid medicine?" Little Xing asked.

"I already have them," Yuan Zhou answered.

"Oh, should I drive you back now?" Little Xing asked.

"Um. Thank you," Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then, the two walked towards the parking lot.

"You can wait here. I will bring the car around," Little Xing offered as he was afraid that Yuan Zhou would feel some discomfort after eating so much food.

"It's fine. It's a short walk and there is a turn as well. It will be easier if we both walk together," Yuan Zhou rubbed his stomach and said.

"Oh, ok," Little Xing nodded.

While walking, Yuan Zhou was consciously slowing down and looked around him. Beside him, Little Xing did not notice anything. He was too busy advising Yuan Zhou to stop eating for the day.

"Um. I am not going to eat. I'm just enjoying the night view," Yuan Zhou gave a calm reply.

Shortly after, they reached the parking lot. As usual, Yuan Zhou sat at the front passenger seat.

A clack sounded as Yuan Zhou fastened the seatbelt. Then, he lied onto the seat to relax his stomach, giving some release to his bursting stomach.

Of course, to maintain his image in the tour guide's heart, Yuan Zhou was doing all this secretively. Little Xing had not managed to notice anything at all.

It was now near midnight. Therefore, the traffic was smooth. The city wasn't as busy as day time and seemed rather dark, unlike Chengdu that would be brightly lit at night.

Rumble. Suddenly, Yuan Zhou's stomach started aching.

Yuan Zhou frowned and looked outside. He saw a source of light not far away and when he focused, he found that he was looking at a gas station.

"Thank you for today, and sorry for troubling you until this late. Let's go refuel. You can take a short rest. Don't tire yourself driving," Yuan Zhou suggested.

"I'm good. Don't worry. I'm not tired. All I have done today is eat," Little Xing smiled and shook his head.

"I have still taken many of your time. Make a short stop at the gas station," Yuan Zhou insisted.

"The fuel price has already been included in the tour guide fees. You don't have to worry about fuel," Little Xing explained seriously.

Yuan Zhou saw that they were going to pass by the gas station soon while the pain of his stomach was growing more intense. His face became solemn as he spoke, "No, I insist to pay for the fuel. Consider it a tip from me. In any case, I need to use the toilet there."

"Oh, sure. Thank you, Little Yuan," Little Xing replied when he heard Yuan Zhou saying that he needed to go to the toilet.

Yuan Zhou was having diarrhea. After eating so much food, it was natural that he was feeling unwell. After turning on the indicator light, Little Xing turned and stopped the car near the toilet.

"I'll go refuel," Little Xing said after Yuan Zhou got off the car.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and dashed into the toilet.

Luckily for him, there weren't many people at the gas station during the night. He did not need to wait for a cubicle in the toilet. Like the wind, he rushed into the empty toilet.

"Hu. Luckily there is a gas station," Yuan Zhou rejoiced.

After being done with toilet and refueling, they continued on. As they still had a long way to go, Little Xing spoke when they reached the next gas station.

"I'm taking a smoking break," Little Xing said and drove straight toward the toilet again.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou did not say much. He rushed into the toilet as usual.

And thus, they stopped four times before reaching Yuan Zhou's hotel.

"Thank you for today," Yuan Zhou said, his lips pale. However, he still maintained the same expression on his face.

"Don't worry about it. Give me a call if you need me," Little Xing said.

"Ok. Some tips for you," Yuan Zhou took out 1,000 THB and passed it over.

Tipping was a thing in Thailand, and even the cleaners at the hotel would be tipped every now and then. Since the basic salary here wasn't high, some of them derived half their income from tips.

"Thank you very much," Little Xing joyfully accepted the tips with a bright smile on his face.

"You're welcome. See you tomorrow," Yuan Zhou said and walked into the hotel.

When he saw Little Xing driving away, Yuan Zhou started frowning as his hand rested on his stomach again while his face paled.

"Um, looks like I ate too much seafood," Yuan Zhou muttered as he rushed to the elevator.

He could feel the toilet calling on to him again.

Within the brightly lit reception hall, Yuan Zhou sped forth on the shiny mirror tiles. His steps were fast yet orderly, while one of his hands was holding onto his stomach.

"Luckily my room is not too high up," Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh of relief after he entered the elevator and pressed on the button of his floor.

Diarrhea was something that one could not hold in for long. Therefore, when the elevator arrived at his floor, Yuan Zhou already had his room card ready on his hand.

The nearer he was to his room, the faster he walked.

The moment he opened the door, he rushed straight into the toilet.

After being done with the toilet, Yuan Zhou stood up and had to hold onto the wall. He frowned and muttered, "My legs are feeling wobbly as well. Looks like I need to take the medicine immediately."

That's right. Yuan Zhou's legs that were usually filled with energy was now feeling weak. He immediately understood that this had something to do with his diarrhea. He decided to take medicine immediately so as to not affect his trip tomorrow.

"One packet of stomachache medicine, one packet of anti-laxative medicine, and some Lophanthus Pills should do it," Yuan Zhou said while digging through the pile of medicines he had brought along.

"This will be enough," Yuan Zhou started boiling water after gathering the medicines.

However, right after he turned on the electric kettle, he was summoned by the toilet again.

"The frequency is getting higher as well," Yuan Zhou frowned as he rushed to the toilet.

By the time he was done using the toilet, he was already determined to eat the medicine. Before waiting for the water to cool off somewhat, he directly took the Lophanthus Pills.

"I'll take this first before taking the stomachache medicine and anti-laxative medicine. That will probably help," Yuan Zhou felt that his breath now had a minty smell which came from the medicine.

"This smell goes quite well with spices," Yuan Zhou muttered as he started writing his notes in his notebook.

He wasn't able to write much before he was once again summoned to the toilet. By the time he came out of the toilet, the water he boiled was already cold. After taking two medicines and going to the toilet three times, the medicinal effect finally kicked in.

"Hu, good thing I was still able to finish my notes," Yuan Zhou felt weak even when holding a pen now.

After all, taking a dump was a very tiring activity.

"Phew, I still have my six-packs on me," Yuan Zhou rubbed his stomach and rejoiced.

"Um, my biceps are still muscular as well," Yuan Zhou muttered as he pinched his biceps proudly. However, the sudden pain in his stomach caused the pride to freeze on his face.

It would seem like this diarrhea was trying to kill him.

After the medicinal effect kicked in, Yuan Zhou no longer went to the toilet every 10 minutes. He only needed to go about one time per hour. Satisfied with this result, Yuan Zhou prepared to take a shower before going to bed.

"Tomorrow will be the last day and the day after, I will return home. Luckily I'm only staying here for a week," Yuan Zhou lamented while staring at his notes.