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770 So You Were Waiting Here, System

 Thailand's time zone was about one hour earlier than China's. Therefore, when Yuan Zhou woke up naturally, he checked the time on reflex.

"Huh? It's still four in the morning? Well, I'll sleep a bit more then," Yuan Zhou placed the phone down and continued sleeping.

But he was jolted awake not long after he lied down again.

"Wait a moment, the time zone here is one hour earlier, right?" Yuan Zhou opened his eyes and got off the bed after he recalled this.

He cleaned himself, dressed up, and left after putting on his running shoes. He was doing the same thing as what he would do when in China.

However, since he was not familiar with this place, he did not go outside. Instead, he went to the hotel's gym.

When the elevator reached the floor, Yuan Zhou headed straight to the gym. Only when he reached did he notice that the gym had yet to open.

"It's not opened yet?" Yuan Zhou was speechless as he stared at the shut door.

"Fine, I will go run around the hall downstairs," Yuan Zhou went downstairs and started his exercise routine.

After finishing his exercises, Yuan Zhou returned to his own room and took another shower. The temperature in Thailand was rather high.

He was drenched with sweat after his exercise session, making him unable to go eat breakfast. After all, he was a chef that loved cleanliness.

As the breakfast time approached, Yuan Zhou started getting anxious.

"I don't know the language here. How am I supposed to get food?" Yuan Zhou stared blankly at a hotel booklet.

The booklet in the room was in Thai and English, but unfortunately, Yuan Zhou's English was at the kindergarten level. Apart from a few common terms, he knew no other English words.

"System, do you provide translation services?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "It is suggested that the host learn the language himself."

"I'm already at this age. Can I even learn English at this age?" Yuan Zhou countered with a question.

The system found it hard to answer this question. After all, Yuan Zhou was definitely without any linguistic talent. The system did not need to have a talent assessment ability to know this.

A clear example of this was the fact that even though Yuan Zhou could understand French, he still couldn't speak the language, and couldn't read French as well. The level of his linguistic talent was rather obvious...

"Um, I think I will at least be able to recognize the word 'restaurant'," Yuan Zhou decided to depend on himself after thinking a bit.

"Restaurants will normally be located on the tenth floor. It wouldn't be too high up. I still know how to read the word 'ten'," Yuan Zhou started searching for the restaurant in a meticulous manner.

After studying the booklet for half an hour, Yuan Zhou finally found something that he suspected to be the restaurant. It was on the third floor of the hotel.

"Luckily I am smart," Yuan Zhou put the booklet down and left the room.

Yuan Zhou had a habit of eating a light breakfast. In his own restaurant, he would eat whatever he planned to sell for the day. Now that he was in a restaurant, he selected a simple breakfast, consisting of a sandwich and a glass of fresh milk, after walking around the restaurant.

After being done with breakfast, Yuan Zhou prepared to leave the hotel. This was his first day in Thailand. Therefore, he had to enjoy himself.

"I'll go visit the Phra Phrom statue beside the hotel first. I am from a country with Buddhism as its main religion. it is only proper that I first visit a Buddhist statue," Yuan Zhou decided and set off after double-checking his wallet.

His wallet was stuffed full with the trip funds provided by the system. As for Yuan Zhou's own money, he had not brought any. It was very rare for the system to be so generous. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had decided to respect the system's generosity by finishing the system's money.

The Phra Phrom statue was at the left side of the hotel, about 500 meters from it. Yuan Zhou walked there on foot.

"The sunlight at Thailand is indeed strong. Luckily, I have my suntan lotion with me. Otherwise, if I get too tanned, I might not be able to find any girlfriends," Yuan Zhou rejoiced.

Before long, Yuan Zhou reached the Phra Phrom statue. The entrance was wide open, and there were no ticket counters outside. Evidently, one did not need to purchase a ticket to visit this statue.

"It's good that the entrance is free. Look at this, System. I am saving money for you," Yuan Zhou said smugly.

The system ignored him. Yuan Zhou was not bothered and entered the building.

Although the entrance was free, one still needed to buy flower offerings for the Buddhist statue. And these flowers weren't free.

"This," Yuan Zhou said as he pointed at a yellow and red garland.

A Thai woman with a tanned skin did not say anything. She stretched her palm open, gesturing that this would cost him 50 Baht.

Yuan Zhou nodded and took his wallet out, preparing to pay. Right this moment, the system appeared.

The system displayed, "The trip fund can only be used for Thai food and must be finished while you're in Thailand."

"What?" Yuan Zhou froze, evidently stunned.

Fortunately, there were a lot of people buying flowers here. When the customer beside Yuan Zhou saw that Yuan Zhou wasn't paying, he stepped forth and paid for his own flower instead. Shortly after, Yuan Zhou was squeezed away.

The system displayed, "The trip fund can only be used for Thai food and must be finished while you're in Thailand."

Once again, the system reminded Yuan Zhou. To make sure that Yuan Zhou could see the message, the system had even considerately used a red font for this message. However, Yuan Zhou only felt like scolding someone now.

"System, this is not right. You did not mention this requirement before," Yuan Zhou reasoned.

The system displayed, "This is the hidden term."

"Hoho," Yuan Zhou was in disbelief.

The system displayed, "Since hidden missions exist, hidden terms naturally exist as well. A specially allocated fund can only be used for a special purpose."

"Sh*t, system, you sound so reasonable. I can't even counter that," Yuan Zhou choked on his own words. The "specially allocated fund can only be used for a special purpose" was especially destructive.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had indeed completed several hidden missions before. He had also reaped the rewards of those missions. It was understandable that hidden terms existed as well.

"So you were waiting for me here," Yuan Zhou palmed his forehead.

"Fine, I will use it for food. Looks like I won't be eating any free hotel breakfasts anymore," Yuan Zhou immediately decided to have all three meals of the day outside. Moreover, he had decided to only eat good food.

He had been forced to waste his money by the system. He was originally satisfied with free food. But now, it was quite annoying for him to return to the hotel to convert some THB for his personal usage.

Before coming, Yuan Zhou had done some serious research on Thailand. Therefore, he knew there was an ATM machine in the hotel and he could directly withdraw THB from the ATM machine. He could avoid using his terrible English at some currency exchange counter.

He already used enough of his terrible English when he was checking in to the hotel yesterday.

"A five-star hotel is really filled with amenities," Yuan Zhou muttered while withdrawing money. He had withdrawn 2,000 THB from the ATM.

When he returned to the Phra Phrom statue, he encountered no other hiccups.

Yuan Zhou was very devout when praying to the Buddhist statue. He closed his palms together and prayed seriously.

The statue was right beside a street. After he left the statue, he reached the street. Then, he started walking along the street. He was currently at the heart of Bangkok where shopping centers were everywhere.

"I'll walk around and decide what to eat for lunch. Looks like I need to eat really good food to finish the trip funds," Yuan Zhou muttered.