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767 Purpose of the Chicken Tail

 When Chen Wei spoke, he was filled with expectation. Yuan Zhou agreed directly.

"Sure, everyone can give it a try," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," Chen Wei then raised his chopsticks and started eating.

"Thank you," Shen Xi joined in as well.

"It's rare to see Boss Yuan this generous. I have to give it a try," Jiang Changxi raised her chopsticks with a smile.

"Count me out," said the novelist with a frown.

"Count me out as well. Thank you anyway, Boss Yuan," Yin Ya was relieved that someone else was saying no as well.

Although they were calling the dish chicken tail, everyone still looked at it as the chicken's butt. Therefore, it was hard for the novelist and Yin Ya to accept this dish.

"Um, no problem," Yuan Zhou did not mind.

Everyone had their own preferences, so this was fine. Even Chen Wei did not seem like someone who had eaten chicken tails before. He only tried because he heard that this dish goes well with liquor.

Chen Wei was the first person to pick up a piece of chicken tail. He did not hold back and selected the biggest piece before stuffing it into his mouth.

Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail was in itself a dish with a heavy taste, something Chen Wei enjoyed. Therefore, the moment he stuffed it into his mouth, he shut his eyes in satisfaction.

What was the taste of the chicken tail? Due to where it grew, most people had a bad impression about it.

In truth, there was no weird odor on the chicken tail. One only needed to clean it properly and the chicken tail would be permeated with pure delicious meat flavor.

Chicken meat in itself was delicious. Now that it was cooked with mushrooms, the freshness of mushroom would perfectly blend into the chicken tail, further highlighting the flavor.

"This is so good," said Chen Wei.

The chicken tail had the shape of a heart and its size was just perfect to be eaten in a single bite. Therefore, Chen Wei started chewing the moment he stuffed it into his mouth.

The sensation when he first chewed on it did not feel like meat. Rather, it was crispier than meat, yet did not have the same feeling as when one chewed on ribs. Instead, it gave off the sensation of an unknown meat.

On the second chew, the flavor started flooding his mouth. As the meat was getting torn up by the chewing, the flavor of the mushrooms further permeated into the meat, while the flavor of the meat started spreading as well. This flooded his mouth with an extremely pleasant aroma. The more he chewed on the chicken tail, the tastier it seemed. The more he ate, the more he wanted more.

Before he was even done chewing the piece in his mouth, Chen Wei was already starting to look forward to his next piece.

"The meat feels tight and is very delicious," Chen Wei quickly swallowed the piece in his mouth and commented as he prepared to take the next piece with his chopsticks.

"Don't speak. Drink some liquor," Yuan Zhou stopped Chen Wei and said.

"Understood," Chen Wei was already experienced with drinking Bamboo Liquor here so he quickly picked up his cup and started drinking.

There was not much liquor in the cup. It was only half-filled and he finished it with a single sip.

The Bamboo Liquor was very gentle and did not feel like liquor. Instead, it felt like a refreshing and sweet pear juice. Even so, it still felt strong under the effect of the pepper.

Although the taste of the liquor was not heavy, it was sufficient to cause Chen Wei to be engrossed in it. This was because the moment the refreshing Bamboo Liquor entered his mouth, the sweet flavor transformed into a soy flavor.

This flavor felt like a liquor that had been hidden in a cellar for 10 years. It was thick and long-lasting, coursing down his throat smoothly into his belly.

Chen Wei no longer dared to speak. He shut his mouth in satisfaction as he allowed the soy flavor to stay longer in his mouth.

"Looks like there's a hidden surprise," guessed Shen Xi after finishing a piece of chicken tail as well.

"Let me give it a try," Jiang Changxi said as she returned to her seat and took a sip of liquor.

Jiang Changxi was a very cautious person. Previously, after she ate some pepper, the liquor felt too strong for her liking. Although it was still good, it was too strong. Therefore, she was taking a small sip this time.

"Um, mellow and rich, and the fragrance is unique and distinct. I have never expected that the chicken tail has this function," Jiang Changxi praised.

"Looks like it's really good with liquor," lamented Shen Xi.

"Of course it is. Unfortunately, you quit drinking so you can't taste this godly flavor anymore," Chen Wei said while drinking.

Although it had been two years since Shen Xi stopped drinking, nobody would ever know what could happen at Boss Yuan's place. It was never a bad thing to be careful. Therefore, Chen Wei kept his guard around Shen Xi.

"Don't worry. I won't drink after quitting," Shen Xi said, somewhat speechless seeing how protective Chen Wei was with his liquor.

"Good. I am doing this for your own good. As a man, you should keep your word," Chen Wei nodded and patted Shen Xi's shoulder in a gratified manner.

"Hoho," Shen Xi ridiculed.

Chen Wei did not mind. He turned around and looked at Yuan Zhou fervently. Even Yuan Zhou felt a chill down his spine when he saw Chen Wei's gaze. In fact, he felt molested by Chen Wei's gaze.

"What?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"Nothing. But Boss Yuan, you are too awesome. You can even make chicken tails taste this good," Chen Wei said as he looked at the chicken tails on Yuan Zhou's plate.

There weren't many chicken tails on the plate. After they took one each, only three were left. That was why Chen Wei asked in a very indirect manner.

"True, the chicken tails can actually change the taste of liquor completely. That is great," Jiang Changxi nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, it's the same as that pepper. After eating it, the liquor felt completely different," Chen Wei nodded.

"It's different from that pepper," Yuan Zhou said.

"True. After eating that pepper, drinking liquor feels like burning one's throat. This chicken tail makes the liquor taste like a mature liquor that has been buried in the cellar for a long time," Chen Wei smacked his lips as he recollected.

"This liquor is already a mature liquor. The only thing the chicken tail did was to release its hidden aroma," Yuan Zhou continued his explanation.

"Is that so? True. If the liquor isn't already a mature liquor, it won't feel as refreshing to drink," Chen Wei said as he took another sip at the liquor.

After this conversation, Chen Wei felt even more embarrassed to ask for the remaining chicken tails. He suppressed his longing and started chatting instead.

Chen Wei was different than Wu Hai as he still knew shame.

When they were not talking about the chicken tails, Yin Ya became talkative again. The atmosphere at the pub was very harmonious. Though Yuan Zhou did not say much, each time he spoke, everyone would listen seriously.

Yuan Zhou was now more and more confident after the initial success of his Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail. All that's left was the official release tomorrow.

This would be the first lost dish on Yuan Zhou's restaurant's menu.

At noon the next day, Yuan Zhou released the new dish. The first person to try it was not Wu Hai. Instead, it was Chu Xiao.

As the saying goes, one's enemy would know one best.

Although Chu Xiao was not Yuan Zhou's enemy, he was his rival. Therefore, Chu Xiao was the first to line up at noon, waiting for Yuan Zhou's lost dish.

"You're so early today," Yuan Zhou said when he saw Chu Xiao entering.

"You have restored a lost dish so it's worth coming earlier. In any case, I am someone who knows how to appreciate a good chicken tail dish. Naturally, I have to come and give it a try," Chu Xiao said.

"Please have a seat," Yuan Zhou nodded and did not say much.

"One Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail. That's all," Chu Xiao made his order and sat down waiting for the food.