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775 Meeting His Customer In Another Place

 Yuan Zhou fell asleep without his notice in the car. Even if he was sleeping, he still remained solemn with his back straight. Of course, his eyes were closed.

If it wasn't that Xiao Xing had seen him sleep like that several times, he would have thought Yuan Zhou wasn't asleep.

"This person is way too serious. I've never seen such a methodical but rigid guy," Xiao Xing took a look at Yuan Zhou and muttered in a whisper.

However, it was Yuan Zhou's habit. As a to-be Master Chef and a great master who had mastered superb craftsmanship by now, his actions naturally must conform to such a character setting.

Yuan Zhou was a simple and straight person. He wasn't good at many things, but he had been quite used to pretending to be serious. As a result, he appeared solemn even he was taking a nap.

"Little Yuan, wake up. Here we are." Xiao Xing's voice rushed into Yuan Zhou's ears and immediately woke him up.

"Um. Thank you." Yuan Zhou opened his eyes at once and then he looked at Xiao Xing and expressed his gratitude.

"Huh, you scared me. Every time I wake you up, you act in this way. I almost feel that you weren't sleeping," Xiao Xing got a start when he found Yuan Zhou wasn't drowsy at all and just looked at him spiritedly. Then, he couldn't help saying that.

"Yes, I was asleep. The car runs quite steadily." Yuan Zhou complimented.

"Of course. I always drive very well and I'm the kind of person whom you call Old



." Speaking of his driving skills, Xiao Xing immediately patted on his own chest and felt quite proud. Meanwhile, he didn't even forget to speak in Northeastern Mandarin.

"Do you know the meaning of Old Drivers?" Yuan Zhou looked at him suspiciously.

"Of course I do. It means a driver with superb driving skills. I'm that kind of people." Xiao Xing said that with great confidence. After that, he backed into a parking spot and parked his car into the garage perfectly.

"Well, it can be understood in that way." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. Judging from his understanding of this word, the tour guide wasn't familiar with the Internet phrases of the Chinese.

"Here we are. It's nearly 11:30 and is almost the time." Xiao Xing checked the time, opened the car door, and prepared to get off.

"Yeah. It's supposed to be time for lunch." Yuan Zhou looked around the surroundings and realized that it was an underground parking lot.

"This restaurant is above us, in this shopping mall. We are now on the 2nd level underground and we just need to take the elevator to the 7th floor," Xiao Xing said while leading the way ahead of him.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then, the two people got into the elevator, pressed the right button and waited to arrive at the destination.

"There are quite a lot of commodities in the shopping mall. You can buy some and send them to your friends as gifts. Don't you want to buy some gifts for your girlfriend?" Xiao Xing suddenly looked at Yuan Zhou with an evil smile and asked.

Looking at the wretched smiling face of Xiao Xing, Yuan Zhou suddenly realized he couldn't tell this tour guide that he didn't have a girlfriend. After all, the tour guide told Yuan Zhou that he had a very beautiful girlfriend when he came to pick Yuan Zhou up on the second day. The key point was that he also showed the photo to Yuan Zhou. It was indeed a cute girl.

If Yuan Zhou told him that he didn't have a girlfriend now, it would probably feel quite embarrassing. Yuan Zhou thought a lot for an instant and then answered, "Well, let's talk about it later."

Yuan Zhou's answer was neither negative nor positive. It was a very vague answer.

"You can buy some cosmetics for your girlfriend. Girls all like that. And over here, they are much cheaper than those in your country. Everyone that has been here said so," Xiao Xing said fluently and deftly.

"Um. I'll buy some by then." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ding". Just when Xiao Xing wanted to say something more, the elevator arrived.

"Let's go." Yuan Zhou walked out of the elevator first.

"Let's go. This is the place, the fifth one ahead of us." Xiao Xing swallowed what he wanted to say and started to lead the way.

There were several traditional Chinese characters written on the door of the restaurant, which gave off a very Chinese feeling. On both sides were very big clear pieces of glass and the parts outside were all made into big fish tanks. Inside, there were some very big Boston Lobsters, Australian Lobsters, and many colorful fishes as well as some seashells that were emitting bubbles. It was simply a feast of different types of seafood.

"All right. Here we are," Xiao Xing pointed at the door and said.

"It's opened by a Chinese?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

As far as he knew from the Internet, it wasn't opened by a Chinese. It was just said to be the best seafood restaurant in Bangkok.

"No, no, no. As there are many Chinese people coming to eat meals here, the boss especially made this shop sigh in order to let them feel at home." Xiao Xing explained to him.

"I see." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I asked the waiter just now. There are still some seats. Let's go in," Xiao Xing said to Yuan Zhou.

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While Yuan Zhou was looking carefully at the door, Xiao Xing had enquired about the seats.

"Gu Lu."

Just when Yuan Zhou wanted to answer him, his stomach let out a sound inappropriately. Right after that was a slight pain.

"Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom now. Xiao Xing, you go get seated," Yuan Zhou said without turning a hair.

"Oh, all right. The bathroom is over there. You can see it when you walk there," Xiao Xing pointed at the opposite and said.

"Okay, thanks." Yuan Zhou turned his head and walked to the opposite side quickly.

"Tsk tsk. Little Yuan is so admirable. Even he's suffering from diarrhea, he still wants to eat the seafood just in order to savor the taste. It seems that I also need to study speaking Northeastern Mandarin well," while saying that, Xiao Xing followed the waiter to their seats and got seated.

After that, Xiao Xing asked the water to fetch the menu and some hot water before waiting there for Yuan Zhou to come back.

That's right. Xiao Xing naturally knew what Yuan Zhou went to the bathroom to do. He definitely went there to cleanse his stomach. The recent health condition of Yuan Zhou was well known to him.

When he saw Yuan Zhou try so hard, he felt it shameful not to find a place to enrich himself. After all, Yuan Zhou was so generous when he bought things. Obviously, he must be very skillful in cooking. But even so, he still tried so hard. How could Xiao Xing himself not work hard?

When Xiao Xing brought Yuan Zhou here, there were still many seats. But after Yuan Zhou came back from the bathroom, the restaurant was already full.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou almost thought he came to the wrong place when he saw the bustling and boisterous restaurant.

"The business seems to be pretty good," Yuan Zhou couldn't help saying that when he found the main hall about 200-300 square meters was crowded with people.

With his good eyesight, Yuan Zhou caught sight of Xiao Xing's seat very easily.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou walked steadily towards him. He had barely got seated and wanted to say something when he heard the Chinese language.

"I wish this restaurant will serve some tasty food. If they're still not tasty, I'm going to starve in Thailand." It was a soft female voice.

"There are really so many Chinese people in Thailand," Yuan Zhou said secretly in his mind with a gentle look.

"There you are. Hurry up and order your dishes. You can see the pictures for these dishes. If you don't know what they are, ask me." Xiao Xing immediately took up the menu and handed it to Yuan Zhou.

"Um. You order your favorite dishes," Yuan Zhou thanked him and said.

"I can eat anything. You order, I'll eat yours." Xiao Xing shook his head continuously.

After all, Yuan Zhou ordered a lot of food every time. If he ordered more, they probably couldn't finish them.

"No need. My dishes are of great use to me only. You just order what you like eating," said Yuan Zhou.

"Okay. One dish is good enough for me." Xiao Xing nodded his head.

This kind of dialogue took place almost every time they had a meal. Xiao Xing was already used to that and Yuan Zhou didn't say much, either.

"Ahhhhhh! I want to eat good food, Braised Pork With Soy Sauce, Spicy Boiled Fish, Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, Mapo Tofu, Jin'ling Grass, Translucent Beef Slices, Stir-fried Dongpo, and Egg Fried Rice. If I can't eat any of them now, I'm going to die." Suddenly, a loud female voice came from behind his back.

"What you said in the latter part seem to be all the dishes of Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Then, a man answered her helplessly.

On hearing the name of his restaurant, Yuan Zhou cocked his ears subconsciously.

Old Drivers() literally means experienced drivers in Chinese, but as a popular Internet phrase, it actually means experienced people in any particular field.