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771 No Problem

 The streets of Thailand were very different from China. The biggest differences were the architecture, the facilities, and the pedestrians.

"Sigh. I wish having sensitive five senses is an ability that can be turned on and off," Yuan Zhou held his breath and sighed.

Yuan Zhou's five senses were very sensitive, while the people of Thailand liked to put on heavy perfume and makeup regardless of age. Each time he walked by one of them, he would be able to smell the strong perfume. This was something Yuan Zhou was not used to.

Numerous smells assaulted his nostrils, both natural and artificial smells. Yuan Zhou felt like his nose was going to be damaged by all the smell.

"Let's visit the shopping malls first," Yuan Zhou entered the first shopping mall he saw without hesitation.

The streets of Thailand were very hot and the moment Yuan Zhou entered the shopping mall, he shivered, feeling like he had suddenly entered an ice cave from a hot location.

"So cold," Yuan Zhou muttered and walked toward the security check.

The security guard said something to Yuan Zhou. When he saw that Yuan Zhou wasn't saying anything, he pointed at a board before knocking on it.

The picture of a lighter was on the board. After Yuan Zhou shook his head, he was allowed to enter.

"It must be quite safe here since people have to go through a security check just to enter a shopping mall," Yuan Zhou turned around and gave the security check one more look before started studying the direction boards.

"Looks like the food venues are all on the fifth and sixth floor. Well, I'll go check out the food first," Yuan Zhou started climbing the stairs.

Yuan Zhou was well prepared on his Thailand trip. After all, one of the best restaurants in Asia was right here in Bangkok. He had wasted quite some effort to book a table at this restaurant.

"I booked it for the day after tomorrow. Well, I'll look for other foods before that," Yuan Zhou strolled around while looking for food, looking quite leisurely.

"This restaurant is quite interesting. I can both roast and boil the food?" Yuan Zhou muttered as he studied a poster outside a certain restaurant.

"One, one." Yuan Zhou walked to the door and repeated one of the few English words he knew. The waiter nodded at him.

"Ok. Ok." The waiter was a man that wasn't too tall. With a smile, he brought Yuan Zhou to a table for two.

Then, he handed a menu to Yuan Zhou.

"Looks like the majority of the food here is beef and mutton," Yuan Zhou scanned through the menu before ordering.

"I wonder how the beef here tastes like," Yuan Zhou ordered three different beef dishes, one mutton dish, one mushroom dish, and one vegetable dish.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou pointed at the dishes he wanted before passing the menu to the waiter.

"*&*&%#@" The waiter spoke something in Thai language. Yuan Zhou nodded with a smile.

Of course, Yuan Zhou had no idea what the waiter said. He merely nodded out of politeness.

Then, the waiter left. Yuan Zhou started studying the pot on the table.

That's right. This pot was the thing that had attracted Yuan Zhou. The pot had a circular and uneven surface, with the edge of the pot sinking down about half finger depth where the waiter had added some plain water in earlier.

The customers around Yuan Zhou were either roasting vegetables and meat on the circular surface or boiling them in the plain water.

"Interesting. This is powered by electricity, right? So the surface is uneven to avoid having the food sticking to it?" Yuan Zhou started studying the pot.

The number of customers were increasing and an elderly couple sat down behind Yuan Zhou.

The reason Yuan Zhou noticed them was because they were speaking Mandarin.

"Sure enough, there are still many Chinese visiting Thailand," Yuan Zhou felt good encountering someone from his country. He started eavesdropping on them.

There was a sense of comfort to hear his mother tongue at a land where almost everyone spoke a foreign language.

"I told you we should be eating lobsters at that restaurant but you insist to eat roasted meat here. You will have digestion problem again later," said the grandpa, speaking quite loudly.

"You like beef, right? The beef here is the best," the grandma retorted.

"I prefer lobster," the grandpa snorted.

"We have already ordered. What's the point of complaining now," the grandma countered.

"Fine, I can never win with you. Time for you to have your medicine. I'll get some water for you," the grandpa said, sounding somewhat helpless as he switched the topic.

"I'll take it when we go back to the hotel. I don't see any hot water here." From the tone of the grandma's voice, it was obvious she was frowning.

"Don't worry. This is a restaurant in a shopping mall. Hot water will definitely be provided." The grandpa seemed unconvinced. He picked up a glass and walked towards a waiter.

"The tour guide is not around. You won't understand what they are saying," yelled the grandma.

The grandpa insisted and continued walking towards the waiter.

"Looks like there's really no hot water," Yuan Zhou scanned the restaurant and found that the customers were either drinking beverages or iced plain water provided by the restaurant.

That's right. Even though the temperature of the shopping was very low, the restaurants in the mall still served iced water with ice cubes in it.

"Looks like Thai people do not like drinking hot water," Yuan Zhou muttered when he recalled what he had seen for the past two days.

The grandpa was already speaking to a waiter. As the grandpa had a vigorous voice, it sounded like he was in an argument instead.

"Hot water. Do you have hot water?" repeated the grandpa without stop.

Alas, the same waiter that served Yuan Zhou earlier could only smile while shaking his head, occasionally speaking something.

"Sigh, why do I feel like I'm speaking to a piece of wood. Do you understand Chinese?" the grandpa appeared quite angry.

"Sorry, @#%&*" the waiter apologized and spoke some Thai again.

"Drink. Hot water." This time, the grandpa made a drinking gesture. Finally, the waiter understood. He lifted the jar beside him and prepared to pour it into the glass.

"Not this. I want hot water, not iced water," repeated the grandpa.

"Grandpa, I don't think he understands Chinese," Yuan Zhou stepped forth and said.

"Huh, young man, you're a Chinese as well?" The grandpa was pleasantly surprised when he saw Yuan Zhou.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Can you speak Thai?" asked the grandpa expectingly.

"No, but I know a little English," Yuan Zhou was somewhat embarrassed when he said this. Of course, he still maintained a calm expression.

"Can I trouble you to ask for some hot water?" asked the grandpa.

"Sure thing." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Hot water," said Yuan Zhou after he thought of the English words he knew.

"Sorry," apologized the waiter, seemingly not understanding.

"Cough. Hot water," Yuan Zhou repeated the two English words he knew.

Beside him, the grandpa looked at both him and the waiter doubtfully.

After Yuan Zhou repeated five times with a solemn look, the waiter finally said "Oh" and ran away.

"Sigh, why did he run off?" asked the grandpa.

"He finally understood. He's getting hot water now" Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"Oh. Thank you, young man. Are you on a trip alone?" asked the grandpa when he was no longer anxious.

"Um. Here on vacation," Yuan Zhou nodded while his gaze was locked on the direction the waiter had ran to, his heart racing.

"It should be fine. Hot water is such an easy term. There won't be a problem," Yuan Zhou reassured himself.