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768 Preparing to Set Off

 "Ok, please be seated," Yuan Zhou nodded and turned around to continue cooking.

Chu Xiao sat there silently waiting for food.

"The new dish is chicken tail? Is it the feathers or something?" Wu Hai asked when he saw the name of the new dish. He was the second to enter and was naturally looking for the new dish as well.

"No. It's where the feathers grow," Zhou Jia gave a serious reply.

"So it's chicken butt? Sure, give me one serving of it," Wu Hai ordered.

The customers that came in next also found out that the new dish was the chicken butt. Everyone started talking about it.

Most of them were willing to give it a try. After all, the tail was different from the actual butt. In any case, this was something cooked by Yuan Zhou, making this new dish worth trying.

Apart from a few who were already a fan of chicken tails, this was the reason most of the customers had decided to try the dish.

That's right. There were some that were already fans of chicken tails. After all, the chicken tail did have a unique flavor to it, an infatuating flavor. An example was the great painter, Zhang Daqian.

Yuan Zhou had a great reputation and anything he made would definitely be delicious.

And thus, the number of orders made on this lost dish surpassed Yuan Zhou's expectation.

Chu Xiao behaved as he usually did. After the meal, he left silently without saying a single word.

Yuan Zhou was already used to this. He continued cooking silently.

Several days passed and the time for Yuan Zhou to go abroad arrived. He left behind a message about his departure. This would serve as some sort of leave application for him.

[To enable that I better serve the customers of this restaurant, to gain some international connections, to further improve my cooking skills, I am forced to make a hard decision. I am hereby going on a one-week-long leave. I will be going to Thailand to learn the essence of Thai cuisine, helping me to provide even more delicacies to my customers.]

Once again, a piece of A4 paper appeared in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The paper amply showed Yuan Zhou's helplessness and earnestness to improve himself. He believed that his customers would understand his reason.

He believed that everything he did was for a better future.

Of course, this explanation of Yuan Zhou would be more believable if the huge stack of empty A4 papers below his desk were not there.

Yuan Zhou bought this stack of paper to make it easier for him to put up leave notices in the future.

"As the saying goes, one has to be impulsive at least twice in one's life. One is for the sake of love, and one is for the sake of going on a last-minute journey," Yuan Zhou muttered as he looked at his leave notice. "Since I am now taking my first impulsive action, I believe the second will come soon."

The system displayed, "Host, please use the reward as soon as possible."

Yuan Zhou turned a deaf ear to the system. He was already used to this. He was of the opinion that this system was very lucky to meet a host without a temper like him. The system was too sketchy and if it was anyone else, the system would have long been beaten to death.

Yuan Zhou was nearly done with his affairs. He was going to Thailand for real. Before long, he would be sitting in a first-class cabin, and would be staying in a five-star hotel. This was the first time he went abroad all by himself. When he thought of the first-class cabin he was going to take, he started getting excited.

If Lee Yanyi found out what Yuan Zhou was thinking, he would probably beat Yuan Zhou to death. Even if Yuan Zhou's previous Japan trip was not taken into consideration, Yuan Zhou had also stayed at a five-star hotel during his previous trip to Shanghai. Lee Yanyi had never seen someone as shameless as him.

In truth, Yuan Zhou's excitement was quite understandable. Something paid for by others would always be different than something one paid from own pockets. Would scamming a trip from the system felt the same as going on a trip arranged by Lee Yanyi? The two were completely not comparable.

"I checked and found that in the coming week, the temperature in Thailand would be around 25 to 30 degrees. That's quite hot," Yuan Zhou muttered.

Although Yuan Zhou had gone abroad before, his previous trip to Japan was one where everything had been arranged for him. This time, he had to make his own arrangements. Currently, the temperature at Chengdu was still quite cold, but it would be hot when he arrived in Thailand.

"I will be in Thailand for a week. Six sets of clothes would be enough," Yuan Zhou looked at his luggage.

He opened his wardrobe and took out the clothes he was going to wear tomorrow and set it aside. Then, he took out six other sets of clothing and placed them in the luggage. Based on his research, the average temperature in Thailand was above 20 degrees. It was no different than summer.

Although Yuan Zhou did not sweat much, he still needed to change his clothing everyday if the temperature was the same as that in summer. He could never understand those people who would go on a trip with only one or two sets of clothes that would be washed at the hotel so they could wear them again. What was the point? They were on a holiday and they still needed to do laundry?

"Let's see if there's anything else I need to bring," Yuan Zhou turned on his mobile phone. He had recently saved some screenshots when he did his research online.

"Suntan lotion, plasters, basic medicines, sewing kit, sunglasses, gloves, washing items, and travel adapters," Yuan Zhou muttered as he double-checked his luggage to see if he had those things in it.

"There are multipliers for suntan lotions? 30 and 50? Well, the larger number is probably better," Yuan Zhou opened the suntan lotion with a 50 multiplier and sniffed it. It wasn't exactly a pleasant smell, but it wasn't a bad smell either.

"I got everything. But what am I going to use the travel adapters, sewing kit for?" Yuan Zhou could not understand. He could act cool with a pair of gloves but what was the point of a sewing kit?

He got everything during his afternoon supermarket trip. Even if he had no idea what the purpose of those suggested items was, he still bought everything on the list.

"Flicking my sleeve, stepping amid the clouds," Yuan Zhou recited an easygoing phrase even as he was dragging his luggage secretively like a thief.

Of course, Yuan Zhou left very early in the morning. He was trying to avoid getting spotted by his customers.

Yuan Zhou was a man of few words. Or to be precise, he was a person who did not know how to speak.

This time around, Yuan Zhou left after leaving a notice. Surprisingly, Wu Hai appeared completely calm.

He wasn't complaining endlessly nor was he begging to go along with Yuan Zhou. He merely nodded his head calmly.

When Wu Hai behaved like this, it sent a chill down Yuan Zhou's spine, "I hope he's not preparing some secret plan against me."

While worrying about this, Yuan Zhou quickly got on a taxi and set off towards the airport.

When he got on the plane and saw that Wu Hai wasn't on it, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"He's behaving so weirdly. I wonder what he's planning," Yuan Zhou wondered.

That's right. The last time Yuan Zhou left, Wu Hai was also leaving for somewhere. Therefore, Wu Hai had behaved obediently during that time. This time, Wu Hai was completely silent, causing Yuan Zhou to start getting curious.

But since Wu Hai was nowhere to be seen on the plane, Yuan Zhou let go of his worries.

"Thailand, here I come," Yuan Zhou chanted inwardly as he gazed at the blue sky outside.

After all, Yuan Zhou was still looking forward to his Thailand trip. Moreover, the cabin was very comfortable and he had a five-star hotel waiting for him. Funds for the trip had also been prepared for him. All this had been obtained through his negotiation with the system.