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774 The Reason Why Yuan Zhou Had Diarrhea

 "Shua Shua Shua". The sound of the penpoint touching the paper came from an office table in the hotel.

A beige pencil was moving to the right on a piece of white paper. The hand that held the pencil was slender and good-looking and the way the person wrote was natural and forceful.

On the paper, it read, "Fifth day in Thailand. Sunny. The established schedule is still eating. Two days left before I return home."

"Sigh. There are still two days left in Thailand." Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh.

That's right. It was Yuan Zhou who was writing the diary. He had stayed in Thailand for five days and was looking forward to going back home.

"There is still so much time left." Yuan Zhou wrote and sighed.

That's right. The most urgent thing for Yuan Zhou was to go back home now. He missed everything at home. Of course, he missed his kitchen the most.

He was really sick of Thai food and the fragrance that filled the street had almost overwhelmed him.

"It wasn't so tough even when I was in Paris last time." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and thought of the trip to Paris last time.

While muttering, he finished the diary. That's right. Yuan Zhou had been forced to write diaries to kill the time.

And he had only one purpose, that was, to see when he could go back.

"System, I think I can rebook the flight ticket," Yuan Zhou suddenly said to the system.

That's right. Yuan Zhou's first-class-cabin flight ticket on the Singapore Airlines was provided by the system and the system ordered round-trip ticket.

The system displayed, "Host, your trip funds haven't run out."

"So I must spend all the money before I leave?" Yuan Zhou was puzzled.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"No surprise there, there's no free lunch in the world." Yuan Zhou sighed.

Actually, he had already thought of that and besides, since it was a seven-day schedule, Yuan Zhou wouldn't go against the plan that he had worked out. He didn't mean anything by it, just merely voicing out his complaints.

"Forget it. Let me see which restaurant I should go today. The restaurant where I had made a one-month advance booking last time was so disappointing. It actually cheats its customers." Yuan Zhou thought of the unpleasant experience last time, but didn't think too much about it. Instead, he continued following his scheduled plan with interest.

"Is it this seafood restaurant today?" According to the time, I should set out now." Yuan Zhou checked his schedule, stood up, and prepared to leave.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had already listed the several restaurants that deserved a visit and prepared to eat dishes in all of them. Today, he was going to a very famous seafood restaurant.

As the business was booming, the customers must go to wait in line in advance to eat there. Therefore, Yuan Zhou set out from the hotel at 9:20 a.m.

After all, Bangkok was a very crowded city with heavy traffic. It wasn't a bad idea to set out early.

Yuan Zhou employed a man with glasses to be his tour guide and also his driver. He would send Yuan Zhou wherever he wanted to go and introduce the scenery spots for him. Most importantly, this person was a Thailander that could speak Chinese.

"Good morning." Yuan Zhou walked out of the restaurant. His tourist guide Little Xing was waiting for him at the entrance, leaving the car door open.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou directly got seated at the passenger side.

"Shall we go there directly to wait for your meal or shall we drop by the Grand Palace for a look?" Xiao Xing asked directly.

"How long do we need to drive there?" Yuan Zhou asked.

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"If there is no traffic congestion, one hour. But if there's traffic, I'm not sure." Xiao Xing shrugged.

"Let's go to the restaurant directly. Today is Wednesday and there might be traffic congestion," Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then said.

"All right. Let's go right now." After saying that, Xiao Xing started the engine and set out.

"Did you learn Northeastern Mandarin?" Yuan Zhou took a look at Xiao Xing strangely.

"You can tell where my accent is from? What do you think of it? Good?" Xiao Xing turned his head and said smilingly.

"Yeah, I can tell that." Yuan Zhou nodded his head, but he didn't answer his questions.

After all, the Mandarin in Thai accent was already so hard to understand, let alone the Northeastern Mandarin in Thai accent.

"Hey hey. I'm going to receive a touring party from Northeast China next week. So I learned some Northeastern Mandarin just in case," Xiao Xing said smilingly.

"I think normal Mandarin is fine," Yuan Zhou said without expression.

"Never mind. If I can speak Northeastern Mandarin, I can get along with them better. The atmosphere will be great," said Xiao Xing earnestly.

"Yeah, you are right." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and didn't say anything else.

"You agree with me, right? Remember the day when I picked you up? Did you think my Sichuanese Mandarin was good?" Xiao Xing said proudly.

With the corner of his mouth slightly twitching without a trace, Yuan Zhou thought of the Sichuanese Mandarin Xiao Xing spoke when they met for the first time. At that time, he almost believed it was a foreign language of a small country.

Because the Sichuanese Mandarin Xiao Xing spoke had nothing to do with the one Yuan Zhou spoke.

"By the way, you haven't watched the LadyBoy Show though you have been here for quite a few days. Do you want to go to watch one?" Xiao Xing asked.

Even before Yuan Zhou could answer him, Xiao Xing turned to look at Yuan Zhou and continued saying with an evil smile on his face, "If you buy a ticket to their front rows, you might be invited on stage and can touch their breasts."

"Well, no need." Yuan Zhou couldn't help coughing and then refused the proposal primly.

"What are you shying for? Most of them have turned into girls and are very beautiful." Instead of giving up, Xiao Xing was still trying to promote his proposal.

"One of them even played the part of the beautiful ladyboy in the Chinese film 'Lost In Thailand'," Xiao Xing said, trying to bait Yuan Zhou.

"I came here to eat things," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"Oh. All right." Xiao Xing shrugged and stopped promoting.

"Forget about them. I like the cute and beautiful girls from Sichuan more," Yuan Zhou said secretly in his mind.

"Little Yuan, you are a little too earnest. Even if you come to work, you can still have some fun. You haven't even been to the tourist spots for a look." Xiao Xing tried to persuade him.

"I went to ride an elephant and watched an acrobatic performance," Yuan Zhou told him frankly.

"There is something more interesting that you haven't tried," Xiao Xing said.

"And also the floating market," Yuan Zhou continued saying.

"The floating market is a place where the natives sell vegetables," Xiao Xing said in desperation.

That's right. Xiao Xing had received thousands of tourists by now, but it was the first time he saw such a strange person.

In the past five days in Thailand, he either went to restaurants or markets. That is right, the vegetable markets. He had gone nowhere besides those two places.

What's more, this person obviously didn't like the food here. Nonetheless, he still ordered a big pile of dishes every time and ate them up with a downcast expression. What a strange person!

Such a manner of eating things even made Xiao Xing, who ate together with Yuan Zhou, feel uncomfortable.

When he asked Yuan Zhou if he didn't like the Thai foods, Yuan Zhou answered no. When he told Yuan Zhou to order fewer dishes, he answered no. This was a really ridiculous person. While thinking of that, Xiao Xing turned his head and took a look at Yuan Zhou again.

Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou caught sight of Xiao Xing's glint in his eyes and immediately said, "I don't want to go watch the ladyboy show. Let's just go to eat."

"I know, we are not going to the ladyboy show. Are we still going to the vegetable market after we eat?" Xiao Xing was quite speechless.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Shall we order fewer dishes today?" Xiao Xing said tentatively.

"No, I can eat it all up." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"You even had diarrhea already. You can eat a little less." Xiao Xing reminded him.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had been suffering from diarrhea since the second day he arrived in Bangkok. Luckily, he ate the medicine he had prepared and managed to control his sickness.

"It doesn't matter. The sickness won't affect my sense of taste," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"All right. We are arriving soon. You can take a nap now." Without saying anything more, Little Xing began to drive carefully.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.