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777 Roasted Durian

 All the customer requests would be fulfilled? Yuan Zhou's eyes lit up as his interest was immediately piqued. Very little chefs could be this flexible with their cooking. Even Yuan Zhou who knew how to make the entire fish banquet would find it hard to pull something like that off.

"Is the food there nice?" Yuan Zhou was trying to pry if the tour guide had eaten anything there before.

Little Xing replied, "The taste is not bad. I have been there once."

Hearing this, Yuan Zhou was relieved and decided on that restaurant. They started heading there.

If they were going to eat at the Three Fishes Restaurant, it was not too early to start heading there now. After all, the restaurant was opposite the city from where they were at now. They had a long way to go.

On the way, Yuan Zhou started rubbing his stomach that was aching when he recalled something and asked, "Are the Three Fishes Restaurant using saltwater fish or freshwater fish in their dishes?"

"I think they use both, but the majority would be freshwater fish," Little Xing answered uncertainly after thinking for a bit.

Freshwater fish would be the best. Yuan Zhou was already prepared to have a meal there.

On the car, Yuan Zhou was wondering how the restaurant could satisfy all customer requests. Requests such as spicy, bland, or sweet would be quite easy to satisfy but what about those tricky requests?

Yuan Zhou decided to have a good look at how that restaurant was going to pull this off later.

They spent the entire evening traveling on the car. By the time they reached, the sky was already dark. The public amenities in Thailand weren't really complete, so many parts of the street were still dark. Fortunately, they were going somewhere brightly lit. The restaurant was on the second floor of the building.

Since Little Xing needed to eat as well, Yuan Zhou decided to treat Little Xing to this meal. He had already checked with the system. He could use the funds to treat Little Xing to a meal as well.

Buddhism had a larger influence on Thailand than China. The moment they entered the restaurant, they saw a Buddhist statue. The statue had a chubby face, a curvy nose, a pair of arched eyebrows, and a sharp chin brightly lit by a lotus lantern.

Yuan Zhou was an atheist but since his parents were Buddhists, he knew a bit about Buddhism. This was a statue of a Buddha from an earlier era. Yuan Zhou looked at it for a bit before pulling his gaze away. For some reason, his mood started sinking.

Following the waitress, they sat down at an empty table. Yuan Zhou did not understand a word of what the waitress was saying. Since this restaurant was quite popular, customers would usually need to queue up to get a seat here. Fortunately, Yuan Zhou and Little Xing arrived early and were able to get a seat.

"Well. What do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou gestured at the waitress to get two menus. He then gave one menu to the tour guide before asking what he wanted to eat.

Based on what the tour guide said, this restaurant would always prepare three fishes based on the customer's preference. Since that was the case, the menu was pointless. With that in mind, Yuan Zhou opened the menu and was immediately disappointed by what he saw.

Although he couldn't read Thai, from the pictures, he was able to guess what was on the menu. The so-called Three Fishes Restaurant was more like a restaurant specializing in fish. On the menu, different types of fish would be assigned to different flavors, such as spicy or salted, and it was completely unlike what Yuan Zhou had imagined.

What Yuan Zhou pictured earlier was a restaurant where he could freely request for what he wanted. For example, if a customer wanted to eat something bland, the chef would cook some bland fish. In his disappointment, Yuan Zhou got the tour guide to translate the menu before he ordered the spicy and roasted fish from the menu.

Since Little Xing had been here before, he did not take much time to decide on what to eat. Although Yuan Zhou was disappointed, he still had a deep impression on the restaurant for their creativity of cooking everything with three fishes. Yuan Zhou decided to do some research on this subject. If he was to release a three-fish dish on his restaurant one day, or even a one fish dish, he would make it a dish where his customers would have absolute freedom on the flavor they wanted.

Three fishes sounded like a lot, indeed, it was a lot. Each fish had a weight of around two catties. Were they trying to stuff their customers to death?

Yuan Zhou tried his very best to finish the food ordered. Even worse was the fact that the food wasn't exactly delicious. Unfortunately, he did not have the stomach of Wu Hai. Otherwise, even six fishes would pose him no problem. Yuan Zhou sighed when he thought of this.

When Yuan Zhou looked at Little Xing that was seated beside him, his eyes went wide.

"Why is your fish so much smaller than mine?" Yuan Zhou asked as he stared at Little Xing's fishes that were about half catty each. The difference was too big.

"I think the spicy and roasted have a standard size," Little Xing said uncertainly. He had ordered the same thing he ordered previously. Therefore, he was quite clueless.

"It's fine," Yuan Zhou nodded. He leisurely stood up and paid the bill.

After the meal, they went downstairs to see a completely changed environment. When they arrived earlier, it was dark and there were few people around. Now, the place was filled with a row of snack stalls.

Although Yuan Zhou was already very stuffed, he pushed himself towards the row of stalls by sheer willpower. He had a firm resolution that no matter what, he had to eat some delicious food today.

Yuan Zhou recalled how the snacks at China weren't extremely tasty but were still special and unique in their own right. He was of the opinion that if one wanted to better understand a place, getting some snacks from some local stalls would be a good option.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou had to eat some of the snacks here.

"Let's go, Little Xing. I'll treat you to some snacks," Yuan Zhou said as he brought Little Xing to the street stalls.

"Brother Yuan, Brother Yuan, I really can't eat anymore. You have been too generous," Little Xing said as he waved his hands.

Yuan Zhou did not believe what he said, "Come on. Three fishes are nothing. How are you full already? Don't worry about it. Come, eat."

Just like that, Little Xing was dragged along by Yuan Zhou to the street stalls. In Thailand, the snacks sold at street stalls were mostly seafood and roasted food.

In fact, the snacks looked very simple. It would be either roasted prawns or crabs with some spice on it. Yuan Zhou tried some and although they weren't bad, he couldn't sing any praises either since he was very picky with food.

Around half an hour later, Little Xing suddenly stopped Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou looked at Little Xing doubtfully and saw a serious expression on Little Xing's face as he spoke, "Brother Yuan, I really can't eat anymore. I am not being polite. I really can't eat anymore." Little Xing felt like his stomach was going to burst apart soon.

"Fine, I won't force you," Yuan Zhou nodded.

Determined to eat something delicious today, Yuan Zhou continued down the street, trying any snack he found. And thus, Little Xing watched on as Yuan Zhou ate everything from one end of the street to the other. Little Xing felt full just looking at Yuan Zhou eating.

Suddenly, Yuan Zhou found something that he did not dare to try.

He found roasted durian.

Something like durian could be roasted as well?

When Yuan Zhou saw this scene, he recalled a question he once saw on the Internet: between a sh*t-flavored chocolate and chocolate-flavored sh*t, which one would you eat?